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Sample video excerpts from Nikon’s upcoming creative lighting system DVD

Link – that’s all I got…

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Nikon cuts profit forecast, increases DSLR shipments

Recession… Nikon slashed its annual net profit forecast by 40% (ouch). Nikon expects to post a net profit of 47 billion yen for the year, down from 75.5 billion yen in the last year (good that there is still a profit). Nikon raised its annual target for DSLR shipments to 3.5 million units from 3.3 […]

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Nikon Canada plans to increase prices soon

This is according to “Nikon Canada plans to increase prices soon. Please order by Wednesday, November 12, 2008 to take advantage of this current low price.” They have this warning on almost all Nikon products. This could also be a marketing gimmick to get people to buy now. Updates: 1. The Camera Store in […]

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“Look Good in Pictures” videos available online

I am not sure how many of our readers will be interested in the “Look Good in Pictures” Nikon series, but the videos are available online @ Here is the latest episode about nighttime photography: The featured cameras are Nikon S60, S610c (with build in Wi-Fi) and the D90.

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I bet you did not know about this site… Well if you care, they are currently offering a $50 gift card when you purchase an eligible Nikon ATB Binocular from an authorized dealer. I still don’t think this Nikon ad is real:

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Jeff-c has spoken again

On the dpreview discussion “When will the Nikon 24 mega sensor camera come out“, Jeff-c wrote today: “A high pixel count pro body in 135 format, about 45 days to go for more details. :-)” This would be the second source that talks about a new camera being released in December 2008, unless he means […]

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Sony will not release the 24 MP sensor to other brands

Interesting post on dpreview from someone who talked to the Sony Alpha 900 team at PhotoPlus last week: “They claim that they convinced the sensor division at Sony (the folks at PhotoPlus were camera designers) NOT to sell the A900 sensor to anyone, in order to build Sony’s camera market share.” Canon has been doing […]

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Capture NX 1.3.5 updater available in Europe

not a rumor… This update is still not available in the US. Here are the links from Nikon UK for Mac and Windows. Changes in this version: Image white balance adjustment now supports images captured with the D300, firmware Ver. 1.10, at white balance settings of Auto or Flash when optional Speedlights, such as the […]

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