Another Nikon price increase coming next month?

There are some reports online that another Nikon price increase for Europe and Canada will be coming next month (April).

Price increases are happening with almost all brands in the photography industry.

In a recent interview Nikon executives mentioned that the company is planning to concentrate on mid-to-high-end DSLR and mirrorless cameras wich will most likely demand higher prices in the future.

Nikon already had several price increases last year.

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  • Stefan Ronge

    Nikon is pushing me to Sony more and more.. another price increase? For what?!

    • manattan

      The 6500 looks great so I agree with you.

      Nikon is likely concentrating on profit versus sales, and that is why they are increasing price. They know sales are collapsing so they are squeezing whatever customers they have left in an attempt to maintain positive cash flow. This reminds me of the American Auto industry in the 2000’s: volume of sales shrinking, quality controls plummeting in an attempt to save money, deteriorating brand value, poor utilization of existing staff, failure to respond to new market demands. I doubt they can stop this death spiral without a bailout or buyout, but I hope I am wrong.

      • MAXIMUS

        you know for stills …. *ahem* the D3400 scored one point higher than the best Sony made. lol

      • Thom Hogan

        If you think Sony isn’t doing the same thing, you haven’t been following the prices of those A6xxx models or A7 models: Sony has already been pricing upwards. Considerably upwards.

        • Yes, just wait until they release their next gen of cameras. You will see close to Leica level pricing.

        • manattan

          Your point is well taken, but I would counter that Sony has the following in their favor:
          1) They are the dominant player in image sensors, with no one but perhaps Samsung capable of similar scale and R&D investment. You could argue that Canon has is a significant player here, but Sony’s production across all different areas of image sensors gives them a competitive advantage in scale that is unmatched. Nikon obviously has some image sensor expertise and patents, but thus far has been reliant on larger breakthroughs in primary image sensor manufacturers like Sony to gain more than iterative improvements in sensor performance.

          2) Sony has easy upgrade paths still remaining. For example, many cameras still do not have IBIS. It is very easy for them to iterate and add their already proven IBIS system as something that is useful and desired by the consumer. Same with s-log 4K video. Nikon *could* follow a similar course but have not demonstrated anything outstanding in an upgrade recently.

          3) The perception of quality and dedication to photography for Sony is trending the opposite way from Nikon. Sony moved from crappy lenses to better golden master ones (ala Sigma as you mentioned in your DSLRbodies article). But the same is also true for cameras. They started out with good NEX cameras, but really stepped up in quality with A7 series and iterations. If as Peter reports they now release something even better in an A9, it is again a step UP in quality and dedication to photags from what they are currently producing. Nikon, on the other hand appears unbalanced. The D5/500 people adorn, but then what? Keymission was pushed as the “future” direction of the company? The DL’s that Nikon declared to not have enough Brand Value to even be sellable? Embarrassing SnapBridge iterations that work poorly with the most widely adorned smart phones (iOS devices). Since I see analogies all the time in your writing, I’ll end my response to you with one: Sony has an advantage in that they started as a low discombobulated player that slowly *appears* to be finding their groove in photography. Nikon is a former heavy weight that appears to land a punch or two, but is stumbling around and who people wonder whether they are going to fall to the mat.

          • Thom Hogan

            1. Too many people put too much faith in the “Sony is the primary sensor maker” argument. First, Sony Semiconductor is a separate business from Sony Imaging. Were Sony Imaging to try to hog all the Sony sensors within Sony, Sony Semiconductor would fail, and that would be a huge monetary problem for Sony due to the billions in investment they had to put in recently to increase fab capacity. You can see the Sony problem in smartphones, for instance, where much of their sales are: Sony’s smartphone division is a small player.

            There used to be real benefits to being vertically integrated, particularly when products were highly proprietary in nature. Not so much any more. Any attempt of Sony Semi to shut down outside customers would likely be met with an outside supplier suddenly appearing. There are a number that could rise up quickly.

            2. Sony licenses the IBIS system, it’s a cost. My point was that Sony is raising prices.

            I don’t argue that Nikon has done anything outstanding in upgrades since the D5/D500.

            3. Yes, to a degree. Sony and Nikon are moving different directions in perception at the moment. Nikon’s cancellation of the DL didn’t help that at all. But be careful of mistaking short term trends with long term trends. It remains to be seen what Nikon is actually doing. Given their long history, they’ve always gone through this agonizing pro to consumer to pro cycle thing. They keep thinking they’re a true consumer company. They’ve proven three times now that they’re not.

