Free Capture NX 2 (Ver. 2.2) update coming in April 2009

Two days ago Nikon nicely informed the world about an upcoming free update of Capture NX 2:

Tokyo — Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that from the beginning of April 2009, they will offer a free download of image-editing software Capture NX 2, Ver. 2.2 to current users of Versions 2.0 and 2.1.1. In addition to providing the features of earlier versions, which allow quick-and-easy on-image photo editing to optimize photographer workflow, this latest version includes more powerful and refined tools to greatly improve image-processing efficiency. Newly added functions include improved speed in batch processing, Intel-approved logo permitted for Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad support, NRW (COOLPIX P6000’s RAW data) support, vignette control function utilizing lens information, and axial color aberration correction.

This part is interesting:

NRW, a form of RAW data taken with the COOLPIX P6000, is newly supported.

Was this done just for the P6000? A little bit too late, or maybe Nikon had something else in mind.


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  • anony

    i use nx2 to work on raw files, and export them as tiff to adobe lightroom because i find nx2 is way better in terms of handling nikon raw data. but LR is way better on workflow.

    • bigmouth

      I agree. NX 2’s raw conversion looks much more pleasing than LR or Adobe Camera Raw’s rendition. It seems many Canon users do the same by importing raw using Canon’s DPP then transfer them to Adobe LR.

    • I may need to take another look at doing my initial imports with NX2, and then exporting to LR. I love LR’s workflow, but it’s initial changes in the RAW data can be very annoying. Nothing I hate more, than seeing a once gorgeous image turned dark by LR’s algorithms. But I put up with it because it’s still easier than dealing with NX’s almost non-existent workflow.

      • bigmouth

        Depending on how you look at it, capture NX 2 does provide some very interesting way for you to edit a photo quick and dirty. And the outcome is quite nice. LR is practically my photo organizer now. I does have a lot of perks like presets and so forth. But when you seriously wanting to get some image done right, you still need to call Photoshop from within.

        I wish Nikon programmers redesign the layout and consider add external editors and import/export functions more in the next version of NX. Their way of interface designs reminds me of all the Panasonic programs – very hard to use and odd looking – kinda like walking in a sushi restaurant.

  • Marc W

    Durka, Did it take this long to add P6000 support? Now I might get one.

  • reader

    Has anyone used Nikon Transfer? Any comments on the software?

    • HDZ

      I love Nikon Transfer because it’s can attach IPTC to all your file when you download image to computer.

      And it’s can add one line keywords, Nikon View NX and Capture NX can’t do this job.

  • Abouna

    I’ve used Transfer NX. Crashes too much. As I;m still shooting a D70s I still use the original transfer which is much more stable.

  • Craig

    Now if they could just certify it for Windows Vista x64… (even though Capture 2 unofficially runs on Vista x64)

    • NX 2.1.0 doesn’t run on XP 64-bit, and it looks as though 2.2 won’t either. So much for trying to process D3x files with this platform.


      • CB

        I have 2.1.1 running on xp 64 bit. check your .net installations.

        • Thanks. What am I looking for…a little more detail would help!


          • CB

            Capture NX is coded in .net

            I’ve seen a few walkthroughs to make sure your .net installations are up to date and that CNX is referencing them properly, but google fails me at the moment

            first thing, make sure you have .net framework 3.5 sp1 installed – you should be able to get it from windows update or microsoft’s website.

  • Gustav

    I just downloaded the new update to ViewNX (wow, Nikon’s web site is slow!).

    I used to use just iPhoto, but ViewNX (which I assume uses the same import code as CaptureNX) seems to do better processing on the RAW files.

    iPhoto got them beat by a mile on UI, but ViewNX does seem to do a nicer job for tweaking RAW conversions. I may try Capture now for more control.

  • Thom Hogan has a note up on his site that the delay in providing the download means Nikon is up to something.
    Any idea??

    • yes, it is weird that Nikon pre-announced what will be released next month – they never do this

  • I tried NX2 on my 4gb ram MBP a while back and remember being disappointed (speed, no workflow). Would love to give it another shot!

    • Its not the fastest software, but its not so slow to the point where it is unusable (far from it, actually). And considering the RAW performance one can get using it, it is well worth giving it another shot (if you shoot RAW).

      I’m on a 4GB MBP as well, and I’m excited about the dual-core support!

