No confirmation for D3x or lenses announcement yet (updated)

We have NOT received a confirmation for the D3x or lenses to be release tomorrow. Personal opinion: Photokina.

There are some speculation going around regarding a new AF-S 50mm, but this is nothing new - we reported that few weeks ago (see here and here).

Some old lenses rumors
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  • dunno

    there is a big chance that the d3x will be anounced around pma or around november december , than at photokina .

  • Steven Sow

    Well if the D3X is released before the end of this year, hopefully the lens releases will be just as exciting. I’m happy for all my fellow Nikonians that were hoping for new bodies, and with the X, that makes 4 bodies this year alone! I’m hoping and waiting to be blown away with some lens releases now….little less than a month til Photokina

  • LayzorBeem

    Oh man. I wanted to whether my dreams of an updated 70-200 would see reality before I go to bed.

    Bloody Germans.

  • Renato

    Looks like strategy by Canon and Nikon has canged. They annouce a camera at a time, this has happened this year for their dslrs. That way they are in the news more often. No D3X now, likely close to Photokina or later in the year.

  • Blog Admin

    I agree – that way they keep constant media attention (and ours too).

  • anon

    Just looked around for the 70-200mm. B&H, Adorama and Ritz are all out of stock. Amazon (Cameta Camera) has one left and are asking $2k for it.

  • Z

    That’s been the case for more than a year.

  • Nicolas

    Anyone have any idea or guess how much the new 70-200 is going to cost?

  • Anonymous

    nikon expects to release 3 new dslrs this year… all 3 down ((d60 d700 then d90)) so no more new dslrs till 2009

  • Blog Admin

    Can you please provide your source? Email me if you want privacy.

  • Anonymous

    idk the source i heard it from my brother because hes on the nikon testing team so thats his words from nikon

  • Aldo

    Please nikon! give us some primes!… the only reason I’m tempting to switch to Canon is the 85mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4 and the 50mm 1.2 (well 3 solid reasons ha)

  • Anonymous
  • Yes, i agree.
    Give us a 50mm f/1.4 af-s + VR, or go to Canon…

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