Update: Nikon price increase coming to Europe (new price list from Germany)

A quick update to my Europe price increase post from a few days ago: I received a confirmation from Germany that Nikon prices will go up on February 1st, 2017 - you can see a portion of the new price list above (you can compare it to the current prices on Amazon.de).

I was told also that Nikon prices in Asia Pacific will also be increased across the board. Singapore for example, has already seen a price increase of about $500-700SGD for the D810.

Update: this is direct from Nikon supplier Asia - large price increases on all products planned for 2017, dealer and retail at $100-$200 on all lenses, $250+ on bodies.

Expect more price increase in the future.

Update: Nikon price increase is also rumored for Canada in 2017.

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  • Shutterbug

    In Germany the notation “01.02.2017” means the first of february 2017.
    (UVP is the MSRP, but in Germany taxes are already included.)

    • Oh, sorry – I thought the price increase will come in January.

      • T.I.M

        Don’t worry it took me several years to get use to the US date format…

        • yepits me

          That,s very understandable.

    • TO-DOUG

      Actually, in most of the world “01.02.217” means the first of February, 2017. It specifically means Jan. 2, 2017 only in the United States and Micronesia. In a few other countries (such as Canada) it is uncertain, due to the confusing influence of the US date format. The best date format is YMD (2017.02.01) as it is totally clear to everyone in the world and therefore avoids errors that can be quite serious.

  • silmasan

    Oh, my… that D5 is mad expensive. And EUR 3500 for D810. Who’s gonna buy it at that price when the replacement is/should be close? But also looks like the replacement will get a MSRP rise straight away. Guessing $3600~3900 for the US.

    It’s good that I kept holding back from selling my D810. What was I thinking…

    • Juergen.

      Nikon D5 MSRP before February 1st 2017 = 6989,– Euro
      Nikon D5 MSRP from February 1st 2017 = 7549,– Euro
      Increase = 560,– Euro
      Current internet prices at reputed Nikon dealers = 6989,– Euro

      • You never had to pay these prices for a D5 in Germany. You have to directly talk to your dealer and then an abatement of 10% is possible.

  • Almost 10k euro for 200-400 VRII?Man, I am glad I bought a second hand 300 2.8 VR for half of this money…

    • silmasan

      Exactly, secondhand market is going to be Nikon’s (or Canon etc for that matter) biggest competitor more than ever.

      • Yep, sorry I meant I bought it for like a 3k euro 🙂 Even better.

    • Juergen.

      Nikon 200-400/4 VR II MSRP before February 1st 2017 = 8569,– Euro
      Nikon 200-400/4 VR II MSRP from February 1st 2017 = 9199,– Euro
      Increase = 630 Euro
      Current internet prices at reputed Nikon dealers = 6700,– Euro
      (one of these dealers sells it for 5999,–, real dealer, real offer)

  • MB

    Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G at 2100€!
    It is currently hardly being sold at around 1600 … with 30% increase in price I wonder if it will sell at all … Sigma looks better and better …

    • Eric Calabros

      Wedding folks who would buy that, will be happier it becomes even more unreachable for enthusiasts. that magic characteristics leverage, stays in “pro” kingdom.

      • Alexis Pillon

        If the only thing separating you from filthy amateurs is the price of your lens I feel sorry for you.

    • Juergen.

      Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G MSRP before February 1st 2017 = 1939,– Euro
      Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G MSRP from February 1st 2017 = 2079,– Euro
      Increase = 140,– Euro
      Current internet prices at reputed Nikon dealers = 1600,– Euro

  • silmasan

    Peter I forgot to ask this on the Sigma price increase post: will the new lenses e.g. 85 Art get price increase too? Or has that been included/adjusted in their release price? (I need to know whether I should go on a panic shopping mode before end of this month ^_^)

    You see there’s no Nikon 105/1.4 on this list (the page that is shown at least) but who knows… I mean that and the new 70-200 and 19mm PC are already way too high, right.

    • not sure about that

      • silmasan

        ok… i’ll try to ask a dealer then… thx

  • mark meerdam

    holy sh*t, what’s the msrp of the 58mm and the d5 currently is msrp mroe or less the same as amazon.de for example?

  • fanboy fagz

    thats it nikon, dig yourself a deeper hole for your grave. next quarterly report will be horrible.

    • silmasan

      B.. but… everyone else is doing it… : D
      Honestly I don’t like where this is going. Sigma got better at “premium”, while cheaper. Canon at least made sure their new shiny L lenses are built like a tank…

      • fanboy fagz

        exactly. the whole market has changed. sigmas lenses are better build and perform better for less money. nikon skimps on build and motors and ups the price and we see the result quarter after quarter. maybe this is bizarro world

    • Thom Hogan

      As others have pointed out, it’s not just Nikon. And we US folk better prepare for a price increase, too, if the dollar keeps on its current course.

      As I’ve pointed out, Nikon has been encircled by a web of things that make it difficult to recover, and external factors are now going to push them towards making bad decisions, I think.

      Cost cutting preserved their profit margins, but now there’s nothing left to cut.

      • RodneyKilo

        Dollar is soaring, no?
        If anything, wouldn’t that enable a price decrease?

        • Thom Hogan

          You have to ask yourself why the dollar is rising. There are additional forces at work here. In the short term, yes, one would expect a price decrease. However, the danger is that the currency appreciation is a symptom of another problem.

        • Yes, I am thinking the same way – we should see more rebates in the US.

