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How can Pentax do it?

Price increases, economic worries… but not for everyone in the DSLR industry. If you have missed the news from few weeks ago, Pentax reduced their prices (Pentax K20D & Pentax K200D models) and today they announced plans to revive its long-awaited 645 Digital medium format camera: Are they nuts or we are all being taken for a […]

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New Nikon UK price list is out

The previously reported second price increase in the UK materialized today: here is the latest Nikon UK price list. For comparison, here is the January 2009 price list. I hope this is the last report in the Nikon price increase chapter.

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I don’t get it – Nikon to increase prices in Japan

I thought all the recent price increases were caused buy the weak yen – why is then Nikon raising prices in Japan (effective April 17th)? Here is a list of affected products: Product Old price New price F6 Body 315,000 362,250 FM10 body 38,850 43,050 FM10 standardset (AI Zoom-Nikkor 35-70mm F3.5-4.8S-) 52,500 57,750 AI Nikkor 20mm F2.8S 85,050 […]

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Second price increase from Nikon UK now official

What was a rumor over a week ago is now official: Press Release “Nikon UK will be introducing a second price increase on the 1st March 2009 which will affect Nikon’s Imaging and Optics products. The price increase is due to the relative weakness of Sterling and the continued strength of the Yen. A range […]

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Confusion: another Nikon UK price hike in March

Email sent to customers of Grays of Westminster: “As a uniquely Nikon-only shop, Grays of Westminster is the perfect destination for your Nikon needs. Now, as well as a full range of bodies and accessories, we are pleased to announce that we unexpectedly have in stock a very small number of the following sought-after, rarely available […]

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Nikon prices still going up?

Few readers emailed me that Nikon prices went up again in the last few days (the last time I updated the Price Watch section was a week ago, so you can clearly see the difference). Pretty much every DSLR body went up in price with $10-$20. For example the D300 is now (was $1489.95 a week ago): […]

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While Nikon prices are going up (no official word from Nikon yet), Ritz has a clearance on Nikon products – mainly old stuff like Nikon WT-1A Wireless Transmitter, Nikon D1-H, Nikon SB-30 and a bunch of p&s. Some example of the new prices in B&H: Nikon AF-S Zoom Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF Lens – $ […]

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