Another Nikon UK price increase coming in February

Grays of Westminster (Nikon dealer in the UK) have recently sent emails notifying of another Nikon price increase - this one due in February. There has been already two prices increase in the UK last year - one in early 2016 and one in August, 2016,

If you need a new camera or lens, check out the current Nikon prices and availability at Wex Photographic, Jessops, Calumet and Amazon UK.

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  • doge

    Brexit! Brexit!

    • manattan

      But you fail to see that is what they wanted. Goods produced in the U.K. get relatively cheaper versus imports.

      • Tony

        Indeed. Brexit will lead to the renaissance of the British camera industry.

        • Tony

          I’m still waiting for an update to the Ensign Selfix 820 ( )

          • jmb2560

            a software update ? 😉

            • Tony

              Perhaps. An Ensign Selfix 820s with SnapBridge would be great.

        • Allan

          When did Britain stop manufacturing cameras?

          • Plug

            As usual they invented them and left the manufacture to others…

            • Jeffry De Meyer

              I think it was a Frenchmen that started modern photography

            • Plug

              Daguerre, Fox Talbot or whoever. Take your pick. Somewhat earlier Thomas Wedgwood was experimenting, and I’m English so that will do for me! 🙂

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        • jojo

          Is that a new renaissance or back to “the Renaissance”?

      • Alphaios

        great you’ll become the new China! but expect your wages to be the same too…

        • Eric Calabros

          Low wage is better than no wage.

          • Wade Marks

            That can be said to justify any substandard work arrangement, including slave wages.

            Better instead to have the wages of jobs that compete in the global marketplace of the 21st century. For instance, better to be a computer programmer than a factory worker. And those factories will eventually phase out almost all human labor in favor of robots anyway.

            Protectionism does not work; history shows that very clearly. No one can point to any example in history where protectionism increased the wealth of a nation, only the opposite. Economic theory backs this up.

            • Eric Calabros

              in long term, yes it doesn’t work. But people who can’t be programmer (or whatever San Francisco thinks is the future job) are still alive, and need to eat.

            • Padaung

              Yup, so true. Protectionism is a quick way to get votes/maintain sales (depending on if you’re a politician or an established business) and creates a short term boost (a relative term depending on a particular industry’s product life cycle) to the balance sheet.

              Kodak, Blackberry, and all the other examples mentioned in this book (and in the future, taxi drivers and personal car ownership?):'s_Dilemma
              The concepts can be applied to politics as well as business imo.

    • Andrew

      You are absolutely correct, the Nikon price hike is due to Brexit. How? The traders pushed down the value of the pound making imports more expensive. But it is a small price to pay for “free at last, free at last, thank God we are free at last” 😉 Free from the “Political Union and Financial Hegemony” that is the EU. The lower pound should push up exports from the UK.

      OK, I live in America though my “high schooling” was in a Grammar school in England, a private boarding school. So in a way I was shielded from the masses. But I love England and here is my take. In 2015:

      (a) The UK exported (sold) £134 billion ($168 billion) worth of goods to the rest of the European Union (EU).
      (b) The UK imported (bought) £223 billion ($279 billion) in goods from the EU.
      (c) The UK had a trade deficit of approximately £89 billion ($112 billion).

      So the EU sold $112 billion more goods and services to the UK than the UK sold to them. And who was the great beneficiary? Germany!

      Now the UK economy is doing well and so Brexit is turning out not to be what all of the media, bankers, corporations, and experts had been warning.

  • Michiel953

    Brexit indeed. Now watch the USD plunging.

    • Mr_Miyagi

      Curious why you say that. Relative to the yen?

      • Michiel953


  • Gregory Roane

    So, if they have ordered a DL, I wonder which pricing they will get? Early or Late 2016…the flier only states “2016 prices.” If Nikon delays them for too much longer, they will have to start adjusting the pre-sales prices for inflation!

  • barnettgs

    I haven’t noticed the price increase in UK last August (2016). I checked a couple of lenses now, their price is around more or less the same just like last year.

    Trying to scare buyers into buying the lenses early was my initial impression.

  • maxx

    America first!

    • nwcs

      What does that have to do with U.K. pricing?

      • maxx

        🙁 It was obviously a joke

        • nwcs

          OK. But I wish we could move past the political references on non-political sites. It’s gotten really old. 🙂

  • Ritvars Pujats

    Good business strategy, just say you will increase price to bring more buyers before it goes up, and repeat that again and again.

  • Zeneti

    Who cares. I think when most people see the below video, they’ll realise that actually Nikon produce horrid colour and dynamic range in their photos:

    Nikon is almost dead. Get over it.

  • Wasn’t there also a rumor about increase in Germany in February?

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      That was sigma

      • I didn’t see it before. It’s just above in ‘related posts’, that list for price hikes in Germany.

  • Nah. DR on Canon is bad compared to Nikon (I didn’t watch the video)

  • LOL I watched the video and the only valid conclusion I could reach was that these guys have no clue what they’re doing. I had thought about listing it out, but there’s just so much wrong that I don’t feel like typing that much – although I do like the part where they think the Nikon has worse DR than the others. They seem really confused about how cameras actually work.

  • silmasan

    Do you know how to calibrate your camera? Set a custom color profile? Seen an Xrite color passport?
    Do you even know what dynamic range is? or how to measure it? or at least how to take advantage of D810’s DR that everybody knows is better than any Canon?
    Do you even have any of the cameras mentioned?
    Do you even QUESTION anything you see on the internet?

  • Aldo

    Admin.. unrelated, but BH just updated ‘expected availability’ for DL cameras as March (this year). