Up to 30% price increase on Nikon lenses coming to Europe on January 1st, 2016

Last week I reported about the upcoming price increase in the UK. I was not sure if the price increase will impact other EU countries but today I received some new info: up to 30% price increase on certain lenses in the EU starting from January 1st, 2016. Here are the details:

Current price in €
(without VAT)
New price in €
(without VAT)
% change
Nikon D750 Kit inkl. AF-S 4,0 / 24-120 G ED VR 2189,00 2365,00 8,04
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,4 / 85 mm G 1299,00 1432,00 10,24
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 2,8 / 105 mm G IF ED VR Micro 715,00 790,00 10,49
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,8 / 20 mm G ED 572,00 628,00 9,79
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,8 / 28 mm G 494,00 542,00 9,72
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,8 / 35 mm G ED (inkl. HB-70 und CL-0915) 403,00 428,00 6,20
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 1,8 / 35 mm G 152,00 168,00 10,53
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 2,8 / 40 mm Micro 190,00 229,00 20,53
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,4 / 50 mm G 289,00 374,00 29,41
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,8 / 50 mm G 152,00 183,00 20,39
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,8 / 50 mm G SE 205,00 229,00 11,71
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,4 / 58 mm G 1216,00 1347,00 10,77
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 2,8 / 60 mm G ED Micro 418,00 482,00 15,31
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 1,8 / 85 mm G 365,00 420,00 15,07
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 3,5 / 85 mm G ED VR Micro 380,00 420,00 10,53
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 3,5-4,5 / 10-24 mm G ED 648,00 712,00 9,88
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 2,8 / 14-24 mm G ED 1369,00 1585,00 15,78
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 3,5-5,6 / 16-85 mm G ED VR 456,00 552,00 21,05
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 4,0 / 16-35 mm G ED VR 838,00 979,00 16,83
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 2,8 / 24-70 mm G ED 1295,00 1492,00 15,21
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 2,8 / 17-55 mm G IF-ED 1064,00 1285,00 20,77
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 3,5-4,5 / 18-35 mm G ED 516,00 597,00 15,70
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 3,5-5,6 / 18-300 mm G ED VR 684,00 826,00 20,76
Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 3,5-6,3 / 18-300 mm G ED VR 535,00 589,00 10,09
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 4,0 / 24-120 mm G ED VR 759,00 918,00 20,95
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 3,5-5,6 / 28-300 mm G ED VR 684,00 787,00 15,06
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 4,0 / 70-200 mm G ED VR 950,00 1148,00 20,84
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 2,8 / 70-200 mm G ED II VR 1673,00 1934,00 15,60
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 4,5-5,6 / 70-300 mm G IF ED VR 456,00 482,00 5,70
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 4,5-5,6 / 80-400 mm G ED VR 1901,00 2042,00 7,42
Nikon Telekonverter TC-20E III 378,00 398,00 5,29
Nikon Telekonverter TC-14E III 397,00 414,00 4,28

Please note that those are Nikon dealer's prices (what Nikon sells the gear to dealers for) and the actual sale prices might be different.

I have no information on potential price increase in the US. In the worse case scenario we may lose some of the current rebates.

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  • Proto

    Yikes! so, an increase in US is coming as well? spike seems more than currency rate adjustments…

    • disqus_hZsoUKhJQq

      I don’t think so. Even after increase, the current prices in US are higher than Europe. They are increasing the prices because Euro has depreciated 30% against USD.

      • I just converted the 85 1.4 G from Euro to dollars and its several hundred dollars cheaper in Europe.

        • Alwin Papegaaij

          In a lot of countries in Europe you will have to pay a lot of tax. In the Netherlands this is 21%.
          What I see normally is that in general we pay more in Euro’s than you would pay in the US in Dollars.
          I do know that the 3rd party lenses look even more interesting now…

        • Drazen B

          The above prices aren’t what you actually pay in the shops. The shop prices especially in UK and Germany are way higher, and also higher in average compared to Nikon lenses in the US.

