I bet you did not know about this site...

Well if you care, they are currently offering a $50 gift card when you purchase an eligible Nikon ATB Binocular from an authorized dealer.

I still don't think this Nikon ad is real:

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  • John Sandel

    Not sure what you mean here. How does this have anything to do with the election—you mean the presidential election? And the fact that Obama & McCain disagree about what to do with our troops in Iraq? BTW, Nikon’s field binoculars rock for hunting whitetail here in the midwest.

    • yes, the presidential election – wasn’t the war one of the main disagreement point?

      • Actually I had to change the text – I DO NOT think this Nikon ad is real – there is no way Nikon will go for something like that.

        • Dude, that photo is SO old! I remember seeing it circling the Internet as a joke about four years ago. Yes, this is not a real Nikon ad, but thanks for the good laugh.

  • Bret

    I don’t think this is a real ad, look at what is on the screen. It looks like a man teaching in front of a whiteboard to an ROTC class.
    Other than that, its a really cool picture actually.

  • Kuri


    Even with 10x optical zoom (say, 300mm FF equivalent), you should still see the guy he’s ‘filming’ in the shot at tta crop. Also, the guy in the screen appears to be

    But most of all I cannot imagine Nikon would ever sign off an ad like this. No way.

    This is like the infamous volkswagen Polo ad with the suicide bomber. Agencies (or bored kids with photoshop and their WoW account suspended…)
    come up with this kind of stuff to show how ‘creative’ they are. Sadly not creative enough to use google to find out that Nikon actually makes rifle scopes far more powerful than this.

    Oh and if -by chance- he would actually have a guy on screen INSIDE one of the buildings in the distance, well, the rifle wouldn’t be accurate enough at that range anyway. Half nice idea, half baked execution. Must try harder.

    • Alex

      Woah woah woah. Yea theres a good chance it’s fake, but I think you’re missing the comical tone of the ad anyway. The idea of the ad wasn’t to use Nikon rifle scopes to accurately portray a soldier, duh, it was to advertise the extreme zoom on a P&S camera and it’s done effectively. Who cares if the M16 doesn’t have the proper accuracy to pick off a target in one of the buildings, they weren’t advertising the M16 rifle and its long range capabilities. Yea everything is stretched a little beyond reality, but sometimes thats what ads are all about. I say kudos to the WoW kid who created it. It’s pretty entertaining.

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    • Bucky

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