        • Chewbacca

          Pretty soon we’re going to see Cigar smoking Nikon users touting their latest and greatest status symbol around their necks walking the streets sipping on refreshing summer spritzers, ordering subscriptions to Nikon Rumors Connoisseur and laughing at around 95% of the public who won’t be able to buy a camera.

    • shovelrobert

      You don’t need to pay more fore your old camera 🙂

    • NorthPol

      So you think Sony isn’t expensive, I don’!…

    • NorthPol

      So, you think Sony isn’t expensive, sorry, but I don’t!

      • Stefan Ronge

        No i didnt say that but since my D800e is coming to its end i’m looking for a replacement.. What kept me away from buying sonys a7rii was the price of it that doesnt go down here in germany, but if nikon keeps increasing their prices and not coming with features that makes me wanna stay they’ll pushing me away as a long user.. And i don’t mean any never seen before features.. build in wifi for all would models be one feature that would make me wanna stay more.. it just cant be that you have to add a 1000$ adapter to a 2000-5000 camera body that even makes it uncomfortable to handle to get something that comes with a 500$ body and works fine..

    • Markus

      Sony has its downside as well. Their sales are also not that stellar. We will see what they will do.

    • Rudi

      Me too! Hope the lost is not too much to sell my Nikon gear buying new gear! I think Canon is meanwhile as good as Nikon regarding noise, iq, dynamic range etc. For the glass it could make sense to use Sigma ART lenses and getting different mounts for different brands so you can stay with them at least…

  • fanboy fagz

    rip nikon

  • Carlos Garcia

    I am a Nikon user but, regardless of that fact, if it’s time to use other systems that are just as professional, then, I’m not shedding any tears.

  • Igor Coretti

    For me it’s over with Nikon or maybe with DSLRs at all. I am just an amateur and in Italy we already suffer from the huge increase made by the official importer that charges + 20% for just one year more warranty and some savings on future repairs… This will really make me quit. Sorry for the rant…Business is business, they say. So it is for me.

    • Semaphore

      You could always just buy a refurbished D810.

      Don’t know why people, especially people who don’t even rely on it for a living, feel the need chase after the latest gear.

      • MB

        No you can’t, at least in Europe refurbished D810 is nowhere available…

        • Igor Coretti

          That’s it. And even if I buy used equipment (which I do) , price increases on new stuff, do alter the prices of used gear as well.
          From how things are going, DSLRs are going to get out of reach for amateurs with limited budgets.

          • T.I.M

            It at always been like that !
            If you’re a pro you have 40-50 thousands $ in photo equipment (not including studio) but you make money with it.
            I remember when I started the 300mm f/2.8 was the price of a brand new car, it is now only the third of a new car price tag !

          • It would be very unlikely that Nikon’s amateur cameras 3k, 5k, 7k series will end up out of reach of amateurs… Unless that person is really rather poor where in such case, they shouldn’t be purchasing a camera as a priority and instead should put their money towards food and clothing.
            This is all part of the general societal slide back towards the Victorian age of the Haves and the Have-Nots. Your latest Nikon shiny will likely be the least of your worries.

        • T.I.M

          Every time you post a comment, I see your icon and I’m like “I’ll watch it tonight”, it is in my top 10 movies.

          • TheInfinityPoint

            So did you watch it?

  • Padaung

    Wow! Nikon really is doing its best to make sure I never buy another one of their lenses or flashguns again! I think it may be Sigma and Godox all the way from now on…

  • Benjamin Brosdau

    Will the D850 (or whatever it will be called) crack the 4000$ barrier upon launch? Can’t be far off I guess.

    • Allen_Wentz

      My guess is that US$4,000 is a very significant price line and exceeding it would necessitate something very special. A D850h at a civilized price might allow a D850x at over US$4k.

    • zorwick

      I guess it will be around or even more. In damn Euro add ~20%

    • TDL

      If they’re going for niche: ie. chasing the megapixel title…then yeah, I’d expect at least $4k. Depending on how much more resolution they have vs. the A7RII and 5Ds (and the Fuji as well) I would’ve be surprised if they were ~$4500. Depending on the features I’m a buyer (want D5/500 AF, 4k, and 50+mp), and I’m already planning to spend at least $4k for the body.

