Another Nikon price increase is coming to the UK on August 1st

Another Nikon price increase is coming to the UK on August 1st because of the falling value of the British Pound against the Japanese Yen:

From what I understood the price increase will be across the board and will include all Nikon products. The last Nikon price increase in Europe was just few months ago.

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Update: the price increase will be officially announced in the UK on August 1st and will take effect on August 15th.

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  • Allan

    Thank you, Brexit.

    • Evan Richardson

      you guys voted for it.. (assuming you’re British)

      • Not every Brit voted for it…

        • And many of the ones who did had no idea what they were getting themselves into, or simply didn’t think it would even happen. It was a great big political game of chicken, you might say.

          • AYWY

            The “people who voted had no idea what they were getting into” is a revelatory statement in the general sense. That would imply the majority of the world’s gene pool regardless of country or race never think through properly what they are voting for in an election!

            Then it doesn’t matter anyway. Even if the vote was to remain, the people also did’t have a clue what they were getting into. :p

            Might as well make the best of it. Will fishing and agriculture see a boom? Any other industry poised to take advantage of the divorce from EU regulations?

            • Unfortunately, “the majority of the world’s gene pool” is indeed getting pretty dumb and/or complacent, and is increasingly blaming it on factors other than their own lack of effort. Just look at Greece.

            • Or the US.

            • ZoetMB

              Absolutely (and I’m American). Back in 2011, Newsweek surveyed 1000 Americans and 29% couldn’t name the the Vice President and 38% failed the citizenship test that legal immigrants must take to become a citizen. 73% couldn’t name why we fought the Cold War. 44% couldn’t define the Bill of Rights. 6% couldn’t even circle Independence Day on a calendar. Even today, 20% of Americans still believe that Obama is Muslim. I’ve seen other surveys or news bits where people could not name who we fought in World War II or cite approximately when the Civil War was.

              If Trump wins, it will be because of many of the same reasons why Brits voted for Brexit. They’re angry at the current system and Government, they want a change and they don’t care what it is, but they’re too freaking dumb to look at the actual issues and actual facts.

              If you’ve ever watched the late night talk shows interview people in the street (like Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” bit or Jimmy Kimmel’s “Liewitness News” bit), you’ll see just how dumb we are. I realize that they probably edit out the smart people, because they’re not funny, but the only people who ever seem to know anything in these bits are foreign tourists. They’ve even had school teachers not be able to get any of the questions right.

            • All of what you’re saying is a bit depressing when you’re you’re looking over the horizon and seeing old age starting to come toward you. I’m 62 and I look at today’s youth and see a mixed bag. On the one hand are the kind of folks you describe (although those types fall into all age brackets). On the other hand, every year I photograph the graduates coming off the stage at a local liberal arts college that has a pretty high ranking among schools of their type and size. They, in contrast, are amazing. And, of course, they will run the place when we’re retired or gone. The others will stumble along. The problem is that there are so many of them and their vote counts the same as the smart ones.
              I’m hopeful today because I see that Roger Ailes is being pushed out at Fox News. I’ll acknowledge that the guy is brilliant at recognizing what his audience wants and delivering it to them. But for twenty years they have used fascist techniques to negatively redefine their opposition, lay blame for America’s problems on the nation’s poor and immigrant classes and promote the idea that if the wealthy and best-connected could only have even more, that rising tide would include you. Murdoch’s sons now run the “empire” and they are decidedly more progressive. Ailes’ problems are a Godsend to them as they’ve had a difficult time figuring out how to replace him now that they have control. Ironically, America can thank Gretchen Carlson. 🙂

            • ZoetMB

              Fox News has been incredibly successful compared to the other “news” outlets, so I can’t see Murdoch’s sons changing much. Fox networks are where the money is – it’s certainly not in the newspapers he still owns.

              But having said that and in spite of their audience, I don’t think Fox News has the influence that they’re reputed to have. If they did, Obama never could have been elected. Twice!

