Lenses rumors are tough!

I am getting all kinds of reports from around the world about Nikon lenses rumors and they are not consistent. All the information we got for the D90, D700, P6000 and even with the CoolPix prior to the announcement was consistent and clearly described the product before the official launch. We do not have the same percent of certainty with the lenses. I do not know why - this may change as we approach Photokina. I hope.
Here are some examples (emails from readers):
  • "There will be a new version of the 70-200 f/2.8 Nikkor (backordered? in B&H) with very high probability (Photokina 08). A retailer in ***, confirmed this rumor today, although he was not allowed to do it! I wanted to buy the actual (current) version of the lens, but it was out of stock and will not be ordered any more because of the new version."
  • "I was speaking with a Nikon person in the know today about the D90. We chatted about it in general and he/she mentioned there would be a noise improvement over the D300. A year of playing with the Expeed processor makes sense. Anyway, I asked about lenses and he/she said to his/her knowledge there would be no 50mm or 80-400mm refreshes released this year. Sorry to burst the bubble. He/she also offered that he/she has not heard anything as such coming down the pipe."
Can anyone out there help us out?

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  • Jimmy

    So I guess that the D300 will also need a refresh with video and better high-iso performance 😉

  • viewtiful

    ungrading d300 thru software upgrade?

  • Anonymous

    lol funny stuff if this is matt ((webmaster)) then you should talk to joey if you want real news only if you push him 😀

  • I’m checking for a release incessantly, hoping that may make something appear!

  • ken

    well freakin’ a – if they’re not going to give us prime updates at least an adapter ring would be nice so that we could put canon’s gems on. 🙂

  • Steven Sow

    I can’t believe that Nikon would be 100% satisfied with the current lens lineup, especially if they are trying to win the pros and semi pros from Canon, it just doesn’t make sense for them not to exploit the full frame sensors with fast lenses for super shallow depth of field…somebody over at Nikon’s RD should be slapped for at least not putting autofocus on the 35 1.4, that should have be done like ten years ago.
    Or like Ken said they should at least let us use Canon lenses….Canon guys are doing it with the 14-24.

  • rhlpetrus

    I think Nikon needs an f/4 zoom line, starting at 16mm up to 200 or 250mm. The f/2.8 line is not only quite expensive, but too bulky. With Nikon launching the D700, it’d be nice to have such a line.

    AF-S primes are likely coming soon.

  • I cannot help in terms of any inside knowledge of what Nikon is doing but I do believe that they will need to introduce a new and improved version of the AF-S VR Nikkor 70-200mm 1:2.8G lens based on the content of Digital Photography Review’s test of that lens.


    According to the good people at DP Review this lens was suffers from “severe flare” and “a lot” of corner softness and vignetting. It seems that it was optimized for Nikon’s DX format APS-C chip DSLRs and just doesn’t cut it on the full frame FX format or 35mm film for that matter. . .

  • Aldo

    Give us primes Nikon! or continue making those 28mm 1.4 (under $1500 of course) plaseee! give us new glass!

  • “Or like Ken said they should at least let us use Canon lenses….Canon guys are doing it with the 14-24.”

    Nikon is no more likely to provide such an adapter than Canon is likely to provide an adapter for using Nikon lenses on its cameras. For the record, an adapter to fit Canon lenses on Nikon cameras would require some kind of optical compensation built into it since the (bayonet) flange to focal plane distance of Nikon cameras is greater than that of Canon, or indeed most other camera makers. It is precisely because of this greater flange to focal distance that Nikon lenses are able to be mounted on other makes of cameras with an adapter. Interestingly enough Konica did actually manufacture an adapter that allowed Nikon lenses to be mounted on Konica Autoreflex cameras but it is the only camera brand I know of that ever produced such an adapter.

  • That is a very good idea but I am not sure that Nikon has the manufacturing capacity to handle it. A 70-200 f/4 optimized for FX format would be great or perhaps a 100-300 f/4. Often lenses with smaller maximum aperatures have better overall optical performance than their faster counterparts. With better performance at high ISOs fast lenses are not so necessary but then again that means that f/5.6 maximum openings on zooms are more acceptable. . . Nikon may have little incentive to actually market a 100-300 f/4 zoom lens or even a 70-200 f/4.

  • rhlpetrus

    The market for a 70-200 f/4 (FF), as well as a 24-105/120 f/4 is the growing FF frame market share they’re enjoying, which will grow as more FF bodies are introduced, likely hitting the midr-ange market with a D90-type body in a few years. People getting such a camera are not likely to get the xpensive f/2.8 line. And Nikon hasn’t released a consumer mid-zoom for FX yet, they’ve kept all those for DX line.

