Nikon price increase coming to Canada on April 1st

After Europe and Japan, Canada is rumored to be next in line to get a price increase on certain Nikon products. The date I got is April 1st, 2016 (not a joke, this is the first day of the new financial year for Nikon).

Check out the current Nikon pricing at Amazon Canada.

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  • winterstoocold

    This is to make up for all those “discounts” Nikon did in the past. Slimy businesses practice if u ask me

    • harvey

      nothing to do with discounts in the past – all to do with the dollar dropping to 70 cents and Nikon not changing with it. The reality is, Canadian Nikon buyers have been doing well compared to US prices for several years. I bought a 500VR here in Canada 5 years ago and it was $1000 cheaper than B&H.

      • captaindash

        “The reality is, Canadian Nikon buyers have been doing well compared to US prices for several years”

        ‘Several’ years ago the Canadian dollar was at par, and so were the prices for the bigger items. Smaller ones like filters and gels etc were always more in Canada. Since then, prices have definitely gone up. Maybe they haven’t gone up by a full 30% across the board, but you’re making it sound like things are well cheaper in Canada and they for damn sure aren’t.

        • harvey

          when it comes to cameras, once you put in the exchange, yes they are and and were even higher. I live close to the border and ordering out of the US is a piece of cake for me. My gear purchases have been Canadian for many years because of that discrepancy and the fact that in many cases , Canadian warranty was much better.

          • Serious Gearhead

            When they introduced the D500 it was $1999 in the US and $2699 in Canada. That’s a 35% increase already. What happened to parity there? To then increase the price even more and blame it on the dollar is downright gouging. This is what happens when you have a monopoly on sales.

            • harvey

              the D500 isn’t going up in price, neither is the D5 or the SB-5000. Since these items haven’t even shipped yet, the current prices have the exchange rate factored in.

            • Serious Gearhead

              Can you provide link to the source of this info? Seems odd to build in 35% when you don’t know what the exchange rate will be when released.

            • harvey

              price it at any camera store – they have the April 1st prices – the $2699 price will not change for the D500. These items have been ordered from Japan already. Its not like the dollar is going to climb anytime soon.

            • Serious Gearhead

              So you’re just assuming this? This camera could very well go up in price without any hard evidence to go by. It was announced at this price in early January; three months before it will be released barring any further delays. Camera stores have the Jan 5 price. The price of the dollar could be anywhere after 3 or 4 months. Maybe you’re right but it would only be a guess.

            • harvey

              I have those prices directly from the store I deal with – I also have been told the new pricing for older Nikon bodies and lenses. You really want to buy a D810 now. I don’t do guesses.

  • No one is going to take the price increase seriously on that day. Gonna seem like a cruel joke on many.

  • Eric Cheng

    I live in Canada, and to put this weak dollar into perspective:
    Currently the Nikon 24-70 2.8 (Non-VR) costs $1800 USD on B&H, and $2100 CAD in most popular Canadian retail stores. At the current exchange rate the price should be more around $2500 CAD. I’m currently in the market for a used 24-70, and with these price increases, nothing is stopping resellers from hiking up the prices of their lenses past what they paid for them brand new (Back in 2012 it cost ~$1700 CAD). Its a lose lose situation for Canadian photographers 🙁

    • Eric Calabros

      Yea, oil was $140 back then. Now it’s $40. We have to live with that.

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        • Mike

          Meh. $18G. It’s not enough. Come back when I can make $50G a month. Admin, this comment is in a few places.

    • harvey

      why I’m waiting to sell off some stuff until May rather than now.

  • Photobug

    Bet there will be no spring discounts on lens or on kits as we have seen the past few years. Buy now before the price jumps.

    • Kartken

      Hopefully there will be more discounts since Nikon’s fiscal year ends March 31.

      • harvey

        you got your discount at Christmas here in Canada.

        • sure

          discounts are here now at Henry’s

      • Photobug

        Yipes…I was sure wrong about that prediction. See the main blog about lens rebate in March. It makes sense to move merchandise to increase sales for the last month of the QTR. The older 24-70 should have a big rebate.

  • eric

    We already have a major price increase because of our weak dollar!! 🙁

    • harvey

      no we haven’t unless you have been buying out of the US. Nikon and other Canadian distributors have been selling stuff here below what they could charge for it in the US.

    • Biff

      What harvey said, is true.

      Do not be confused at what appears to be much cheaper prices on items such as the D750 in US stores compared to its Canadian counterparts..

