PhotoPlus Expo video reports

Day 0:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Via Photobusinessforum

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  • Matt

    The Leice guy sounds like Arnold!

  • Pictures

    What happens in MX format to the f stop. Is it reduced by half in the reverse of DX?

  • jas

    sorry…he stands next to the NEW LEICA and not even a zoom in? very lightweight, and rushed reports.. sorry to be negative but a missed opportunity im afraid, not everyone can just ‘pop into the show’

  • CatSplat

    38 million megapixels, eh? Wow! 😛

  • Theo

    Notice how he takes S2 and then it disappears 🙂

  • jas

    and the nikon camera… yeah we would have liked to learn a bit more about it too….like what camera was it for a start?… where you in a hurry?

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