              If Trump loses (which he will unless he can win both Florida and Pennsylvania, which is highly unlikely) and takes the House or Senate with him or if the Republicans lose some western states that they’ve held for decades, the Republican Party is going to have to redefine itself if it wants to survive as anything more than a joke. But even if that happens, Fox can just go on being anti-liberal, anti-Government and anti-Hillary, because that’s always worked for them. And even when they lie, it’s fine, because there are plenty of competing voices.

            • jojo

              It was back in 1764 that Voltaire wrote “Common sense is not so common”.

            • Ric of The LBC

              never has been and never will be.

            • Ric of The LBC

              or Democrats.

          • FountainHead

            “And many of the ones who did had no idea what they were getting themselves into, or simply didn’t think it would even happen.”

            Wow, that’s condescending. But condescension and conceit was mostly what the elitist ‘Remain’ was about.

            • Were you one of the ‘Leave’ votes, then? Because every single Brit I know, rich and poor, was facepalming hard when the vote came in.

            • FountainHead

              It seems you travel in very elite circles if every single Brit you know is in that 48%.

            • I don’t think 48% is very elite of a percentage at al, do you? If 48% of the population is elite, then that’s a damn good place to live!

            • ZoetMB

              No it’s not. Because survey after survey has found out just that. People didn’t realize (even if they should have) that the GBP would drop in value, making imports more expensive (although helping exports) and that many companies, especially financial companies, might move out of Britain. And that’s aside from the fact that they were lied to, like about the money currently going to the EU being able to go to the health services instead, which isn’t happening. Neither is limiting immigration, which mostly can’t happen either if the UK is still going to trade in the EU.

              Personally, I don’t think Brexit is going to happen because no one is going to take the responsibility for issuing Article 50. Scotland is going to prevent it from happening and the vote wasn’t binding anyway. An article in the Telegraph a few days ago indicated that Article 50 could be delayed for years. By then, no one will care anymore.

            • FountainHead

              I don’t think Brexit happens either.
              When the people don’t give the EU Machine what it wants at the ballot box, historically the Machine simply makes them vote again.

      • Michael Laing

        48.1% didn’t vote for it.

    • Andrew

      Only 9% of the UK’s GDP comes from trading with the EU. And then the EU regulates the remaining 91%, does that make any sense? If the UK leaves the EU today prices will drop by 8% immediately. The EU is one big cartel controlled by France and Germany. The UK voted against over 60 EU regulations that were turned down, so can you tell me how the EU benefits the UK?

      The UK runs a $31 billion a year trade deficit with the EU and you guys don’t want Brexit? The US has free trade with Mexico and Canada while the EU does not believe in free trade and free competition. The EU obfuscates the whole concept of capitalism. The minute the UK is free from the shackles of the EU the prices of Nikon equipment will drop significantly. They people of UK have voted, that is democracy, why should that be any different from the United States?

      Both sides exaggerated but is that not what happens in every election in the US? The “Remain” side had more big businesses and powerful government officials on their side and were able to refute any false advertising, why did they not do so? It was because they were scaring the people and were hoping that it would work. Politics is never clean, but the people have voted, and that is democracy.

  • Fox sweN Lies

    Thanks to Boris’s lies and fear mongering.

  • Ouch. #brexitfail #makebritaingreatagain

    • In other news, it’s time to vacation in London! 🙂

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Better not, you might get beaten up or spat upon for being foreign

        • I’ll just speak in French and/or say I’m from Canada. Nobody hates a Canadian!

          • Allan

            Is that right, ay.

            • Ric of The LBC

              you right aboot that, eh?

    • manattan

      The falling pound is actually good for the British economy as it spurs export production to the rest of the world. Foreign goods like Japanese cameras will be expensive, but that is the point, to decrease consumption of those products and spur consumption of British-produced goods.

      • ZoetMB

        That only works when there are domestic-produced goods to sell. So are there any British mass market camera makers? In addition, when you have British companies who manufacture in China or India, their costs rise when the pound falls because the actual manufacturers will raise prices.