      Even if they just go with a modest increase a la 42mp Sony sensor I’d expect $3500. Just seems to be the way Nikon is going lately.

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    It’s really hard to “concentrate on mirrorless” when you don’t have a viable mirrorless system. (And yes, I am aware of Nikon 1…)

    • Captain Megaton

      “concentrate” meaning product development efforts (on a new system).

      Nikon has announced no new camera since the D500. Add 2 and 2…

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    Maybe they getting us ready for a Medium Format camera.
    Imagine this: D760 a true D700 replacement of 30mp 10fps at around $4000
    D900 becomes first medium format 50.1mp Sony sensor at $6000
    Just saying

    • I don’t see this coming. They’d better release the updates Nikon really needs (D850, D760, D620, D7300) before attempting to try something completely new for them.

      • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

        Yes I know, I guess is wishfull thinking.
        Anyways, medium format Nikon would be about $10k
        I’m really hoping the D820 will be crazy megapixels and not 40Something like rumors say…

  • DaveyJ

    It will not work! We know what these cameras and lens cost now, the market does not work that way. Nikon would lose a lot of sales.First example is lens sales would switch to after market, like Tamron. If they increased, then those sales to would vanish!

  • Nael Naguib

    Is Nikon (or Nikonrumors) trying to push us to buy older Models again?
    Same happened on New year’s with price increases RUMOR in Europe (printed from shops and more than 1 source) that I almost bought a new (old model) back then. Now I wish Nikon raise the prices that I’d just move to Canon without feeling any guilt!
    Great decision!

    • No, why would I do that? Did you check the link I provided in the post? The price increase I reported last year was real and this one will most likely be real as well.

      • Nael Naguib
        This price increase in Germany didn’t happen with the start of 2017. The prices almost dropped.
        And I was about to buy a D810 in December because of this Rumor

        • Yes, I clearly stated in my post that the price increase will happen on February 1st, not at the start of 2017. This price list is coming directly from Nikon. Are suggesting that I made up the whole thing?

          • Nael Naguib

            No, I said Nikon or Nikonrumors.. As I’m relatively new to this website and don’t know where the “rumor” came from and the prices dropped since the rumor. Well, as I said: The D500 was 2000+ Euros in Germany and today on Amazon Germany “prime” it cost 1828 Euros so it doesn’t sound right to me that it will raise up to 10-20% from the price back then which should make it 2500 Euros as the rumor claimed.

  • Peter Depkat-Jakob

    Now I understand……THAT is the long awaited anniversary present from Nikon!

  • Tieu Ngao

    I thought that Nikon exec. had learned something from Sigma and Tamron. I can’t stop wondering whether they’re not quick learners or they’re simply arrogant.

    • TheBronx

      Increases may only be on bodies, not lenses?

      • T.I.M

        Lenses need a lot of time and labor compared to cameras bodies.
        I think pro lenses will see a BIG increase soon.

        I was selling my AF-i 400mm f/2.8 but then I realized that I would never be able to buy a $12.000 lens again so instead I sold my loved AF-S 200mm f/2 (excellent for portraits)

        By the way, the AF-S 300mm f/4 PF is REALLY good (here is a picture I took last weekend).

        • TheBronx

          I wasn’t referring to the unique lenses; I was referring to lenses for which Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina have relatively good alternatives at much lower prices. Sorry that I wasn’t more clear.

    • Markus

      Sigma increased their prices as well.

      • Tieu Ngao

        Still much cheaper than Nikon’s, and Sigma/Tamron lenses are made in Japan!

        • Spy Black

          Not all are made in Japan. Some are made in China.

          • Tieu Ngao

            You’re probably right. I don’t buy lenses made in China anyway, except the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 because it’s so cheap.

            • Spy Black

              It’s not an issue at all, really. Don’t worry where a lens comes from.

        • Markus

          And it is great for us customers. I don’t get the complaints about Nikon at this point as long as you have such stellar alternatives.

      • Viktor

        Yes, but they did it because, their manufacturings were not able to fullfil the demand and their plants were driving at full speed.

        Nikkor is on the vice versa side…..
        Just by the last statistics Sigma are now 2nd with lenses sales while Nikkor turned to 3rd place with interchangable lenses…..

  • Espen4u

    I AM | flogging a dead horse
    My guess is they’ve already reached price maxima.

  • R Leung

    This could backfire as people discover/decide they can hang onto their current gear instead of steady upgrades.

