A better picture of the rumored Yongnuo YN 85mm f/1.8 lens for Nikon F mount

Here some better pictures of the upcoming Yongnuo YN 85mm f/1.8 lens I reported about a month ago:

Here are the lens specifications (thanks for the pictures Radojuva):

Yongnuo already has two cheap DSLR full frame lenses: 50mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/2 (see review). The company is also rumored to announce a new 100mm f/2 and 50mm f/1.4 lenses for Nikon F mount:

Yongnuo YN 100mm f/2

yongnuo-yn-100mm-f2-lens-2 yongnuo-yn-100mm-f2-lens

Yongnuo 50mm f/1.4

yongnuo-50mm-f1-4-lens-rumors yongnuo-50mm-f1-4-lens
Yongnuo lenses are also available for sale at B&H.

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  • Mistral75

    It’s definitely f/1.8, see the blown-up picture below.

    YN85mm F1.8 ø 58mm


  • purenupe1

    The company will eventually get better at lens making….and i dont think it will take them as long as it took Sigma to do it. The current crop of adequate amateurish lens will provide the capital for better technique and confidence in the future.

    • fanboy fagz

      a photographer can even use an old 85mm f/2 ais and get excellent images for clients. even a $120 105 2.5 can do fantastic images. will the client notice this or a sigma 85 ART? side by side for sure. but you edit it nicely and he wont say “wow bad ca!” they will be happy with the results.

      I think these guys are on the other side of the spectrum of nikon. nikon want a mortgage payment for every lens today.

      the problem with the YN is the iq is meh and you kinda get what you pay for. and in fact its not excatly such an “AMAZING” deal. if they were quite sharp with accurate af(for instance..the 100 f/2 @2.8) then I can see people really stealing these. but people are on the fence.

      its the same situation when I first did wedding years back. I didnt pay up for the much more expensive nikon AFS 2.8 zooms. I bought the sigma 2.8 EX. and the IQ showed this. not exactly a bargain.give me a lens that can do 95% of the nikon equivalent and thats a fekkin deal.

      but if the 100 f/2 performs like the 105 micro 2.8 at 2.8, then its a hell of a deal.

      that 135 2.8 creator mitikon looks like a fantastic lens as well

      $230 and the review says excellent.


      • Aldo


      • David Peterson

        Sadly the Mitikon is not AF however

        • fanboy fagz

          You dont expect a lens made today and sold for 230bucks to have it? Samyang lenses dont either. Im still waiting to see more reviews. One shot on ff. Interesting though.

          • Ergo

            adorama had the mitakon 135s on sale for 160 last month. it isnt a bad lens, it isnt a great lens. I use it on a k1. I like the thing better than the samyang 85mm but that isnt saying much.

  • sickheadache

    For 10 Dollars…what more can DX Queens ask for. lol

    • Spy Black

      …and if you look straight at it with both eyes open, it looks just like an 85mm f/1.8 Canon…

      • MB

        What puzzles me is why they are stilling the outer lens design so shamelessly … this is just causing the problems due to possible legal actions by Canon … not like they can not tweak the design to make it different enough …

        • C_QQ_C

          Lol, try to sew a Chinese company, it will cost you dearly, and you end up with no result what so ever.. they can copy any look they like, they also do that with cars… 🙂

        • BlueSkromanticies

          “legal actions by Canon”

          lol, it’s a chinese company, they do whatever they want

  • MonkeySpanner

    How much $?

    • Not announced yet.

    • TwoStrayCats

      I’m thinking $59.95 U.S.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Meh. I’ll wait for the sales. 😉

  • gamer

    Yes, yes, yes!

  • peter w

    Can’t Yongnuo start making something good, like a much expected D820, instead of a lens which nobody really awaits? Which Nikonian would want a cheap Canon-looking lens on his far to expensive Nikon camera? Rather something really expensive looking thingummy, like an ugly Otus.

    • ArkadiiShapoval

      35 and 50 mm Yongnuo lenses for Nikon are looking like original nikon’s version.

  • TwoStrayCats

    I see Yongnuo’s secret: instead of 6 groups and 9 elements, they’re using some secret Chinese formula of 6 sets and 9 pleces. Why didn’t we think of this before?

  • Marcus

    Why do they copy the Canon look when their 35 & 50 match perfectly the Nikon AF-S primes ?
    Let me understand…

    • Marcus

      460 grams, what did they put inside ???

      –> Canon EF 85 1.8: 400 gr.
      –> Nikon AF-S 85 1.8: 350 gr.

      • CERO

        cheap weak metal frame perhaps?

  • JTalbert

    Thank they need to hire a better editor that has the basic grasp of english language. Where I grew up, you did not spell pieces as pleces.. And I bet if we played spelling scavenger hunt there may be other words misspelled 🙂

    And with a quick glance…

    Keep this manual properly for reference in the future.

    Don;t view the sun or bright light through the lens or the camera. If not, the vision will be impaired. (So if you try to be superman and look at the sun, it will or won’t be impaired? I am confused

    Don’t place the lens with out a lens cover under the sun, no matter whether the lens is set on the camera or not. If not, the lens may gather light and cause a fire. (So again, should we or shouldn’t we. If we do not place under the sun, it will catch fire?

    The instruction manual has good info, just needs to be worded a little bedder, or is that better, or butter?

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