        Some years ago, when the U.S. dollar was weak, while exports improved a bit, it didn’t help the overall U.S. economy because consumers’ overall buying power was weakened.

        In the U.S., if Trump were to win, I don’t care how much of an import tax he’d place on imported goods. The consumer electronics and computer manufacturing industries are not returning to the U.S. and even if they did, they would be in highly automated factories that provided little employment. Even Foxconn is automating in China – they announced they’re laying off 50,000 workers.

  • James Donahue

    And as the pound rises again you will receive rebate checks,forthwith.

  • Wade Marks

    Obviously due to Brexit. Any time ultraconservative, xenophobic policies are followed, what you get is disaster.

    Same as it ever was.

    • FountainHead

      Britons will temporarily have less purchasing power with the pound.

      They’ll also have fewer terror attacks than France for generations.

      Fair enough deal.

    • nwcs

      Any extreme, on either end of the political spectrum, usually ends in disaster.

  • DafOwen

    Any indication of % ?

    • No idea

      • Thom Hogan

        The rumors are 20%. And matched by Canon and Sony. Just in time for Photokina ;~).

        • That’s a lot…. they already had a big price increase just few months ago

          • Thom Hogan

            Yes, it is a lot. I don’t know if that’s the final decision or not, but I suspect that the Japanese may be giving themselves some headroom against further moves.

            The suspicious part is that Canon and Sony would match Nikon’s European repricing. That would tend to indicate that the Japanese companies have information from their central bank about what Japan’s approach to the yen will be in the near future. I don’t think we’d see multiples repricing simultaneously if that weren’t true.

          • Bob Thane

            Plus prices in the UK are already higher than the US, and even Canada. I really feel bad for those guys.

            • They also have higher taxes (VAT) as well

            • nwcs

              And they have longer warranties and return periods. That always seems to be forgotten in the discussion of cross-country pricing.

            • Nikon lenses in the US have 5 years warranty, cameras warranties are indeed lower (1 year).

            • nwcs

              Yep and there are other laws and regulations that cost money. Just easily overlooked when comparing price alone.

        • Adam Fo

          Dealers based in the UK selling Gray market Nikon have raised their prices, but by a lot less than that. The global gray market seems to be in USD with prices similar everywhere on ebay.

      • Michael Schmid

        Any idea if the price hike will be applicable to the super-tele primes as well?

    • Grimm Edy

      Based on my research on other European markets the price might increase with 20-30%. At the beginning of this year in the eastern Europe markets the prices for the holly trinity rise with 25% and up to 30% to other Nikon products .

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Could we please start a new country for the Trump/Brexit fans? They can lock the door after themselves, to the benefit of all.

    • Andrew

      Brexit may turn out to be a stroke of genius. How is Europe benefiting UK? Their trade deficit with the European Union is $31 billion a year. German automakers are asking for tariff-free trade because they are worried that the UK could mess them up. The UK is Europe’s second-biggest car market.

      Plus the UK can seek trade agreements with India, China, and the rest of the world. The European Union undermines the whole notion of democracy. I have lived in three continents and my schooling in England was an amazing experience. The English people are quite conservative and gracious. They really are what you see at the movies. There is must to love about England, my sister was even born there. If any nation can prosper outside of the Euro zone, it is the UK. Ah, Sir Isaac Newton, it is a good year!

  • Donald S

    Hardly any stock anyway because of problems in Japan
    NHS will able to afford the new prices with extra 350 million they are going to get each week

  • Just wait for November in the USA. 😉

  • Tieu Ngao

    Price increase is not a good strategy when the market is down.

  • Adam Fo

    Lots of Brexit nonsense being talked here ! Six months ago the Pound was 1.42 to the USD, now it’s 1.32.
    My FTSE 100 tracker fund is higher than pre-brexit by more than the change in the value of the pound (IE. UK shares becoming cheaper in dollar terms)

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