  • T.I.M

    You can find MINT D800 DSLR on Ebay for $1200-$1400
    Do you guys remember the FX D3x 24MP at $7995 ?
    I call that price DEcrease !

    • TDL

      Can probably find em cheaper on craigslist if you feel like going through the trouble of negotiating. Got my D800e with 32k on the shutter, great condition, all accessories for $1120 4 months ago. I’ve seen a ton of 800’s for $1000 lately too.

      Without a major upgrade in features there really isn’t much of a need to upgrade unless you need a specific, specialized thing only current gen bodies offer. I think Nikon is forgetting that. Adding snap bridge to everything and calling it a new model isn’t going to work; at least not when the used market is so heavily saturated with bodies that are barely used and selling for 1/2 or less of new, for bodies that are only a year or two old.

      • John Albino

        And I’ve got a Cam Ranger which works with all my Nikons and thus have no need for Snapbridge. I’d guess a lot of folk are in the same category.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Another disaster to add to the debacle of the cancelled and promising Nikon DL series….

    • Markus

      In a German board a user mentioned reports Sony intervened which let to the cancellation of the DL series. I don’t know how reliable this was but if so Nikon is in the limbo.

      • Ineedmy Bobo

        What does that even mean? Sony swooped in and said “No, Nikon! You will NOT release the DL cameras!” Is that what you’re trying to say?

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          They may have with-held the Sensor for it or increased the price so it was uneconomical to make a profit on it but we never know the real reasons for this.

        • Markus

          That’s not what I say, the other user mentioned this. But in the end, this was what he said, yes.

      • nwcs

        Highly dubious and likely just fabricated “sources” for this user. Sony wouldn’t intervene on something that would make them plenty of money. We will likely never know the full story but this ain’t it.

  • Markus

    The main problem we face in europe is the exchange of Yen and euro. The canadien dollar faces the same situation. All japanese companies have the same issues with that situation. Nikon responses with a price increase and if this continues other manufacturers will do the same.

    • Yes, the US dollar is still strong and I think we may get lucky here in the US.

      • Markus

        This situation will likely effect all consumer electronics from Japan. Like I said, Europe especially is in stupid situation and this will not change soon. I expect all prices to increase sooner or later. Sigma did it in January. Nikon does it next month and others will follow. In Nikons case the timing is terrible due to their announcements earlier this year.

        What I still don’t get, Nikon once became big in being innovative and affordable. When have they lost this attitude?

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Possibly but if there is an European, UK (750 million people) and Canadian Slump ( 35 million) / 10% of world population of 7 billion then rest of the world will suffer – another global slump / recession. People in these regions will stop / putting back purchasing nice shiney electronic goods and this will hit the USA companies as well Apple, Amazon, etc

      • Thom Hogan

        Well, not if the proposed import tax happens. The one currently being bandied about Congress would raise prices on Nikon gear 20% or so, less whatever the dollar increases against the yen (not likely 20%).

  • MY OB

    Business 101

    What is the purpose of a Business?


    Nikon seems to be doing everything they can to do just the opposite.

    Good for you, Nikon!
    Good for you!

  • Prices for serious photographic gear are going up for most manufacturers. No reason to get your shorts in a wad. Just imagine what you’d be spending if boating was your hobby.

    • An American in Canada

      Break Out Another Thousand

    • eric

      lol agree…or cars! which can run fifty to hundred thousand for a hot model. cameras are relatively cheap items in the world of goods.

  • AnotherView

    All this means is that Europeans and Canadians are going to have to pay more for the best photography equipment in the world — don’t blame Nikon if your currency sucks.

    • Bob Thane

      Canadian here, our currency hasn’t gotten worse since the last price increase as far as I know.

      • AnotherView

        Actually so am I, but for a long time Canadian prices were generally lower than in the US, so this is likely just more global pricing rationalization. I don’t think we’re going to see any major price increases, but as the owner of a D810 and D500 and some pretty nice glass, even my days of buying any significant amount of new Nikon equipment are at an end, I think. That said, no other camera manufacturer has anything I’m interested in.

    • Viktor

      Not sure about your statement “the best photography equipment in the world”. It is more about certain models. There are thinks they have the best, but also this competitors make better.

