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Otoji spy shot (updated)

I got this image as a follow up to this story which was based on the “Big” post. This is suppose to be a cell phone spy shot related to Otoji, but I do not know yet what does it say: Here is another trackback on this topic. Comments, translations, interpretations are welcome. This could […]

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Gone Baby Gone again – this time is the AF 85mm f/1.4D IF

Remember this post? The D80 disappeared from some Nikon web sites three days before the D90 was announced. Well, I have some news for you (thank you I.) – AF 85mm f/1.4D IF is gone in Australia:   it’s even listed as “out of production, discontinued or no longer available in your country” – […]

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September 3rd again (updated)

Update: there was a press conference in France on Sept. 3rd, but there were no new products announced. We reported this rumor back in July and I* am still getting more emails about a possible Nikon announcement on September 3rd – few comments under different posts also suggest the same: “I can tell you for sure, […]

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Camouflaged Nikon D3(x?) prototype? (updated)

This picture was submitted anonymously to NR (click on image for hi-res): Cannot confirm the authenticity of the image or reliability of the source. Comment from a reader: Differences from D3: 1. No red triangle below the second command wheel. 2. The function button appears to be located closer to the vertical grip. On the […]

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Thom Hogan: “Nikon’s next scheduled press conference on August 27”

At that point I think we got confirmations from more than 20 different sources that there will be some kind of announcement next week (received reports were mainly for the Nikon D90). Here is what Thom Hogan has to say about August 27th (read the whole article to get a feeling of what he is trying to […]

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This is not Nikon D90!

What is this? Why? We could provide them with some real pics:

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Lenses rumors are tough!

I am getting all kinds of reports from around the world about Nikon lenses rumors and they are not consistent. All the information we got for the D90, D700, P6000 and even with the CoolPix prior to the announcement was consistent and clearly described the product before the official launch. We do not have the […]

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Otoji – “bigger brother or the older/bigger uncle”

This is a comment to our BIG post from last week. Very cryptic, but again it talks about the first week of September (or maybe March, 2009): “Under the development is that it is currently having the nick-name Otoji for reference and almost prepared for releasing it to the world for happy result! Wish to say more but […]

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