Nikon cuts profit forecast, increases DSLR shipments


  • Nikon slashed its annual net profit forecast by 40% (ouch).
  • Nikon expects to post a net profit of 47 billion yen for the year, down from 75.5 billion yen in the last year (good that there is still a profit).
  • Nikon raised its annual target for DSLR shipments to 3.5 million units from 3.3 million (good!).
  • Nikon increased its compact camera forecast by 7% to 10 million units (who cares).

Via Reuters

If you are not impacted by the recession, get the Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 EX DG APO IF AF Lens (Nikon mount) for US $23,899.95.

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  • Juergen

    !Nikon increased its compact camera forecast by 7% to 10 million units (who cares).”

    *I* care. Nikon compact cameras are bland, uninspiring “me too” products, so the increase in sales in a very competitive market shows the strengthening of the Nikon brand, means people increasingly want a Nikon compact, a compact which is in reality not different to these of the competition – except the Nikon name.
    So I care.

    btw nice to see you are on the right track with the site, e.g. the addition of Nikon news is good!

  • rhlpetrus

    Doesn’t look good, but every consumer company is reporting bad propspects for current year.

    Re cameras, even if one doesn’t care for the p&s from Nikon, they are important for the whole company. It’s like saying, well, I like the flat TV from Samsung but don’t care for the microwave ovens they sell, or their cell phones. Well, money for R&D at the top comes from all sources.

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