      • AnotherView

        Well I agree with Thom Hogan…right now Nikon arguably offers the broadest and best photography options of any single manufacturer. Canon may have a wider lens selection, but their sensors still don’t measure up to the best in the market. Sony has some interesting bodies, as long as you don’t shoot spots/action and don’t need a wide lens selection. Right now Nikon still has the best mix of options.

        • Viktor

          If you think about it as a whole, then maybe yes. Nikkor can be counted as the manufacturer with broadest set of good lenses.

          However we live in a competitive world of options and we can choose some pieces from different manufactures.

          Also you should state “FF/FX equipment”, because someone could say Hassy, PhaseOne, Leica are better eventhough at MF….. (maybe Fuji in compact size – I do not know, I use only FX)….

        • Thom Hogan

          Just to be clear, I wrote that about DSLRs only. Nikon has a strong DSLR lineup where you can match them against anything in their class and they’re either as good or better than the competition.

          Outside of DSLRs, Nikon right now has virtually nothing that you can say the same thing about.

          • AnotherView

            My apologies Thom for misrepresenting you. But I stand by my point that ON THE WHOLE, taking into account bodies and lenses, Nikon still has the best options.

        • David

          You know, I’m not sure I agree anymore. I found with the intro bodies that there weren’t enough buttons and I was doing way too much menu diving. Lower-end Canon bodies seem to have more direct controls. I don’t understand why the button+wheel combo has to be restricted to the D7XXX and above. I’ve been downsizing my Nikon gear and if a D5500/D5600 worked more similarly to my D7000 I’d definitely stump up for a newer body.

    • catinhat

      Europeans and Canadians, please relax, the US has much bigger problems.

      • Actually the US dollar is strong and we may ditch the next price increase here in the US. I will not comment on politics 🙂

        • Thom Hogan

          Unfortunately, politics has a strong chance of entering this discussion now in the US. The whole idea of changing our taxing structure being considered in Congress has some regressive components that particularly impact products that have no US content, which would be basically everything Nikon makes.

          • John Albino

            There even is strong talk of introducing the VAT into the U.S. tax system.

  • Viktor

    I feel they forgot, that if they increase prices because sales are down, we are going to buy less, therefore they will increase again because the sales will be then surely going down again?@!

    Only Europe and Canada…. within few month US…… then Asian market…… then the rest and before XMas they can start over in Europe again 😀

  • Charles

    Price’s are going up, no matter what brand it is. It’s not just Nikon.

    • Exactly, I keep repeating this – Nikon is probably just the first company impacted by the big drop of camera sales, but others are not immune, it’s just a matter of time.

      • Stuart Crowther

        Yes here in Australia Tamron has gone up, currency is a factor, but still there has been an increase by Tamron or the importer or both.
        18 months ago 70-200 vc $1250, now $1699.

      • Matti

        One prediction Peter: When the Yen falls, and Euro increases, Nikon will not discount the price (to compensate for current increase, because of low yen/high Euro). And THAT is why i’m mad. I know the market shrinks and needs a little more money. But we are almost at +100% for certain lenses. (24-70G once was – with promotion – 1114 euro, now it’s 1899 euro, imagine a price increase? Right close to double :D) Nikon is killing the d750 market (lots of ppl rather get a smartphone and ditch FX now, cause to expensive), especially for lenses.

        Also: Canon has price increase in Belgium but it’s much lower then Nikon (Nikon about 50-80% increase, Canon 40-60%, depending on item).

        This would even further imbalance price increases from Canon to Nikon, making Nikon definitely not attractive.

        Am I glad i just bought 24-70mm VR in an ultra promotion. 1858 euro

        • Thom Hogan

          Nikon, of all the camera companies, is the one that is most vulnerable to the current conditions (market shrinkage, global economy, currency fluctuation, etc.). While Nikon’s knee-jerk reaction is to keep pushing pricing up, at some point very soon they’re likely to see that this has broken their price elasticity of demand models and actually strengthening their shrinkage. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

          The retail numbers I’m seeing out of Europe show clear problems for Nikon (and others, too). I can’t imagine that any price increase will help things at all. Which means that we’ll see another round of “cost cutting.” Meaning consolidation and downsizing of subsidiaries in Europe, likely.

          • Markus

            Who are the others you mention? I mean in absolute numbers everyone should be affected, some more, some less.

      • Thom Hogan

        Actually, it’s already happened. The GH5 and EM1II at US$2000, the A7 Mark II series increased in prices, the A6xxx series has increased 50% in price, the list goes on and on. It will, however, continue to happen under current market conditions.