      When you convert those US prices to the Canadian dollars that you would have to pay in, you will see how drastically higher those US prices actually are.

      It surprised me.

      To get the current lowest prices on gear from reputable stores online, do a price-comparison here first:

      This rumored price increase may be Nikon’s way of fixing this discrepancy.

  • Deryk

    A good reason why I almost always buy used gear. I know it is always a gamble, but I have been lucky thus far (d800e, zeiss 100, sigma 35 1.4, and 85mm 1.4 d)

    • harvey

      however if new prices go up, so will used prices. Buy used stuff now, sell it for 15% more in 3 months.

      • RodneyKilo

        Maybe, maybe not.
        There is only a single source of pricing for new items, many sources for used. The market will actually set the price for used items, not product management sitting in an office somewhere.
        There are certain cameras that sell for high prices new in some geographies, but the secondary market is very small, and the used items take a big hit.

        • harvey

          Canada is a small market for used stuff and buying used out of the US has not been financially good since the dollar dropped below about 85 cents unless you ran into a deal. The Japanese are now asking US market prices for their stuff. I live in maybe the cheapest part of Canada for used prices and prices have gone up as people are asking percentages of new. Of course, this relates to modern digital gear.

        • S.Yu

          Oh look, Rodney the Re,t@rded!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Am I trolling you? You bet I am, that’s for trolling me.

    • TO-DOUG

      I agree, and have bought several used lenses by private sale through a popular online site. I set up the purchase to take place in a coffee shop, as they have video cameras to deter anything shady. I buy the lens only if it is in near-mint condition, and the seller can provide the box and all packaging. Why? Because that shows it wasn’t stolen, and that the owner is somewhat meticulous. Getting the box will also show that it is a Canadian lens (5 year warranty) so I can ship it to Nikon Canada if there’s an issue.

  • whisky

    “The Canadian dollar fell in value against its American counterpart during the technological boom of the 1990s that was centred in the United States, and was traded for as little as $0.6179 US on January 21, 2002, which was an all-time low.”

    on the plus side … it could be much worse.

    • harvey

      I remember that as a Nikon user.

      • Mike

        I went to Cuba w my then gf (now wife) in 2003. The CAD dollar was $0.63. I exchanged $500 to American. Didn’t get much back lol. That hurt. I bought a Profoto B1 in Oct of ’14 when the dollar was near par. It’s gone up $800 since I bought it. I wouldn’t get it today at these prices. I was actually quite aggressive getting gear I needed or was going to need moving forward. 2014 was my last year having a day job and doing photo in parallel. Between the high dollar and two incomes, the timing wasn’t going to be better.

  • SteveHood
  • WBR

    “it could be much worse”. I hate that expression. Someday I imagine it’s quite possible I’ll be in a hospital with tubes in every orfice. Someone will come along and say . . . “it could be much worse”. I think I’ll try to buy at least one lens I want before I’m April fooled.

    • Ghislain Leduc

      It always depends how you see life. My mom 3 days before she died was still saying, there’s worst people than me. I’m at the hospital, people are nice to me and my kids are here. And she was right, it could have been worst, there was people dying alone right in the next room.

  • TheRasmus

    I love price increases. They prevent me from buying something that I do not really need.

  • “Nikon sales decrease coming to Canada on April 1st”

    • MY OB

      NO KIDDING!!! 😀 Because, as it is, they are not over priced enough.


    I am in Toronto and have a Nikon 1 V2 plus other gear. I just bought a Nikon 1 10-100mm VR lens from for Cdn$500 plus tax. If I want to buy that same lens from or Adorama in NYC right now, the price is US$547 plus tax. Yes, I bought it in Canada for almost 50 bucks less — even ignoring the exchange rate. Taking the exchange rate into account, I bought it for the equivalent of US$360! No wonder our prices will be going up!
    BTW, the V2 is a great camera, and the 10-100 a great travel lens!

  • CERO

    dammit, there goes my price savings.. buying in CAD saved me nearly 20% on my 24-105mm sigma lens and my nikon d610 when purchasing with my country currency…

  • T.I.M

    Nikon is increasing prices, I don’t give a dime….

  • Tieu Ngao

    The next lens on my shopping list is the new Tamron 35mm f/1.8. It doesn’t matter to me if Nikon increases the prices in Canada next month.
    BTW I always check the prices on to find the best possible deal.

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