Nikon drops SB-800 flash

Thom Hogan has noted on his web site that Nikon SB-800 flash is now officially discontinued and Nikon USA has canceled all dealer back orders. Few weeks ago Best Buy was cleaning up its inventory and was selling the SB-800 dirt cheap - in some locations for $200.

Quick online check shows that Amazon still has it in stock for $319.95, Adorama for $314.95 and B&H for $314.95. If you were planning to get this piece of Nikon history, now would be a good time to do so. The replacement model SB-900 is currently selling for $415.

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  • joe

    How is that you say it is currently selling for $415. Nikon’s price on this item is $499.95. This is the map price set for stores to sell it at. Do you want to see all “local”, or non corporate camera stores go away? do you not care that people read you words and expect them to be fact? Please put up the proper prices for gear.

    • I am not sure I understand your comment – the price is a quote from Amazon. I do not make this price. I don’t think there is a reasonable person out there that is not familiar with online shopping, so I do not think you should worry that your local camera dealer will not be able to sell any SB-900 after I quoted Amazon’s price.

    • and one more thing: I am trying to provide a service to NR readers and I would report the lowest price online – I even have a whole section dedicated to this.

    • John

      Personally I don’t care if the local stores go out of business. I haven’t bought anything from a local store. I have gone in and see how expensive things are and just rather read reviews on the internet and purchase from there.

    • Zoetmb

      Nikon does not publish MAP prices publicly – they publish list on some items and estimated selling price on others.

      While almost everyone sells the bodies at pretty much the same price, especially when new and in demand, lenses and other accessories are heavily discounted. Just look up any lens on B&H or Adorama or Amazon or J&R and you’ll see that their selling prices (except on the newest models) are far less than Nikon’s stated prices.

      Examples: Nikon’s stated price for the 24mm Tilt-Shift is $2349 and BH sells it for $1900. Nikon’s stated price for the 400 2.8 VR is $8800, BH sells it for $8500. Nikon’s stated price for the 200 2.0 is $5439, when they have them BH sells them for $4000.

      And BH sells the SB800 for $315. Original list was $420, but I believe Nikon lowered the price to $350. They well the $500 SB900 for $450.

      I don’t want to see local camera stores go away and I think people should buy local when they can, but that doesn’t mean that we should “hide” the prices of non-local competitors. Especially when new bodies are selling everywhere at list, I personally encourage people to buy local. Besides, for me, B&H and J&R (neither of which are chains, by the way) ARE the local shop.

    • John

      Map pricing and Suggested retail are not the same thing. Having been a retail buyer for many years I can tell you that no one in their right mind sell anything for suggested retail, at least if they want to stay in bussiness they do not.
      I have noticed a problem with MAP pricing, some companies apply MAP pricing only to brick and mortor dealers. I have pushed this issue with vendors in the past and have been told that internet dealers are not held to the same standerd as brick and mortor dealers.

  • Victor

    Just a comment. I was just at Photoexpo Plus and picked up on of Nikon’s full line catalogs and the SB-800 was listed and also spoke to a rep and said that the SB-800 was still in production. Boy, these Nikon reps are good.

    • Willis

      According to Amazon there are only four left in stock (they could always get more I suppose). I’ve read elsewhere that Nikon officially discontinued them in early October.

  • Willis

    Anyone out there actually using a SB-900? I’m curious to know what you get for your extra $100. I really feel Like Nikon should have released these below the $400 mark.

    I did like what they did with the controls on the back, but I don’t use wireless flash often enough to justify the cost.

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  • Sorry for offtop…

    What about accessibility – Nikon MC-DC2 Remote Cord for Nikon D90 via Amazon or B&H

    any rumors (&)


  • *also hot equipment:)

    New videomode support for D90 from Zacuto – compendium / follow focus concept

  • Alex

    Where on Thom Hogan’s website does it say anything about the Sb-800 being discontinued?

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  • Zoetmb

    In my reply to the report of the photo show in NYC last weekend, I noted that the SB800 was still in Nikon’s latest catalog (Fall 2008), but so is the D200 and the 28-70mm and we know for sure that those are discontinued.

    So it’s hard to say who is correct – Thom or the Nikon reps, but on this one, I’d put my money on Thom, although I found it surprising that Nikon would discontinue the SB800. You would think that they’d want to keep something at various price points.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I currently own the SB-800 and have been happy with it. I would though like the added range of the SB-900.

    My one problem with the SB-900 is the size. This may sound a bit strange, but the SB-800 fits perfectly in my Lowepro Pro Mag 2 next to my D300 and battery grip. The SB-900 is too tall when extended. Again this may seem like a strange reason not to upgrade, but it always seems like that one thing always leads to another. It always seems to cost more money, but I guess that is capitalism at its finest.

    My SB-800 is a few years old now and I may wait a little longer and then upgrade.

    As for some of the other comments above regarding pricing, if I can wait and it is a large enough priced item, I usually buy from B&H or Adorama since I can save on the sales tax and shipping is low. If the item is hard to get or I want it imediately, I will purchase from my local shop in Southern CA, Samys camera. I purchased my D300 from them through a wait list and had it on the first day they were available to anyone last year the day before Thanksgiving.

    Samys and others in Southern CA are definately aware of B&H and Adorama and try to compete with them by only charging a few more dollars. For me this is acceptable if I want the item imediately.

    In most cases, but not all B&H or Adorama will be less cost than local stores, but it is a individual decision that we all make.

  • kelly nelson

    I have 2 SB-600 flash’s………I need another as a master. Should I get rhe SB-800 or the SB-900?. ………. Has the overheating problem in the 900 been resolved?

    • get the SB-900 – the price difference is small, at least in the US.

  • alex

    it’s december and sb800 doesn’t show any signs of being discontinued
    thom sucks again

    • Daf

      I disagree.
      The lowest price of the SB-800 is MORE than that of the SB-900 in the UK now!

      UK’s largest retailer doesn’t even list it!
      (Although it’s still on the Nikon UK site)
      LInks sent to NR

  • Anonymous

    The SB-900 is NOT compatible with the D1x. Not all of us have new cameras.

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