  • finally dualcore support!!!

  • marc

    I use NX2 v2 on my single core P4 3.0Ghz. I found it really show in Windows XP. Once I made the move to Windows 7 Beta, NX2 ran tremendously faster. Making changes in exposure, brightness, contrast, or even saturation within XP I would have to wait for the program/computer to catch up with each move of the slider. In Windows 7, the changes happended pretty much in real time as I moved the sliders. On top of it, I was running RAID 1 within XP. This is not the case in Win7 and it’s still much faster. Just my experience

  • Ron Scubadiver

    IMO, NX is impossibly slow, especially when noise reduction is in use. I shoot a lot of high ISO, and that made me give up.

  • Kiki

    That ticks me off that only now has Nikon decided to offer support for the P6000 in CNX. In the lead-up to the P6000’s introduction, by the sin of omission Nikon seemed to suggest that the P6000 would not be supported for use with CNX. It was a deaf silence on the part of Nikon.

    I was so upset that I bought a Canon G10 for casual usage when I don’t want to lug around my D700. Plus as a matter of principle, the AC battery charger for the Nikon P6000 was extra.

  • JakeB

    After using an Aperture 2 to Photoshop CS4 workflow I’ve been playing around with Capture NX2, and while the interface is a little clunky in places I have to agree that its RAW conversion beats Aperture 2 and ACR (I mean, come on, who knows Nikon cameras like Nikon?).

    Also, the color point control is fast and can produce subtle results.

    So now it’s Aperture for resource management, Capture NX2 for conversion (and quite a bit more) and Photoshop for the hardcore pixel pushing.

    By the way, I’m on a 2.5 Ghz MacBook Pro with 4GB of memory and Capture, while not the fastest, doesn’t drag.


  • SteMa

    I looked it up, and the “axial color aberration” is LoCa, which is the color fringing of out of focus areas (background greenish halo, foreground magenta). Will this be able to fix this or is this a typo? Also I really welcome the lens based vignetting control, although it’s not easy, since it depends on focal length, focusing distance and aparture, so I don’t know how precise they will profile the lens, and how much 3rd party lens will be supported. And if they do this a distorsion correction would be nice as well 🙂 That also depends on focal lenght and focusing distance, but a general fix would be a great help too (only depending on focal lenght), like in dxo or ptlens. The multicore support will be great too!

    • Tom

      That loca feature alone is worth an upgrade ! Awesome ! Nikon are making real improvements in lens correction tools and this is GREAT news. Let’s hope they keep moving in this direction.

  • brian darnell

    How big of a difference is it from a Raw with LR and a Raw with nx2. Where can I view a side by side?

  • JakeB

    Hey, Brian, best is to download a trial of Capture NX2 and see what you think. It’s definitely ‘noticeable.’ Everything I do needs to pass muster at 100%, so if that’s your standard, I’d check it out.

    I had purple fringing on a background that I’d deliberately blown out, and this was a shot I wanted to upload to a stock photos site (NOT microstock!). Capture NX2 automatically corrected it — fantastic.

    As I said, beyond that the whole U Point technology is very cool. It’s not as precise as Photoshop masking, etc., but it can often get the same job done faster.


  • dino

    I see CD ROM is required… why, if it’s a downloadable update?

  • dino

    p.s. The only thing I’d really improve of NX2 is the “autofix” tool (the patch) which isn’t always reliable since it “guesses” where to copy on the point you’re fixing. Probably something like the photoshop clone would be much better (or at least telling it from where to copy)

  • lox

    dual core support, “improved speed in batch processing” – THE LORD SHALL BE PRAISED! (I need a faster computer anyway. How about 64bit support, any information on that?)

    I’m suffering some issues with the updated View NX, crashes on larger batch operations (i.e. applying quick adjustment settings to some hundred images and keep the originals in a subfolder). Anybody else?

  • Paul

    NX 2.2.0 now available for download at Nikon Switzerland (

  • lox

    ATTENTION! If you’re running Windows (any version), the 2.2 update comes with trouble (at least the german version is affected): You cannot control exposure of your NEF files anymore, CNX is likely to crash(!) – some other bugs have been reported.

    Meanwhile, Nikon has retracted the update package. No info on fixes yet.

    Do _NOT_ install the 2.2 update if you’re running the german version, check out issues with other language versions.

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