Nikon D3z? (updated)

Update: we file this one as busted. Good comments everyone!
Does anyone still have their original Nikon D3 box for comparison.
This smells like a PS job to me.
PS experts, please vote:

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  • KK

    Here is the original D3 box from Ken Rockwell site:
    Looks not the same)

  • davidthenikonuser

    Fake because part of the label is blured out and covered. Also, D3z just sounds weird.

  • Well, the EXIF data will reflect Photoshop because of the blur and when you added your logo.

  • ts

    Looks fake to me. The “Sample” sticker as well as the D3z on the box just scream photoshopped to me. The clarity of the text looks too perfect when you compare it to the text on the nikon logo as does the whole look of the rounded rect sample is written on. I’ve been proven wrong about photoshoppings before, but this just doesn’t sit right with me.

  • Renato

    Hmm, weird, but, who knows?

  • Loa

    Fake because part of the label is blurred??? Of course it’s PS blurred! I would blur out anything that would identify me before submitting photos! That doesn’t mean its fake at all.

    But as others have said below, the z is misplaced and that “z” and “sample” are way too sharp. I’ve never seen a D3 box, but this one really look like a fake.


  • may i ask what the Z-tools are? i own a D3, but i don’t recall that these were available with NX on the included CD…. 😉

  • thedetective

    quite believable:

    – talks about a D3 successor that will have a different name than D3x. a faker would rather write D3x because it’s the obvious option.

    – Z-Tools sticker, which reads “tools” in japanese letters, can’t decipher the first 2 or three characters, too blurry

    – note the product code D3z (J) with J being Japan which would fit the japanese Z-Tools text

    – if this was real, the sticker would be a simple laser print and therefore would have the justification to be much sharper than the box print due to material and techniques

    – the bar code is missing, which is just logical and right

    – the number above “Made in Japan” reads 4223 instead of 4224 like on ken rockwell’s version

    so im saying this is no fake, but this doesnt mean it will be released either. how many products are close to finished and then abandoned at the last minute. im gonna wait and see.

  • davidthenikonuser

    How can a box identify you? If you blur something out it shows you are hiding the fact it’s just a D3 box and nothing more.

    So if I take a picture of say my D700 box and upload it to the internet for the whole world to see then people will know where I live and my phone number??????

  • thedetective

    i would assume that the blurred part is originally a sticker with the name of the person who received the prototype.

  • infinitezero

    I highly believe that this is the real deal. The Z-tools sticker design sure as hell does not look like a fake to me. No reason for any faker to redesign the Capture NX sticker if they want to tag an alphabet to the end of the original D3. I dunno…given how accurate the rumours have been in regards to the D90, I’m not surprised that this will be the successor to the D3

  • zach

    The XZPs are out of stock in most of the sites….so can someone tell me isnt it because the the XZP will upgrade pretty soon??? or …something else????

  • Djonah

    save the image and zoom in on the D3z under the sticker…it’s as fake as fake can be…
    but it would be fun to have a D3 packed in a D90 box :p look at the quicktime icon…


  • Djonah

    woops…the icon is on the D3 box too…but still, look at the mate D3z under the sticker

  • Wasn’t Thom saying the presumed D3x wouldn’t be called the D3x (possible fakers might have tuned into that), and if real “z” for hi-rez(resolution)

  • unknow

    Why they don’t speak about nx2 ? For me it’s a fake

  • J

    I noticed many of these same things. I agree with thedetective: “PLAUSIBLE”

  • camilo

    picture is fake, poor PS job. the blacks in the Z and SAMPLE are richer than the blacks in the rest of the image

  • rumpelhund

    I would not expect nikon to produce special high quality packaging for their prototypes unless they are ready for mass production.

    The D700 flyer fotos leaked only a few weeks before release, so the D3z would be really close if this wasn’t a fake and they would have shown at Bejing.
    Anybody saw some taped big nikons at the olympics?

    I say fake, “D3z” sounds too lousy a name to my ears.

  • Renato

    I saw a taped Nikon during the table tennis turnament. It called my attention because the guy was sitting right behind the coach of a Chinese player and it showed many times. I don’t have a recording DVD player, if I did I would have recorded it.

  • Bryce

    There’s gotta be something to this rumor.

    If you add a D3 to your card on Adorama/B&H it comes in at $4,539.95

  • Ghargh

    Hard to tell, if it’s PS’ed it’s done really good. There’s a press conference in the first weeks of september, right? Not long to wait so we’ll see 😉

  • TurboGreg

    That or a serial number.

  • Has anyone noticed that the D3z-picture is the exakt same photo (of the box) as the samples that we can click to see for comparison (the ones the thank “D” for).
    I’ll say it is for sure that the picture of the D3z-box contains the same box as the linked D3-box.
    Look at the dents on several locations.
    The D3z picture is a good photoshop job but is not real.
    I’ll say it is “D” (that we thank) that made it since he has provided us with the same picture …

  • Hades

    Yeah! They ARE the same box! Same dents and marks. Busted!

  • Klaus

    Marcus Engstrom is right. The “D3z” photo has EXACTLY the same dents and creases as the reference photo. One of the two images is derived from the other.

  • somebody

    ken’s has different lighting in my view. And where do the deails at the corners come from? ken’s is cut bfore the edges. May good points were made before and I also think it’s real now.

    3Dz sounds ok to me in german 😉

  • Blog Admin

    Maybe they took the D3z box and PS-ed it to D3, LOL

  • Blog Admin

    Press conference in September? This is the second time I am hearing that. Can anyone give us more info?

  • J

    I have to change my diagnosis from “PLAUSIBLE” to “BUSTED BIG TIME!!”

  • Blog Admin

    Is the barcode the same? I can’t tell. This one got busted anyway.

  • Klaus

    No, the reference photo being referred to isn’t Ken’s but the one linked-to at the top of the page.

    It’s exactly the same box, with all the same little scratches and flaws.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, it’s fake. Nice work everyone. 🙂

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Using the digital color meter on my mac I checked the D3 and the Z seperately. If they were both part of the same original image they should have the same RGB values or pretty similar. Averaging 3 readings from the black area of the D3 portion of the box I get R8, G1, B1. For the Z, I averaged out R5, G3, R5 which indicated a more perfect true black which would mean that it is photoshopped as the original D3 lettering has a red shift from the light source when the photo was taken.
    It’s a fake.

  • Blog Admin

    That makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    looks like someone have too much time in the hands

    ……why is everyone flaming on ken rockwell? hes cool and he even mentioned he mocks ppl

  • Blog Admin

    I think I will start a separate blog about KR.

  • Anonymous

    nah i dont think thats necessary bc it gets super old he had his site up way longer than anyone have on here

  • Tom

    Definitely fake!
    All the scratches on the box are the same as on original D3 picture – check the corners.

  • Joe

    Look at this from 09:02

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