  • Nils

    Each time my paycheck comes around I am so tempted to buy that sweet new 70-200 F2.8 E lens. But then I am like “damn, only 2800 USD? wtf Nikon” Like seriously, why isn´t that one like 4000 USD. Or 5000?! I would love to buy one, but not when its only 2800 USD. I am sorry Nikon.

    Luckily it seems that they are going to fix this issue really soon, so I can finally get that new lens and make my cc cry really hard.

  • TDL

    Great idea! I mean, it’s not like there’s several other companies already established with mirrorless, in varying formats. And it’s not like Nikon is consistently #2 in DSLRs. On the bright side they’ve got lenses on lockdown…there’s no way 3rd party manufacturers will ever make competitive lenses that are frequently sharper, with as good as or better IS, and priced ~1/2 of what Nikon charges. Oh…wait….nevermind :/

  • NorthPol

    I’m not applauding to this news at all, but I don’t see people complaining about other manufacturers cranking out their prices too. Fuji raised their prices at least once last year, so do we think they won’t do it this year again. Their X-T2 is almost twice as much form X-T1. same with Olympus E-M1 M2, or Panasonic GH5. How much more was A7RII vs A7R or A7II, It’s just reaction to the shrinking market, and they all doing it, no secret there.

    • I have to agree, the new Panasonic and Olympus models are $2,000! Just wait until Sony releases their next gen cameras. The r&d they do is not free.

    • nwcs

      The intro price of XT2 is $100 more than the intro price of the XT1. It’s not double.

      • NorthPol

        Ok, it’s not double, I have to admit, but it far from $100 too.

        • nwcs

          Fuji Introduced XT1 at $1299. XT2 at $1599. More than what I remembered (probably due to rumors at the time). That isn’t unreasonable given currency and market issues.

          • Tieu Ngao

            You’re right, but that’s 23%, a significant increase in my book.

            • nwcs

              It is in percentages but not too bad in raw amount — especially if they don’t revise the price upwards any more. They don’t seem to be lacking interest even at this point.

            • Harold Bartlett

              The D7300 will likely come in under that and IMO will be be better camera.

          • Tieu Ngao

            On the other hand, the price increase from X-T10 to X-T20 is only $100, and that’s the one I want to buy if Nikon doesn’t have anything comparable SOON.

  • TwoStrayCats

    I am… tapped out.

  • eric

    ive been reading about this trend for a few years. camera prices are going to keep going up over the next decade as the overall market shrinks. its a good time to buy a camera now, especially ones that will be replaced with similar specs.

  • Captain Megaton

    If you can make more money by selling fewer products at a higher price … you raise the price.

  • Tieu Ngao

    When the market shrinks, manufacturers tend to increase the prices to keep the profit intact, probably because of the shareholders’ pressure. However I think it’s a short-term and temporary solution, and it only works if the market turns around soon, which becomes even less likely because of higher prices.

  • RJ

    Ouch. Well my short list for a new camera this year was Nikon, Pentax or Leica. Nikon should bear in mind that those of us with several Nikon Pro lenses are also seeing their resale value rise too. At this point I might jump to Leica. The lenses are now sharing prices with Nikon but the system is much lighter to fill your bag with. Sorry Nikon, you just lost me and my money.

  • Allen_Wentz

    Surely Nikon will not raise prices without first distracting us with some spiffy new cameras. Even that goofy Trump routinely distracts us to try to hide what is going on.

  • Captain Megaton

    A bit off topic but did you realize Nikon has 12 dSLRs in their current product lineup?

    For a rapidly shrinking market that’s just nuts.

    • Markus

      They will cut it down but on the other hand, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji have a lot of bodies too and mirrorless isn’t growing in absolute numbers.

  • Gabriel Schwartz

    That’s the way to go down.
    Rise prices and do not come up with a D810 replacement.
    Sorry Nikon, you’ve lost your way and you will be gone soon.
    Bye, Bye.

  • j j

    What part of

    “Price increases are happening with almost all brands in the photography industry.”

    Do you people not understand…?????

    • Matti

      While canon had price increase, it was much less severe as nikon and only twice (nikon lenses had 2 ‘hidden’ increases, and two announced ones). Also many USA people still forget how easy they have it, with the ever steady prices B&H asks (no price increase still yet, on holy trinity and other pro lenses). Nikon is market leader in price increase at the moment. It goes so fast, that both enthousiast, semi pro, are hit so fast, even they have to say ‘ouch even I can’t afford X anymore’.