          • those are the prices to the dealers

            • Drazen B

              Exactly my point. There’s quite a few here that use those for comparison and come to incorrect conclusions.

    • I think currency adjustment.

      • Eric Calabros

        I wish I could see their accounting spreadsheets that made them convinced to do this. How letting your product become more out of reach for potential buyers helps you in sales numbers?

        • I have no idea what Nikon is doing but it doesn’t look right to me. How are other Japanese companies able to keep their prices in Europe? I have not heard about other price increases.

          • Eric Calabros

            some of these make no sense at all, is Nikon so desperate that needs to add €15 to 35mm DX lens?

      • Espen4u

        I think so too. But they’re not that fast when it’s the other way around, are they?

    • TerraPhoto

      Likely due to the weakening of the Euro (and a little to the strengthening of the dollar).

      • julian_n

        Except that does not explain the UK price increases – the pound has been steady against the Dollar and Yen..

        • Christopher Eaton

          Good point. Best guess is that product goes through a European arm that works in Euros, so even though the pound is strengthening against the euro, the price increase happens first in euros.

        • Cynog

          The price of the only lens I am interested in – the 20mm f1.8 – is already the equivalent of 630 Euros before VAT. Seems we pay more here, too.

  • Gerbrand De Sutter

    I think Nikon gona lose new potential buyers if they read this.

    • TerraPhoto

      Likely due to the weakening of the Euro (and a little to the strengthening of the dollar). Everything imported to Europe is getting more expensive.

      • I am curious if other manufacturers will also introduce a price increase in Europe.

        • Eno

          Samsung (camera division) is definitely not. :))

  • Shutterbug

    Does this affect whole Europe? That would be horrible…

    • I am not sure, but my guess is yes – at least the countries with euro currency.

      • Eno

        It’s happening also in EU countries without euro currency. In Romania for example not only the lenses will suffer from this fate but also the Nikon cameras. 🙁
        I wanted to share this info sooner but I didn’t know it will affect the whole Europe.

        • Eric Calabros

          You people in EU dishonored NX1 to let DSLR oligarchs continue to slaughter. so its the suffering you deserve 🙂

          • Eno


          • true

            I’m glad I have a panny gear as well

  • T.I.M

    It’s so good to live in USA…..

    • Patrick O’Connor


    • FountainHead

      Where a much lower percentage of shooting is done with cameras…

      • T.I.M

        I know, we shoot mostly with guns !

      • ZoetMB

        True. But in NYC we have the fewest number of murders ever – it’s even lower than it was in 1928 when the population was 1.5 million smaller.

  • Igor Coretti

    This looks like a move to increase the net income, given the general decline of sales and bad quarter forecasts. But this makes me think about how much can I still trust in Nikon, being already unsatisfied about the high end DX Nikon strategy (we always end about complaining about this) The move to FX is too expensive for my budget; with this price increments the situation will be even worse.

    • TerraPhoto

      No. Likely due to the weakening of the Euro (and a little to the strengthening of the dollar). Everything imported to Europe is getting more expensive.

    • JJ168

      You need to look at this from outside your little world. Try seeing yourself as the distributor of nikon product in europe and tell us again what you think.

      • ZoetMB

        No consumer needs to think of themselves as the distributor. And the EU is not a “little world”. A consumer only needs to think of whether the product in question has a value proposition for them. If this is really all about the Euro/Yen relationship, then there should be a flat percentage increase across all products, not varying amounts. Since May, the Euro has decreased 4.4% against the Yen. How does this warrant up to a 30% price increase? The executive team at Nikon is really doing a lot of smoking.

        In the U.S., Nikon has not decreased prices as the $ has risen against the Yen, they’ve increased them over time. The USD is 2.2% higher than it was in 2007 and 56% higher than it was in 2012 and yet prices are still substantially higher than they were in 2007 (and 2012).

