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Otoji spy shot (updated)

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Gone Baby Gone again – this time is the AF 85mm f/1.4D IF

Remember this post? The D80 disappeared from some Nikon web sites three days before the D90 was announced. Well, I have some news for you (thank you I.) – AF 85mm f/1.4D IF is gone in Australia:   it’s even listed as “out of production, discontinued or no longer available in your country” – […]

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September 3rd again (updated)

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Camouflaged Nikon D3(x?) prototype? (updated)

This picture was submitted anonymously to NR (click on image for hi-res): Cannot confirm the authenticity of the image or reliability of the source. Comment from a reader: Differences from D3: 1. No red triangle below the second command wheel. 2. The function button appears to be located closer to the vertical grip. On the […]

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Thom Hogan: “Nikon’s next scheduled press conference on August 27”

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This is not Nikon D90!

What is this? Why? We could provide them with some real pics:

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