      There’s also the fact the Yen is getting strong (when they don’t want to) and Euro is relative low. But everyone knows someday that is gonna turn. And We all know Nikon will NOT drop it when Yen goes low, euro high.

      Second hand market is non existing in Belgium for Nikon d810. I have to get it in netherland or so… not really what i would do. So it’s basically 3300 euro still.

      One prediction: D810 successor will cost at least 4000 euro (Canon 5dsr and 5D Mark IV, both costs 4099 euro or more). Nikon will certainly copy their price.

      Also this time there is no reason to increase price. The yen increase has been overflown into a much bigger then needed (big safezone) price increase. The yamumoto earthquake has been shown in new lenses launch prices (quite prices all of them, bypassing the price increases because calculated high launch price).

      There’s no disaster atm (except nikon’s extra-ordanary loss wich is their fault not ours), and neither is there a yen increase to warrant another increase.

      In fact 100th birthday canon would do legendary cashbacks (much bigger then the 100-200 euro normally). If i see this message it confirms Nikon will do no birthday cashback… shame on them.

      But my guts were right. Last week a shop ‘payed’ the Tax (21%) back. The 24-70 vr costs 2250 euro in the shop (cheapest price among all shops already), and it went 1858,68 euro. I decided to jump the gun, because with all the insane pricing, that is a steal (cheaper then old G version new in shop). Buying gear now, when there’s discount, is like best investment ever, cause it’s only gonna get worse. Another thing Nikon can’t dissapoint me on anymore, 24-70mm VR is mine no matter price increase from Nikon.

      • Thom Hogan

        First, Canon has more volume, so can spread costs over more units. But there’s also now clear evidence that Canon has started making good on one of their stated cost-cutting schemes, which is to robot assemble cameras and remove human costs from the manufacturing equation.

    • RJ

      The price to construct and ship a product depends upon the exchange rates the nation that company is based in has available. The price at point of sale for the product is dictated by the exchange rate between the nation making the product, and the country importing the product. (import taxes don’t fluctuate, currency does). Nikon do not make European D810s out of European magnesium, they just make D810’s. As for all brands increasing, it is a question of financial relativity and the devil is in the details. Current UK price for a 36.3 megapixel FX sensor D810;
      £2499.00. Current UK price for a 36.4-megapixel full-frame Pentax K1; £1799.00.

      THAT is a big problem for Nikon, that only their extensive lens collection is keeping them from facing.

  • DSP

    There is nothing to blame Nikon for in my opinion. And until the prices become reasonable again (for what the gear is worth), there still is the used market and 3rd party products.

  • Julian

    I won’t be buying a new camera until either both my D3 and D800 breakdown (no signs of this at the moment), or Nikon release a small full frame camera, or prices stabilize to approximately the previous norm. I might get a lens or 2 though but I like the Sigma Arts best…

  • gamer

    That’s insane. The prices in Europe are 50% up compared with the prices from 2014.

    It seems that I won’t buy new Nikon stuff any more – there are so many third party maker that offer excellent quality for less money (for ex. Sigma, Tamron, Yongnuo, Godox). I do not see any reason to buy Nikon’s overpriced accessories.

  • Jbay

    yes all understandable. The market is shrinking, the price goes up. agree. BUT. Then release products! Instead raising the price up and being ignorant to the market just seems to be changing brands. sorry.

    • Markus

      The price increases mainly due to currency exchange rates. The Yen isn’t doing any favor to the japanese companies.

  • I like the performance of the Nikon system and bodies.
    But that´s another nail in the coffin … -.-

  • MY OB

    Nikon, please view, this is your story:

  • Steve7

    Nikon will have to be really careful here, sure, people will have forgotten about the price increase in 6 months, but if if people can no longer afford the upgrade, then Nikon are in very dangerous waters. There is increasingly less benefit in owning a dslr over a smartphone and they risk pricing themselves way out of the market.
    An example would be the suspected D7300 – I don’t know what they can add that would make me spend a probable £1200….the D7200 does it all now.

  • John Albino

    I saw something on TV this morning that could prove ironic, and the real “last nail” in the coffin of the major digital camera companies.

    The “Today Show,” a U.S. morning news/infotainment program airing every morning and which has the largest audience of any such program, had a segment on the burgeoning popularity of FILM photography, especially among millennials.

