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Microsoft + Nikon = blue screen of death in your DSLR?

This cannot be good:

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Nikon D90 now on ebay

What took them so long? Warning – scam: NIKON D90 BRAND NEW

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Nikon D3z? (updated)

Update: we file this one as busted. Good comments everyone! Does anyone still have their original Nikon D3 box for comparison. This smells like a PS job to me. PS experts, please vote: <a href=”” mce_href=””>Nikon D3z?</a> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px;” mce_style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href=”” mce_href=””> surveys</a>)</span>

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The Nikon D90 is now official. You can find more info on the D90 from Chase Jarvis, who had the camera for few months prior to the release. Take a look at this video:

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All Nikon sites down

I wonder why?

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USA Today breaks the silence

I guess they could not wait for another hour:

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Ebay Madness #3: The Rarest Nikon Rangefinder Lens

The Rarest Nikon Rangefinder Lens: Nikon Rangefinder 1000/6.3 for US $60,000.00  BLACK 1000/6.3 Nikkor Rangefinder Lens “According to Bob Rotoloni, founder of the Nikon Historical Society and author of the superlative “The Complete Nikon Rangefinder Book,” the BLACK  1000/6.3 is THE RAREST production Nikon Rangefinder Lens.  FIVE are known!   That makes the stereo Nikkor look rather […]

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No confirmation for D3x or lenses announcement yet (updated)

We have NOT received a confirmation for the D3x or lenses to be release tomorrow. Personal opinion: Photokina. There are some speculation going around regarding a new AF-S 50mm, but this is nothing new – we reported that few weeks ago (see here and here). Some old lenses rumors:  80-400mm 70-200mm and again here

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