Zacuto offers baseplate kit for Nikon D90

not a rumor...

Zacuto’s DSLR Baseplate Kit is another alternative if you want to go for DSLR cinematography. The kit is universal and quick-releasable and can be used with the D90. All kits are designed to be balanced and complete with all parts needed to shoot straight out of the box. No word on price yet.

Via Zacuto

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  • giz

    Camera girl included?

    *jk* – I still think all the video pro gear coming up for D90 und Canons 5D Mark II are something unnecessary.

  • Niloy

    Just something for them to capitalize on. Let them be. It does help to get more stable video out of the camera. Looks too dorky to me though.

  • looks like a RPG to me:/

  • somebody

    My view: total overkill.

    I won’t buy it 😉

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  • some guy

    This is reaching ridiculous proportions.
    Since when does a just-above-cellphone quality video camera becomes pro video gear? I don’t get this.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think the ability to record movies in the D90 is a very nice to have feature, but it doesn’t even start to compare with a remotely decent pro video camera…

  • Shoewreck

    Does this kit allow making still shots? Looks like a nice alternative to a monopod.

  • WatchYourEye

    Who on earth would want to use one of those?

    Movie makers? That thing would not last 10 minutes on the set of your average movie, even leaving aside how ridiculous it would be to use the current Canon or Nikon DSLR video technology.

    Wedding videographers perhaps? Certainly not, as it isn’t the type of thing you would want in crowded areas (unless you have a substantial insurance policy covering the loss of eyes).

    Press videographers? Who would let someone with that device anywhere near a news conference?!!

    Home movies and family videos? There are much less troublesome ways to make crappy videos.

    Yep, this is probably the most useless device I have seen in a long time. These things aren’t meant to go beyond the funny sketch stage 🙂

  • Chevypower

    Definitely needs a shoulder mount. Stand-alone DSLR is too front heavy, unbalanced for hand-held cinematography. I like the concept. Bring on the D800 with 1080/24p, mic input etc


    I would not use this set up in the city. You may get blown away by the cops. Hell I would not use this anywhere. Looks goofy

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  • Nice Deal 🙂

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