      • fanboy fagz

        how is sigma and tamron doing (in proportion) to nikon? I think nikons price increases directly forces people away from them and right into tamron and sigmas hands. theyre not even competitive at all.

        • Thom Hogan

          Sigma claims to have grown in terms of lens sales across a time when the rest of the market has fallen. And not just minor growth, but substantive growth.

          But ultimately Sigma is/will be in the same position as everyone else. The pond is getting smaller. You can have a few large tadpoles in the pond, or a bunch of small ones.

          If, as I suspect, one of the next results is additional collapses of the retailers (more closing dealers, bankruptcies, unsold inventory), there’s probably no upside for anyone.

          • fanboy fagz

            And all this should cause more good for the buyer (the money holder) but all I see is no one buying. Im certain people would buy if prices were sane. Ask around. Prices are crazy high. Like anything. Make the price high people dont buy. No reach for most people. So it gets worse and worse. No one buys they dont profit and the prices go up to try to recover. Theres no enticement to buy. So people stay with their phones. And it goes on. I was considering buying some lenses. But not for the amount theyre selling and its not even a nikon lens. Ive even sold my 4 nikon flashes and see no reason to buy one in the foreseeable future. No need. Price the flash at 400 instead of 600 and we can talk. Otherwise those new pixel flashes are looking very enticing. Nothing can save nikon except sane prices.

  • jstevez

    The thing is that the used market will react accordingly,

  • akkual

    Well.. Nikon and Canon have decided to let smartphones win, I see. This is unfortunate direction for anyone serious photography hobbyist. To someone getting their living out of photography this will probably mean “just” increasing prices, if possible.

  • psv

    with this brand behaviour, from Nikon , Canon, Sigma in europe, several will something : ( don´t forget we pay 23% tax on final product )
    grey market
    2nd hand market
    old lenses will came to live
    mobile phones and all other crapy photo systems

  • T.I.M

    I guess we will never see the the 300mm f/4 AF-S PF VR for $1495.00

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    €300 for the 50 1.8…

    I’m really starting to regret going the nikon route and not sticking to canon

    • Juergen.

      Nikon AF-S 1,8/50 G MSRP before February 1st 2017 = 269,– Euro
      Nikon AF-S 1,8/50 G MSRP from February 1st 2017 = 299,– Euro
      Increase = 30 Euro
      Current internet prices at reputed Nikon dealers = 210,– Euro

  • Thomas Gegenhuber

    Can someone from Germany tell me what the price increase will be for the D810 or D750? usually we get the same price increase in Austria but i cant honestly think that both cameras will get a 500€ price increase

    • I’m curious if prices in Switzerland will increase too. 500eur/chf would be quite a lot…

    • Juergen.

      They don’t,, it’s 270,– Euro for the D810 and 150,– Euro for the D750:

      D810 MSRP before February 1st 2017 = 3229,– Euro
      D810 MSRP from February 1st 2017 = 3499,– Euro
      Increase = 270 ,– Euro
      Current internet prices at reputed Nikon dealers = 2450 Euro

      Nikon D750 MSRP before February 1st 2017 = 2149,– Euro
      Nikon D750 MSRP from February 1st 2017 = 2299,– Euro
      Increase = 150,– Euro
      Current internet prices at reputed Nikon dealers = 1850,– Euro

      • HF

        Ridiculous prices. D750 for 2300 Euros (I bought it for 1799new), D810 3500Euros, ( bought it in Munich for 3200 when it came out). The 58/1.4 is almost 2100Euros, now. I recently acquired the Sony FE50/1.4z which is outstanding in my opinion, for 1700Euros. Great rendering and sharp as hell. I seriously consider buying 5div now.

  • Eric Calabros

    D5’s new price is still lower than D3X MSRP when announced exactly 8 years ago! makes you wondering what they were thinking back then.

    • Saso

      Well, if D5x would be announced, it sure would be much higher than D5 price 😉

  • Mihai Aruxandei

    bad stiching on this piece of “evidence”

  • DrNo666

    Interesting and disappointing. The key question is how much the prices actually will be out on the market? List prices tend to be higher..

    But this certainly does not look good. I remember when D800 came out surprisingly cheap just above 2000 Euro. Now much that they produce in the Pro section has become so expensive that it is way out of amateurs range. Buy a car or buy a lens…. The new 70-200/2.8 was released beyond 3000 Euros. And with this 15-25% increase…? Just forget it. Once the stuff start going over 2000 its kind of out of reach for most of us.

  • dikiz

    Out of curiosity, please, why all these price increases in the industry? Don’t tell me it’s that natural disaster, it’s bs.

    • milkod2001

      Most people don’t really need cameras or lenses. They are more than happy with smartphones for all their images shared on social media. As the results less and less people buy cameras or lenses = less profit to Nikon / Canon & the rest. Instead of trying to attract more customer with affordable products they decided to make up to it by increasing prices. Lame and lazy approach which will eventually lead to even less profit in long run.

      • dikiz

        Thanks for your reply. It’s indeed an odd reaction toward supply and demand law to make your products less affordable as they get less attractive !!

  • Flo

    At how much is the Nikkor AF-S VR DX 18-105mm 3.5-5.6G ED going to be?

  • Dino Brusco

    Nikon is ridiculous here. Of course they can increase prices but this is not the road to go to attract new customers. Actual price tags are really too high.

  • mok

    As for now I see very big decrease in price

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