        Whether this works for Nikon or not will depend upon whether all the other manufacturers raise their prices in Europe as well. My bet is that Canon, at the very least, doesn’t. If they don’t (or if they’re far more reasonable increases), I think Nikon has just signed a suicide pact, except maybe on the high end where there’s a bit less price resistance.

      • tamaszlav

        Let’s see. Demand is low, I up the price. Sound economic decision.

    • true

      We can hope that nikon will release new DX dslr or mirrorless DX next year

  • On the good side, they wont increase the price of the D400 😀

  • Michael

    That doesn’t seem to affect the newly releases lenses, such as the 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR, or the 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR. At least they’re not to be found on the list.
    Are they expected to go up in price, too, or is that price likely to be stable?

    • nwcs

      They’ll stay most likely. They are already priced at their max. This more like pricing stabilization and resetting price points after a long time of discounting and other things.

  • nwcs

    I generally only buy used now and it seems be an even smarter choice now. Got a 70-200 f4 in like new for $750 with a 30% off coupon from KEH.

    • Carleton Foxx

      Dude, how do you get a 30 percent off coupon for KEH?

      • nwcs

        They had a one day sale last Friday. If you sign up for their emails you’ll get notices of their special deals. Sometimes they have deals for adding money to their quotes when you sell them stuff. Can be handy in some situations for some people.

    • i am expecting that price of used gear will rise up as well then …

      • nwcs

        I thought about that. Maybe I can make a quick profit on the 70-200? lol.

  • br0xibear

    Nikon Europe B.V. in Amsterdam are the suppliers of Nikon equipment across Europe, this will be their price increase, which retailers in each country will pass on to the customers.
    Of course Nikon Europe B.V do what Nikon Japan tell them to do.
    Same old story.

    • nhz

      I don’t think Nikon has much choice now that the ECB is doing all it can to destroy the euro currency. The euro is 30% lower than in summer of 2014, and it lost even more compared to a few years ago. Compared to the Yen the euro dropped even more in the last few years.

      And it isn’t just Nikon: most Canon lenses and cameras haven’t gradually declined in price as we are used to, but many Canon prices remained steady in Europe over the last 2 years or so and in some cases went up (especially with newly introduced lenses).

      If anything, we have to thank the ECB mob and our EU politicians for these huge price increases.

  • paul

    And, so ends the dynasty of Nikon, brother or Canon, son of DSLR. Death by suicide…

  • JJ168

    Obviously it looks bad viewing as customers. Business exist to make money. If you are in business and your currency is depreciated…there is no way people in their right mind going to keep the old price. Lets get real people.

  • Morris

    they must cover the LOSSES due to ‘recalls’, sadly THEIR MISTAKES (their cuts on workers), goes on consumers.

  • Michał Piotr Stankiewicz

    I wanted to buy d7200 in January and as I see difference in price between top shops (4099 PLN to 4499 PLN) I think I need to buy it before 1st January. Unfortunatelly euro drop to dollar can be painfull for me. Later on I wanted to buy 17-50/2.8 Sigma, but that lenses is cheap, so I won’t loose a lot if they increase price.

    • julian_n

      If you can arrange it (do you have a friend / contact in UK?), why not buy in the UK – then you can participate in Nikon UK’s free battery grip offer.

      Having said that, I am not sure how UK prices compare to Polish ones – but something for you to consider.

  • Aldo

    I wonder how long the US hegemony will last. We make money out of thin air… We have black Friday and EU get price increases.

  • Sebastian Andrzej Marcin Wnęk

    Maybe it’s time to change to Canon?

    • Kevin8503

      While I’ve thought of that, Canon hasn’t much in the way of new products either (especially FF).