    The program covered various technologies from the new instant cameras through Lomography products and even to a renewed interest in 150-year-old wet plate processes.

    The featured photographer made a portrait of the show’s four co-hosts using a wet collodian plate in an 8×10 Deardorff camera and processed the image over the end-of-hour commercial break to return some 15 minutes later with the finished product — an 8×10 positive image.

    It would be fabulously ironic if the next generation became enthused again with photography, but not with digital cameras, but instead with inexpensive film cameras such as Diana, Holga, Lomographic, and second-hand film cameras, and digital becomes a niche market — especially with seemingly ever-escalating prices of digital.

    • Digital becomes a niche? Not really. For comparison: Do you want to replace your computer and internet connection with a mechanical typewriter?

      • John Albino

        Let me answer that the Socratic way: With a question. Why not read the excellent book “The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter” by David Sax. Think about it a bit, and you might become enlightened as to why many digital expectations have failed miserably.

  • saywhatuwill

    I guess we should expect to see more of these (price increases). The luxury wristwatch companies have been doing it for years without introducing any added value (other than a box and some tools in Omega’s case). After seeing Nikon’s bottom line, it’s definitely expected.

  • Allan

    Another sign of the times: Popular Photography magazine is ceasing operations.

  • Niculae Ionescu

    with every step they make, Nikon is going fast to join Minolta and Contax. thay have not fixed their hoorible skin tones for years, they have not issued to day a serious mirrorless sistem, they released only garbage after D700 and D3. i work in a photo store here and we had to give a new D810 to a high profile photog after 4 attemps to calibrate it by nikon representatives. that tell me the camerras are junk out of the factory and cannot be fixed by simple calibration, the man sold the camera after that and did not want to hear Nikon again. They also started cutting subsequent waranty buyer, they find every motiv to cut down waranty for customers incoking improper use if they see a tiny scratch. If they are smart they will accept to beough by Sigma, if not, they will , well i loved Nikon but i selld all of my gear because i expect it to be door weight as pricep will fall fast when they declare insolvence. think olympus dslr line, once it had no future it went down fast in prices

  • Steve7

    Certain irony from another viewpoint, we currently have the biggest population of amateur photographers that the world has ever known….all the camera phone users. Wow, what a market!
    It must surely be extra ordinarily poor business if you can’t succeed in a market that size.
    I have 3 dslr’s, but to me, I would imagine the dslr is seen by the majority as a ‘compliment’ of the camera phone now.
    The camera manufacturers need to show the camera phone user that they really ‘need’ a dslr.
    Here’s a question to everyone, what feature would you push that generates a ‘need’ such that a camera phone user would feel impelled to go out and buy a dslr? For me, I would be pushing ‘low light’ photography very very heavily (family related). – the camera phone cannot do this…..6400 ISO on a camera phone!!
    If they can’t generate this need and attract ‘new’ business they must surely continue to contract.
    ps..every camera produced fro this point onwards must have wifi built in so you can transfer images directly to the phone and send to other family members etc

    • You are right. Marketing needs to communicate the message that DSLRs and dedicated (mirrorless) cameras are still far ahead of the smartphones when it comes to capture images. I have the impression that most consumers aren’t aware of the advantages.

  • Levan Verdzeuli

    as far as I remember Nikon used to have discounts in March due to the end of their financial year. Any news on that?

    • Not this year. They have put everything on hold until they figure out how to move forward.

  • Bukakke Comet

    So I wonder will the newest Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 FL ED get a price increase for these markets or is it already priced at its highest.

  • MY OB

    As a Consumer, you are the most powerful entity in the business world. stronger than Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica etc.

    If you simply STOP BUYING…..what do you think will happen to high prices?

    Chances are, 80% of you DONT NEED NEW GEAR!

    Prices rise to stupid…..hold on to your hard earned money a bit!!


  • One contributing factor is that uncertainty for the US dollar due to… certain governmental changes is the US and uncertainty for the pound and euro due to… er… certain governmental changes in the UK leading to instability in Europe mean that buyers have flocked to the YEN, pushing it back up against foreign currencies despite Abe’s best effort at devaluing it over the last five years.
    This increased value of the Yen (or, read conversely: relative devaluing of domestic currencies) inevitably ends up as price hikes.
    Or as I like to call them price ratchets (because they rarely go back down.)

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