The Nikon D90 is now official. You can find more info on the D90 from Chase Jarvis, who had the camera for few months prior to the release. Take a look at this video:

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  • Dmitriy


  • atria

    first to comment 😀 watch the D-movie preview…nice i can say

  • Carter

    Okay folks… here’s a question for you from the specs page.

    What does “D-Lighting Bracketing – 2 exposures” mean? Some type of built in HDR?

  • Will Richards

    Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for. I love that they let Chase publish all of the shots by and of the D90 plus a great vid to boot. Now I gotta have one!

  • Carter: The D-Lighting bracketing is a feature that lets you shoot a set of bracketed frames with various D-Lighting settings. D-Lighting is an in camera HDR feature that does a great job of balancing highlights and shadows in high contrast images.

  • LeftSpin

    Looks very cool. I am disappointed that the bracketing is limited to 2 or 3 exposures instead of the up to 9 on the D300. That’s just pure software, so they’re holding out. I was also suprised to see that the lower video resolutions are also capped at 24FPS. Why isn’t QVGA something like 120FPS? Anybody know if this camera has a memo mode for shooting stills with audio annotations?

    I’d also like to know the name of that song by The Blakes that’s in the video.

    My wife wants to step up to my D80, so it’s the D90 for me. I test drove a D300 for a week.

  • cameron

    wow, TEST DRIVE? i work at ritz, your the guy we dread, no beuno, at all. seriously But this is bound to be quite the camera im glad to see the same color matrix metering as the D9 as well as the scene recognition

  • LeftSpin

    A friend let me test drive his D300. No store was harmed during the filming of the event 😉

    I’m lending him some nice glass in return.

  • cameron

    haha thank god, its good to know its not always like that 🙂
    the D300 is an amazing camera I had it for 6 months before i got the d700 and it was absolutely amazing, clean up to 3200 i recommend checking out the 3d Matrix AF tracking, youll never want to go back

  • JJ

    Going slightly off-topic here . . .
    Looking forward to about two or three years’ time, what’s the D90 replacement going to be called? I think Nikon have painted themselves into a corner on this one! The D70 replacement should have been D71, they’d have longer to think about it.

  • cameron

    Im sure that after the D90 they will come up with something like what they did with the film series, Nikon has a pre-set plan on these things. Being as they are a mulit billion dollar corp. im sure they haven’t overlooked the MODEL numbers of all things. 😉

  • Tony

    Anyone knows details on the sensor yet? It doesn’t seem to be the same as the D300 (Shouldn’t be since this has video capabilities)… maybe a mod?

  • Dave

    It should be the same 12.3 MP DX sensor. Only it has an 12 bit A/D and no 14 bit A/D as the D300. The video is a new software function derived from the liveview. You can check out the d90 specs already on They got a d90 microsite running.

  • ChrisL

    HDMI out is 1080i but video capture is 720p, odd.

    Looks like a great camera and I love the size, but the one D300 feature thats missing – for me – is metering with AI and AIS lenses. So its still “save up for a D300 and learn to love big heavy cameras” …

  • MichelRoig


    I’ll be in NYC between September 7th and September 19th.

    Do you know where (i.e. in which shops) it is more likely to be available?


  • Eric

    HDMI 1080i is to display still images with full hd resolution.
    I think 720p is a great resolution for movies.

  • Marcus

    Has anybody seen the lens at 2:21, 2:44 and 3:57 ? Seems to be a new prime?

  • anonymous coward fry26

    it’s “Don’t Bother Me” from their “The Blakes” album

  • Jim

    Hi Michel,

    I would highly recommend the B&H Superstore. If you can’t find it there,you can’t find it at all…

  • bcardellini

    Wow, the Nikon site and the brochure both show a 0.15 microsecond startup. I guess that’s handy if you want the camera to finish powering up before the light bouncing off your subject has made it to your lens.

  • Blog Admin

    Yes, our initial report had a typo – 1.5 sec

  • I “heard” a rumour to the effect that the sensor in the D90 is a cheaper version of the sensor in the D300 produced by Sony.

  • bcardellini

    yes. According to the specs they have posted now, the initial report was off by a factor of 10,000. It seems that Nikon has found a way to make the D90 start up twelve hundred times faster than the D80. Now that’s progress!

  • bcardellini

    …sorry my original post should say “milliseconds” not microseconds.

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