      Canon 6d – Released Nov 2012 – 3 years old
      Canon 5DMIII – Released Mar 2012 – Almost 4 years old
      Canon 1D X – Released Mar 2012 – Almost 4 years old

      For as much as people here rag on Nikon for not popping out new cameras and equipment every 6 months, Canon isn’t doing much either (save for the 5DS/R, which IMHO are more specialty cameras).

      I was a long time Nikon DX shooter, and last fall I knew I wanted to jump to full-frame. I took a long hard look at jumping ship to Canon, because of all the Nikon issues at the time (D600 issues, etc.). But when it came down to it, how could I in my right mind pass on the D750, for something that was already 2+ years old. Now that it’s another year later, and they still haven’t had any updates, I’m happy with the choice I made.*

      *Would like to clarify that my statement is made with the opinion that glass is equal between the two companies. Your opinions may vary. Each one may have certain things that may speak to you more as a photographer, but I’m not one to split hairs when it comes to pro-grade glass. Give me a Nikon or Canon 24-70 2.8 and I’ll be just as happy with my results – both will give outstanding results in the hands of a talented photographer.

      • true

        I’m under impression that canon has better telephoto lenses, more tilt-shift lenses, a 1-5x macro lens .. pretty much every base covered. I think 5d4 will put some pressure on nikon, as they don’t have anything to compete with that body yet if it has fast fps and 4k video (d750 and d810 don’t have that many features, even if their image quality is good, and they’re both pretty slow)

        • Kevin8503

          I agree with you there. Canon def. has more in the sense of specialty lenses (super telephoto, tilt-shift, etc.). I guess I never think about those as they aren’t areas I really shoot. Great point!

          As for the 5D Mark IV putting pressure on Nikon, I sure hope so. Nikon’s picture quality and dynamic range has blown Canon away for awhile now (albeit via Sony sensors, but that’s another story).

          Going back to the idea of jumping to Canon, I realllllllly tried to convince myself to make the jump. There’s something alluring about wanting what you don’t have. I tried to tell myself that Canon had this or that advantage, but in the end I just couldn’t come up with enough reasons to switch.

  • Matti

    I was on the fence for Nikkor 200-500 vr versus Sigma sports (150-600). While the this is one of the few Nikons NOT affected, i’m really tempted just to go sigma now

    • 200-500 is damned good lens, hurry up …

      • Matti

        I’m not convinced yet tbh. Brad hill even tested OS/VR performance, and something where I expected the Nikkor to win, was also a status quo.

  • Brett A. Wheeler

    Up to 30% sales increase will be coming for Canon, Sony, etc. Hey, Nikon, you’re NOT Ferrari!

  • Captain Megaton

    Lose. Not loose some rebates. Lose some rebates.

    Why does this typo show up so often around the net? Is it easy to mistype or do people actually not know the correct word to use?

    • julian_n

      Won of the many affects of using a spell cheque instead of grammar learnt at school.

      • Didiergm

        Next time you find it so distressing that many non native speakers try to speak English, try speaking in their native tongue, you’ll see it is quite interesting

        • julian_n

          I think that was aimed at the wrong person. I am not in the least distressed that people cannot speak the Queen’s English – I work with loads of Americans 🙂

          And I think Captain Megaton was referring to the now-corrected spelling in the original article – not any individual.

          • Didiergm

            OK may be I over reacted and my apologies for that, my only defense is that I am tired of people criticising foreigner’s command of their language while not mentioning that they often don’t even realise that there are about 6000 other languages in use on our planet!

            • julian_n

              Trust me – I know all about making mistakes in other languages – or at least in French.

              I asked for my chicken (poule) instead of my sweater/jumper (pull) at a Paris restaurant.

              And the plumber was highly amused that I had a chip (frite) in the pipe instead of a leak (fuite).

              And I am sure that there were many many more that people were too polite to mention!

