Nikon accessories price increase coming to Europe tomorrow

Tomorrow Nikon Europe will introduce a coordinated price increase for accessories in all European countries. Just few months ago there was already a big price increase on Nikon lenses in Europe.

A new price increase is also rumored to start tomorrow in Canada.

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  • doge

    Yes, because $80 for a flash cord and $450 for a battery grip isn’t expensive enough.

    • true

      Good thing about battery grips is that the 3rd party battery grips are very very good. You can get a third party battery grip for D810 for very cheap on ebay, and it will work without faults/have same battery as the D4s has

      • fanboy fagz

        Yes. Not what it used to be years ago. Today u get great quakity and features for minimum money. Flahes and batteries as well

    • captaindash

      I’m so glad 3rd parties have fully stepped up to the plate. I bought a legit Nikon grip once back in the day because I had no choice. Now there’s no chance, on principle, I’m paying that kind of money. You can buy an entry level body (sensors, complicated mechanisms etc) for the price of a grip. WTF?!

      • JXVo

        Didn’t believe it so I checked and yep…..I can get a D3300 kit with 18-55VR lens for the price of a Nikon MBD12 grip for my D810. The grip’s price excludes any additional batteries. The alternative battery cover for a D4s battery is also extra.

        • captaindash

          The funny part is that at base ISO in a studio, I defy anyone to pick out a processed D3300 shot vs a D810 shot. Remember the D3X? That was only a few years ago. Now you can get almost the same sensor in DX for a tiny fraction of the price. That’s amazing. You can’t buy a bad camera anymore.

    • whisky

      you forgot $35 for the Nikon branded 95mm snap-on lens cap.

    • Asbäst

      Apple agrees, gotta reduce dem ports

  • Ryan

    What are they hoping to achieve by doing this with customers already considering third party equipment?

    • silmasan

      Considering? Buying, you mean.

    • harvey

      how many 3rd party Nikon bodies do you see floating around?

      • akkual

        But that starts to be only feasible Nikon product to buy. You get better optics in 1/2 of price from 3rd parties, you get more features in many accessories (flashes, grips, remotes), you typically get longer guarantee (like 5y for Sigma vs. 1-3y for Nikon).. only thing you can get from Nikon is better AF on optics.

        • Mike Gordon

          Lenes = one firmware update from being bricks.

          • Spy Black

            Unless your name is Sigma…

            • CERO

              in which another firmware updates the brick and it becomes a working lens again.

            • Mike Gordon

              They still have to reverse engineer the firmware which takes time. When they can’t someday, the USB dock will be more wasted $$

            • Spy Black

              There’s no such thing as “can’t” in software hacking.

            • Mike Gordon

              Sure there is, ask anyone servicing EMC VMAX/VSP storage.

            • Spy Black


            • Mike Gordon

              So crack the phone phone on that storage. I have multiple 3rd party maintenance companies that will pay you a ton.

            • Spy Black

              Call the guys who were contracted by the FBI to crack the iPhone. There’s no such thing as “can’t” in software hacking. Get real.

  • Eno

    Good luck Nikon, you’ll need it!

  • RMJ

    Thankfully doesn’t apply to third party products. Someone actually buys Nikon’s crap ? (other than cameras and lenses)

    • harvey

      depends where you are. Many manufacturers/distributors are putting up prices in countries other than the US.

  • Tony Chan

    Think what day is tomorrow??? ~~~ Lol Lol Lol
    So many people got tricked

    • no, this is for real – got it from two different sources, even have the original email from Nikon in German

      • JoeFunny30

        Any news on price increases in US? On bodies?

        • no, nothing for now

          • JoeFunny30

            Thanks. Is it logical to assume it’s coming to the US as well or is it historically normal for Nikon to change prices everywhere else?

            • No, the US $ is very strong right now and this explains all the discounts and price drops we got here in the US in the past few months.

            • JoeFunny30

              Yes they’re really pushing the value of the d750 down. I’m waiting to see if high iso on d500 will match or exceed d750 and then sell it.

  • dclivejazz

    Sticking it to your remaining loyal customers is not the brightest business strategy.

  • akkual

    This is doom for Nikon. They already were more expensive than Canon and 3rd party provides in some places even better featured products (remotes on battery grips, RF in iTTL flashes, better optics in Sigma).. only thing Nikon can compete is guaranteed compatability (AF accuracy etc).

  • fanboy fagz

    “Nikon accessories price increase coming to Europe tomorrow”

    And a rebate sale is next week

  • captaindash

    Are they honestly thinking of increasing the prices of their flashes? They have 100% as good equivalents for much cheaper already. Not bright.

    • whisky

      it’s good to have choices. competition can be healthy for everyone.

  • captaindash

    Are D500 price increases coming? Jk. The D500 doesn’t exist. It’s every as real as it was 2 years ago. It was supposed to be released a week or two ago and we still haven’t even seen a proper photo from it online. Nikon waits this long, then screws the camera up and has to fix before it’s even released. Nikon is sad. I can’t wait for another company to step up and be run intelligently.

    • whisky

      there is no evidence to suggest they screwed anything up. but even if, granted your cynicism, they did … i’d prefer they did the right thing and fix all units before releasing them. JMO.

      • captaindash

        You kidding me? There’s no way a company gives a release time frame of a very hotly anticipated item, then not release any of them at all. And by not release, I mean even photos taken by them so we can decide if we want to buy one. If that’s not as suspicious as it gets, I don’t know what is. They for sure found a defect (or maybe the factory screwed up and none were made) or they would’ve released a real reason besides “so many people want them we can’t keep up” because that doesn’t stop them from selling the ones they already had.

        • whisky

          i’m not kidding. you seem to be confusing cynical projection with sound reasoning. which is fine if you’re just opining … but asserting Nikon “screwed the camera up” as a fact does not make it so. JMO.

          • captaindash

            Not a fact, but by far the most likely scenario.

            • R.


        • RodneyKilo

          Just because they give a release date doesn’t mean the camera will be available to the casual buyer for months and months. D800, Sony NEX-7, Fuji X100, all were essentially unavailable for several months after “launch.”

          • captaindash

            Yeah, because they sold out. This is different. They made this thing ghost.

            • RodneyKilo

              Not available is not available. The outcome is the same.
              We don’t know why it’s not available now.
              It may be they are waiting for sufficient manufacturered volume to meet demand.
              They’re not the only manufacturer that seem to be doing this now.
              But It’s all speculation.

  • Breton

    Sadly this seems to be the truth :'( I checked the MB-D17 (nikon D500 grip) and its price just raised from 379€ to 469€ on the nikon store !!!

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Lol just saw the 70-300 for 699 eur, guess what I’m not gonna be buying

    • TheInfinityPoint

      A 16mm fisheye lol.

  • gamer

    It’s nice that there are so many third party lenses and accessories.

    Sigma, Tamron and Tokina produce excellent lenses for 1/3 of the Nikkor’s price.

    Yongnuo and Godox flashes are not bad at all and you can buy 8-10 Yongnuo flashes for the price of SB-910.

    I’ve been waiting for 35mm and 50mm lenses from Yongnuo. Any ideas when these lenses will hit the market?

  • Albert

    Tomorrow (is today) April 1st, 2016.

  • Asbäst

    Nikon announce they are implementing Six Sigma now.

  • Luke Szczepanski

    I think Nikon price increases in Canada kicked in. CAD 3999 for D810 (the same price as A7RII). Ouch.

    • JimP

      $4099.95 suggested retail. Just when I was ready to make peace with Nikon thanks to the D500, they piss me off again.

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