Nikon price increase coming to Europe

I have received tips from at least two different European countries that a new price increase on Nikon equipment will be introduced on January 1st, 2017. I assume that this price increase will include most, if not all European countries. In some cases, the price increase can go up to 15% (you can check the current prices of Nikon gear on

Last week I reported that Sigma will also have a price increase in Europe next year.

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  • That D5 price is crazy. Surprisingly, you can find it much much cheaper in Switzerland, which is usually an expensive country…

    • all the camera gear and many electronic devices are cheaper here in switzerland. (luckily)

      • If that is so, I didn’t realise it. Computer stuff is usually more expensive, I presumed photography equipment the same. That said, I don’t usually check prices outside of Switzerland, except here on NikonRumors when they post USD prices.

    • Carlo

      Prices recommended by Nikon and price at which the camera is really sold e.g. online are two different things.

      • That is correct, and might explain this indeed.

    • BG

      I think that’s in large part because out VAT/MWST is lower… and the currency is strong.

      • Yes, but it’s not stronger than Euro…

    • A-Sign

      It’s because you pay less taxes in Switzerland.

      • How would income taxes affect this? Generally speaking, Switzerland is quite expensive, hence my surprise.

    • Jorge Torralba

      In the states the price would be approx. 6149.66 Euros without tax. There are some states like Oregon where there is no sales tax. So in Oregon list price is 6499.00.

      That is a lot of taxes Europeans are paying. I hope you get your moneys worth.

      • You mean, their money’s worth – Switzerland is not in the EU 🙂

  • Carsten

    Does this also apply to lenses, in Germany?

    • sdf0815

      Well I saw the full list increasing in Germany. There are round about 10 cameras and 10 lenses. The strongest increase were again the35 and 50mm lens. Round about 20 % again

      • If it is possible, please send me a picture of the full price list

      • Carsten

        Including the AF-S 14-24?

      • Carsten

        Calumet Photographic in Hamburg confirmed the existence of the list. The AF-S 14-24 does not seem to be on it.

  • gamer

    In several years time it will be cheaper to buy a new car than buying a new camera here in Europe.

  • Tom

    Many thanks, Mario Draghi!

  • Saso

    In our country new D5 is currently 6989. New will be 7578.
    Hmm, should I buy new car or D5? 😀

    • sdf0815

      D3 … will start soon to worth more money =)

  • Fred

    ANOTHER increase?
    That’ll probably be the last one before the liquidation…..
    Unless of course by some incredible miracle, Nikon is making money hand over fist and the demand justifies the increase.
    if not, then the increase is to try and get money they don’t have….a sure way to commit business suicide. But then, that’s just my point of view. i could be completely mistaken.

  • FDF

    From 5-50€? That’s peanuts.

  • Jacek Siminski

    It turns out I just bought a D500 fot PLN 3k less, than expected soon.

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