Nikon D90 with Nikon Media Port UP300x combo – the future of photography?


Few months ago Nikon announced a rather weird product: the Nikon Media Port UP300x. At the Photo Imaging Expo 2009 in Japan, Nikon had the Media Port UP300x on display connected to a Nikon D90 - the photographer could basically see the viewfinder through the eyepiece. Pretty cool! You add a remote trigger and you have something you can impress your clients with.  Check the whole report at

  • can play audio and videos files
  • display: 640x480 pixels / 16 million colors
  • has build in WiFi
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  • abouna

    So happy to see Nikon spending time and resources on this worthless crap. How about:

    – More lenses
    – Updated bodies
    – Reasonable prices
    – Fire Ashton Kutcher; save the money you blow on him and pass it onto glass prices

    • MB

      Cute, but Ashton Kutcher brought Nikon Coolpix sales highest ever, and profit from Coolpix cameras are 10 times higher than DSLR-s, so go figure…
      More probable is that Nikon may drop DSLR-s…

    • Anonymous

      stop whining and use what nikon already have to offer.

    • Gustav

      Try a little perspective, Do you think Nikon has only one R&D team and can’t work on multiple products at once?

      And as annoying as Ashton Kutcher is, celebrity endorsement is a marketing method that works. Internet geeks don’t respond to TV marketing. Luckily, we’re a minority.

      As for “reasonable prices”, well, they’ve been in business for a long time. I’ll trust them to set their prices appropriately. I wouldn’t want them to price their products so low that they don’t have enough profit for future R&D.

  • Crabby

    It’s clear to me why this is only for the Japanese market!

    Please, please, please update the 80-400mm and/or the 300mm f/4 before I die of old age. (Asking for a 400mm f/4 as Canon offers is too much, I know.)

  • Anonymous

    it amazes me how technology gets better and better every minute of our lives, new and improved technology make things even easier, faster, more fun…

    … EXCEPT it makes us pretty lazy.

    • Joergen

      Been there, done that, it seems like things are just looping with addons and upgrades, 10years ago I also shot digital which could be processed by my pc….

  • lloyd
  • Nikon Virtual Boy #1

  • lox

    Impress your customers? The news agencies won’t be impressed much by me sneaking around like a cyborg. I’d better be waiting for the UP400x with head-mount camera connector to wear your DSLR on top of your head. And no, it’s NOT a rumor, just a joke. (I know you’re a little sensitive with that.) 😉

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