            • Didiergm

              I would of course have been amused too (I am French) and would have tried to stir you in the right direction, impressed as I would be that you tried to speak my language. It’s a two way street 😉

            • ZoetMB

              I think most of the time, people don’t realize that the people making the errors are non-native speakers of the language or when someone writes something completely indecipherable, it seems like they’re on drugs, not that they can’t write. But having said that, I think many non-native speakers actually know the language better than Americans do because they study it formally. They barely teach grammar in American schools anymore.

              There are times when I want to criticize people, but I don’t because I never know for sure if they’re a native speaker or not and I certainly could not even speak as well as a one-year-old in any other language.

              On another site, I have a list in the footer of my posts of the all too common mistakes people make when writing in English: the difference between there, their and they’re; lose and loose; to, too and two; it’s and its; then and than, etc.

            • Didiergm

              Your idea about common errors in your message footer is a clever one! I for one could benefit from it. I know that I am still making the same error again and again, and always have to think when it comes to lose and loose even though I know the theory 😉 a loose usage of the language makes me sometimes lose it completely héhé.

      • Hermann Kloeti

        A spell cheque? Where would you cash it?

    • Didiergm

      For non native speakers lose and loose are easy to mix; Even though the pronunciation is different, in writing it is not the same,

      • Captain Megaton

        “Even though the pronunciation is different, in writing it is not the same”

        You are making my head explode. You did it on purpose didn’t you?

        • Didiergm

          May be a tiny wee bit 🙂

    • EarlFargis

      I recalled those but maybe it’s my misunderstanding but I didn’t think they were permanent. Well, as permanent as price changes can be in a global economy with floating currencies.

      • I was told that they are permanent – there is no expiration date and they don’t label them as rebates but as price drop.

  • Daniele Romano

    May this (let these rumors of a price increase on coming year come out) be a strategy to sell more gear and to adjust the financial statements before the end of the year?

    • Nikonland

      I agree. It’s a genial strategy to ignite pre-hollyday sell 🙂

    • I saw the official documents form Nikon, the price increase is real.

  • Hardcore_Fanboy

    Nikons is acting like there is no alternatives – but Tamron and Sigma is getting better and better every year and now Nikon is giving them this – I bet they feel like it is Christmass already… I mean Tamrons 15-30 vs Nikons 14-24 (both – better and cheaper even to todays price point), Tamrons 70-200 vs Nikons 70-200 (same thing)… Sigma Art lenses – some are so much better than what Nikon ever made (+costs cheaper)… if there were not these two companies I would dich my Nikon camera right now – anyhow – Nikon will not get a penny from me anymore… but it is nice signal from Nikon – will sell my used lenses to little better price – so I can move faster away fom this system

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Agree perhaps a slow decline death of Nikon unfortunately or like governements may do a U-Turn if there is a big loss of sales and backlash.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot and probably diverting your loyal customers away from the brand. Why not keep it the same and not follow the usual flock of Sony and Canon increasing their prices on every release of their new itesm.

    Could mean this applies to other countries like US. Australia/ Asia where prices could go up in the future meaning the punters will be less likely to upgrade and keep what they have and buy other rival brand items like mirrorless Fuji Pro X in the future.

    Please Thom run Nikon…

  • nhz

    Over the last year or so the euro has declined about 10% compared to the yen, so in that way a minor price increase would make sense. But in 2012/2013 the euro gained 30-40% against the yen and I don’t remember seeing huge price drops then ;-(

    Probably Nikon looks mostly at US$ profits, and maybe they also expect that price drops in the US have a much bigger effect on sales volume than price increases in Europe. Why does the US get ‘Black Friday’ sales etc. while there is nothing like that in Europe?

    • Back in 2009 they raised prices when the Yen was up on the USD and they STILL haven’t brought prices back down to that level.

  • akkual

    This is somewhat bad decision, as in general EU economy is struggling at the moment. This will hit hard to sales figures and will make Nikon unappealing to stores. Compare to situation when US economy (and dollar) was declaining and EU was still going strong (and EUR+GBP got stronger). Nikon kept the same prices for both regions.. that is: European customers paid the losses made in US.

