Thom Hogan: “Nikon’s next scheduled press conference on August 27”

At that point I think we got confirmations from more than 20 different sources that there will be some kind of announcement next week (received reports were mainly for the Nikon D90).

Here is what Thom Hogan has to say about August 27th (read the whole article to get a feeling of what he is trying to communicate - this is my own interpretation of his words):
  • introduction of Nikon D90 with the 18-105 lens
  • update of Nikon D3 (maybe D3s)
  • maybe two or three lenses
  • low chance of introducing a third DSLR
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  • DAC

    yeah, this is what I waiting for, hopefully got new version of 70-200mm f2.8 lens… 🙂

  • nv

    Anybody care to wager a guess as to when the D90 might be available for purchase? Can we make an educated guess based on the D700 announcement to availability time span? How long was that – about a month?

  • Blog Admin

    D700 was available in less than a month – it was announced on July 1st and the first shipments started on July 25th. Make sure you pre-order it asap – it is first come first served. We will announce when the major resellers start selling it. You can support NikonRumors by ordering it from one of our links (same price to you). Check back on August 27th for more details.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds about right to me 🙂 I really hope we can get a review fast. Sounds like there are a few d90 around.

    Check back on August 27th ? No way man i’m checking back twice a day until the 27th hehe

  • KS

    As if we needed more evidence of the D80’s replacement…Amazon is no longer in stock. All listed packages from Amazon are from 3rd party vendors. Just a little tidbit. Looking forward to my pre-order on the 27th.

  • KS

    Ok…got a little ahead of myself. They are out of the body only package (still have the 18-135 package listed for $991).

  • Jimmy

    I would pre-order but it is the lens that I’m afraid of. Maybe a 16-85mm would be worth it instead..

    Anyone knows if a D90 would be available without a kit lens from the start? Or if there would be alot of ebuyers for a 18-105mm VR..

  • M

    I highly guess it will be available body-only. The D80 has, all cameras above entry level (D40/50) have been as far as I know.

  • rcoward

    Surely, the D700 is in a different market to the D90? My hope is that Nikon have a different strategy for the D90 and have more units to release, sooner, to satisfy the consumer market as opposed to the lower-rate sales of the ‘pro’ market that the D700 fell into.

    The test for this is actually to see what the time-scale was between the D60’s release and first sales was and base the D90’s time-scale somewhere in-between this and the D700’s. So, Blog Admin, do you have any data on that?

    I for one am eagerly waiting to get my hands on the D90 as I almost bought a D80 not so long ago to replace my FujiFilm F602-Pro (lovely camera but slooooow!). I know what lenses and other accessories I want but I doubt I will have the £’s ready for all of it in one go. Like others have said elsewhere, I may look to get the kit and sell the 18-105VR lens later…unless it is a really stonking lens!

  • Lee

    I think Nikon are six months too late. Six months ago I would have jumped at the D90 (as an upgrade to the D70) but now Canon won’t be far away with some new camera(s) so I am going to wait it out.

  • Jimmy

    Even the D40 is available as body only in Canada, but I wonder if it would be available from the first day or only later.

  • J

    About when would you expect a D300 replacement? I didn’t expect a D3 replacement so soon (unless you want to argue it’s not really a replacement).

  • dps

    Canon will be having an announcement on the 26th (see Nikon Rumors for that even) to announce their 5D replacement/upgrade. Nikons announcements on the 27th are said (on several rumor sites, including – I believe – this one) to be a “nice try Canon, but take this” planned reaction. Unless Canon has been able to keep a tremendous secret from a much larger fan base, it appears that Nikon has it’s sites well focused on gaining back a great deal of the DSLR market.

    The only problem with all of this is for those of us who want to have the best of the best, as the margins and features by which this will be judged are going to be miniscule at best and bizarre at the other end of the scale (“Hey, can I borrow your cell phone? Sorry, I didn’t bring it, but here… Use my new Nikon/Canon D?? to make the call” or “Now with micro-gortex rain shield folded inside the camera for those unexpected down pours.”). I hope this does not get ridiculous in the next few years…

    I have always been a fan of Nikon, merely from the standpoint of those who use their equipment rarely ever talk about what their camera can do, or how many of them you see being used. They simply want to share their photos. I hope that continues.

    The plus in all of this, regardless of which side you prefer or not (Nikon/Canon) is that unless you are needing to print billboard sized or capture drag race finals… We are all going to be able to continue getting great DSLR’s from both camps.

  • Nicolas

    Please, please, please give me a new 70-200. I have been holding out way too long and just cannot buy the current version at this point…!!!

  • Sneezy

    I was wondering if a built-in AF motor has been confirmed for the D90?
    I have a couple of lenses I’d like to keep, … and I can’t really afford new lenses right now. We have our first baby coming in Sept, and would love to have a camera for the event. 🙂

  • I am just hoping for some wide angle 1.4 lenses. Hopefully a new 28 or 35mm.

  • While I know some are waiting for new primes in the 24-85 range, I am one of those waiting for something in the longer range. Possibilities:

    300 F4 AFS VR
    400 F4.5 AFS VR
    500 F5.6 AFS VR
    80-400 F4-5.6 AFS VR
    100-500 F4-6.3 AFS VR

    Assuming a reasonable price, I will jump for any of these!

  • Blog Admin

    I believe B&H did take pre-orders for the D700. I would buy it from Amazon – I never had any problems with them.

    Support us by buying it from the link on our site – it will be the same price to you. Common, we were the first one to bring you the D90 pictures
    I will have a whole matrix tracking pre-orders and availability when the time comes.
  • nv

    I normally buy at B&H – they do not take pre-orders. Can anybody recommend a reputable place for a D90 pre-order (obviously when this becomes an option!)?

  • Anonymous

    Probably late october but ready for a Christmas wish-list. Why not wait until the price drops, ask yourself, do you really need it now? It’s a consumer, prosumer model, will the slight low-light ability make it so much better than a D80?

  • nv

    No worries,
    I’ll link through this site! Thanks for the info!

  • Steven Sow

    x2, I’m really close to buying a 35 f2, which is a great lens, but if a 35 1.4 comes out I would LOVE to get that instead.

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