  • Anonymous

    I would be very irritated if D90 had better ISO performance and it didn’t come as a software upgrade…

  • Steven Sow

    I know that they would never do that, I was joking as well as I’m sure that Ken was. As much as I’m envious over those lenses, I couldn’t mount any of them on my D300, just out of principle alone…

  • Douglas

    actually, that lens was released for the Nikon F5 (film) Camera. it works amazingly well on film cameras! the trick is, its not shooting through an AA filter over the film that it is shooting through on the current line-up of Digital camera’s and sensors. in this situation it is the filter there that is causing the problems and no matter what they do with the sensor size in digital camera’s there will always be differences in the conditions to shooting a digital camera from a film camera.

    that being said, i do 100% agree that the 70-200VR does need to be updated! because while the conditions of shooting are not the same, they can be adapted for! not to mention the Flare issues on the lens that im sure the N Coating will GREATLY improve and some other quirks of the lens that have always caused it some minor trouble’s.

  • Blog Admin

    We want to set an example that it is OK to tell us what’s going on (if you know of course) and the source will not be revealed.

  • ChrisL

    An adapter ring with a negative depth, that would be quite a feat. The register distance for Nikon is greater than for Canon or indeed most other SLRs.

  • silence

    please nikon update the short to mid tele primes. They’re too old.
    Please release these lens AF-S 35/1.4 AF-S 50/1.4 AF-S 85/1.4 AF-S 105/2 and AF-S 135/2.

  • Along with the 70-200, the 300 F4 needs VR and the 80-400 is badly in need of AFS. Plus I really wish when updating the 80-400 that they would make it a 100-500!

  • NIc

    I cannot find a single big online store selling a new 70-200 and at the mall today I told the guy I wanted to buy one and asked him to order it for me. He punched it in on his computer and told me that he could no longer order it….??

    Is something coming out soon? If so anybody know about how much it will cost initially? and will it be a lot better than the current version?

  • Scott

    My local Nikon dealer told me today that Nikon is refreshing the 70-200 and put my name on the list. She said too many people have been complaining of vignetting with FX cameras. My 24-70 needs a big brother.

  • Steve

    “Anyway, I asked about lenses and he/she said to his/her knowledge there would be no 50mm or 80-400mm refreshes released this year.”

    Wow, talk about protecting your source! Not even willing to narrow it down to a specific gender! Pretty funny considering the “source” didn’t even reveal anything.

  • eyrieowl

    if they were going to do a high end f4 series of zooms, i bet they could make at least some of the lenses variable aperture without significantly affecting the lens size. even 3.5 on the short end would be useful at times if it didn’t compromise the size. my 2 cents.

  • Paul

    New to Nikon. Wondering how long it would take for a new 70-200 to hit the streets after it’s announced. I’d like to bring it along on vacation Oct 8th. Alternatively it looks like eBay is my only option at this juncture.

  • rhlpetrus

    But there are non-constant zoms for FX, like like the 24-120 VR. But that’s really a consumer lens, and not very well-regarded. An f/4 line usually is not only better designed, but also better built.

  • Douglas

    if/when nikon announces a new 70-200mm equivilent/upgrade it should “hit” shelves about a month or so after. now, keep in mind that Nikon doesn’t have the production power to seriously MASS produce items like Canon does so often times the time between an item hitting shelves and actually being seen on shelves is about 6-9 months

  • MarkDphotoguy

    Nikon has already released more lenses than usual this year. Keep in mind that Nikon’s production capacity is less than Canon’s and with all the QC issues over at Canon on their marquee primes right now (one of my customers had to go through 4 samples to get a lens that wasn’t back focusing) I’m not sure that Nikon would want to announce more this year and not be able to deliver enough product at good quality.
    Still though I’m thinking we’ll see more lenses soon possibly even this year as it seems Nikon’s announcement leading into Photokina are a tad on the light side.
    I’ve been selling cameras for seven years and this could be the lightest Photokina ever (for Nikon users) unless Nikon makes some more announcements.
    Nikon has already surprised us with the D700, nobody I know was expecting an FX D300 sized camera until PMA 2009 at the earliest.
    If I were a betting man I’d say that before the end of Photokina we’ll have some more lenses and maybe something really BIG.
    Fingers crossed.

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