  • true

    rip nikon lol

  • nicolaie

    Well, this is what Pentax did a few years ago, their lens sales were down anyway so thei just upped the price by 30% on the basis of :at least we get more cash for what few lenses we are selling:.

    This is a backfire strategy because people are finding hard to justify an already expensive nikon over a much cheaper and better performing sigma (I have the Sigma 85 tested against the Nikons), so sales will go and users will go to Canon/Sony and I don’t think upping the price will do any good for the future.

    To all those saying it’s because of the yen, it isn’t, it’s because of poor sales, no new appealing releases (I would definitely buy a 100 f/2, an 135 f/2. a 16-35 2.8 or 17-35 2.8 ala canon, with a filter and 2.8 with performance to match the current sensors, unlike the old 17-35).

    Nikkon is lagging, they killed the affordable event camera line, the D700, they release a half assed Df, the photography machine with a cr*p AF and no video, they keep releasing 18-135’s and 18-140’s and keep making their cameras like toys with cheaper build and smaller top screens D750 FFS !

    The management should rethink their strategy as I am a wedding photographer looking to upgrade my D700 and finding the switch to Canon more appealing and more realistic money wise.

  • peevee

    For normal goods (like these lenses), price increases cause sales decreases, which necessitate further price increases to pay fixed costs, which causes further sales decreases etc etc. A Death Spiral.

  • jtan163

    Makes sense the 50 1.4 is probably a lens most people will buy as they move up, so bang the biggest increase on that.

    I expect we can expect further price rises – hope the 200-500 does not get hit. Surprised the 80-400 is going up given the popularity of the 200-500.
    Of course the 80-400 has Nano coat AND that gold paint around the objective end…. 🙂

  • decisivemoment

    More self-destructive behavior from Nikon. Fix the quality. Don’t keep doing such an awful job of quality control and repair that I have to choose between using third party repairers or leaving the brand. Treat your customers right.

    The current strategy amounts to slow-motion liquidation of the company.

  • godafoss

    Clearly Nikon has been pulling the wool over our eyes and it’s bottom line in infinitely better than they are letting on and demand is easily outstripping supply, how else could you justify such insane price rises. Surely a company that is struggling would never do such a thing.

  • Yann Zitouni

    Hi everybody,
    In Switzerland, the taxes are pretty low on this kind of product as opposed to other countries in Europe. Two things must be underlined, though: Switzerland uses Swiss Francs, not Euros. This point was previously raised regarding the UK and it goes to show that Swiss customers might also see a price rise. The other thing is Switzerland does not belong to the EU. It’s surrounded by it but it’s not a member of the EU. I guess this is a political point that doesn’t make much difference since we’re talking about an economic issue. But still, I wonder.
    Do you guys have any particular clue on whether we, in Switzerland, should buy stuff before the end of the year? (Or die crying?)

  • Gerdy

    tax In Belgium is 21% also . If you think it’s cheaper with us , you think wrong .Tax is killing us , and we buy most stuff via Ebay and other .

  • Gerdy

    Nikon is gone kill himself in Europe . My boss is contacting with Canon For our new stuff . And it,s about 100.000 euro a year . I Think our new stuff will be Canon to play with .

  • Nick

    The D750 has just had further price REDUCTIONs – from about £1449 a week ago, One online retailer had it reduced to £1449 on Black Friday when I bought it.

    It is now £1349 at major High Street chain Currys with discount code 10CAM600 and £1399 at several other stores including Amazon (which was £1349 this last weekend!).

  • Ke Sa

    I won’t mind paying the premium if they aren’t made in Shina anymore.

  • Francis Hout

    These are prices without VAT, varying currently between 17% in Luxemburg to 27% in Hungary. The Nikon 50mm f1.8 G costs €239 and the 24-120mm f4 is €1168 in France with a VAT of 20%. Generally, we pay more in Europe than in North America.

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