September 3rd again (updated)

Update: there was a press conference in France on Sept. 3rd, but there were no new products announced.
We reported this rumor back in July and I* am still getting more emails about a possible Nikon announcement on September 3rd - few comments under different posts also suggest the same:
"I can tell you for sure, there will be an announcement on September the 3rd. I swear, but can't tell you more... NDA. Something big."
Those messages are NOT from our regular/reliable sources. The good part is that we just have to wait 3 more days to find out. Again, we do not feel confident about this date - this, however may change in the next 2 days. Stay tuned!
* - I decided to start using "I" instead of "we", since the number of people behind NR seems to be a concern to some readers.

Update: Nikon is NOT on the list of exhibitors at this year IFA (Consumer Electronics Unlimited) show which is currently ongoing in Berlin (Aug 27 - Sept 3). This would be also a weird place to announce any PRO Nikon equipment (CONSUMER show). It's just the date (Sept. 3rd) that is bothering me.

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  • J

    No word on any potential substance to that announcement?

  • red

    3 days from now we’ll find out. but why no news about invitation from nikon for press or something like that?

  • Blog Admin

    At least one person claims that he/she got invited.

  • rhlpetrus

    But all the people in-the-know (Thom, Jeff-C at dpreview, tec) know when a press conference is going to be, usually at least 2 weeks eralier. False to me. More likely, if any, closer to Photokina, not just one week after D90, when the attention of the photo world is all centerred in that camera. Marketing office may do dumb things, but they don’t throw money away.

  • Blog Admin

    I agree – I have not received also any hints from our reliable sources, but got multiple emails from readers for that date. This is why I thought it is important to report it.

  • rhlpetrus

    Here’s what Thom has to say:

    “A Comment on “More”
    August 27–Many people seem to want Nikon to announce “more,” whether it be high-end professional cameras, lenses, or Coolpix models. I suppose that there might be a November/December surprise product–Nikon has snuck that in before–I’ll note that Nikon has now basically matched their 2006 and 2007 tallies: 3 DSLRs, 6 lenses, and 14 Coolpix is dead on average for Nikon in recent years. After the original D1, we’ve now had 18 different DSLR models appear. That’s a lot of designing. Likewise, we’ve had 38 lenses in that time period. So, unless Nikon’s increased their design turnover yet again, I doubt we’ll see much more this year.”

  • Anonymous

    i doubt nikon are gonna announce anything new and for a consumer show… probably a exhibition where ppl can get a d90 demo in their hands to try it out for reviews?

  • Anonymous

    Last year at IFA D3, D300, 14-24, 24-70, 400VR, 500VR and 600VR were announced.
    So much about “consumer show” 😉

  • Blog Admin

    Are you sure? Nikon D3 was introduced on Aug 23 – few days before the show. Nikon probably made a lot of noise about it on IFA, but the official release was before:

  • Bruno

    it’s been quite cold of rumors for pre-announcement days eh.. is it because the dust of the D90 is settling down, or just well-kept secret?

  • hulk

    I hope we see some interesting announcement today. We might finally find out if the Otoji project is something real 🙂

  • Amanda

    No, no news. In Europe it´s half past four, and people go home from work.

  • Crabby

    It’s almost 8pm EDT in the US on 9/3. This is likely a busted rumor.

  • Blog Admin

    I guess so

  • Anonymous

    Can we say…..BUSTED!!!
    So much for this rumor.

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