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Sony will not release the 24 MP sensor to other brands

Interesting post on dpreview from someone who talked to the Sony Alpha 900 team at PhotoPlus last week: “They claim that they convinced the sensor division at Sony (the folks at PhotoPlus were camera designers) NOT to sell the A900 sensor to anyone, in order to build Sony’s camera market share.” Canon has been doing […]

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Capture NX 1.3.5 updater available in Europe

not a rumor… This update is still not available in the US. Here are the links from Nikon UK for Mac and Windows. Changes in this version: Image white balance adjustment now supports images captured with the D300, firmware Ver. 1.10, at white balance settings of Auto or Flash when optional Speedlights, such as the […]

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Zacuto offers baseplate kit for Nikon D90

not a rumor… Zacuto’s DSLR Baseplate Kit is another alternative if you want to go for DSLR cinematography. The kit is universal and quick-releasable and can be used with the D90. All kits are designed to be balanced and complete with all parts needed to shoot straight out of the box. No word on price […]

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Nikon D300 v1.10 firmware available for download

Update: Nikon USA now has the new firmware available as well: Windows and Mac. NR reported few days ago that all new D300 are being shipped with firmware v1.10. Now the download is available in some countries/regions (not in the US yet). Follow this link to the download page (Asia). Direct link for Windows / […]

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RED ready to release a DLSR with video?

I think this rumor may have an impact on future Nikon models and that’s why I am posting it. RED may be the third company after Nikon and Canon to release a DSLR with video recording capabilities according to its own CEO: “I want to say that no one has any idea how incredible this […]

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Nikon drops SB-800 flash

Thom Hogan has noted on his web site that Nikon SB-800 flash is now officially discontinued and Nikon USA has canceled all dealer back orders. Few weeks ago Best Buy was cleaning up its inventory and was selling the SB-800 dirt cheap – in some locations for $200. Quick online check shows that Amazon still […]

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