“Look Good in Pictures” videos available online

I am not sure how many of our readers will be interested in the "Look Good in Pictures" Nikon series, but the videos are available online @ lookgoodinpictures.com. Here is the latest episode about nighttime photography:

The featured cameras are Nikon S60, S610c (with build in Wi-Fi) and the D90.

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  • Lance

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me… this is supposed to be a positive thing for Nikon’s image? What network would air that crap?

  • Paul

    Wow….just wow.

  • Matt

    mon dieu..

  • Kevin

    I don’t see why every one is so pissed off by the latest Nikon ad campaigns. They’re not trying to get pros to switch here. These commercials are not aimed at you. They’re trying to get the soccer Mom at Best Buy to pick the Nikon over the Canon. This commercial has a high energy star, shows that big name pros use Nikon, and gives a few ideas of how to get better photos with a Nikon camera. The more low end cameras they sell, the more money Nikon has for research and development of the high end cameras.

    • Lance

      I just bought a D90. I’m not a Pro, and I think that show is a JOKE. I can’t even imagine a network airing that.

  • D

    what a f**

  • AG

    Nikon, you are making a big mistake with those videos! I shoot Nikon, but have to admit I cringe when I see these. How embarrassingly bad!!

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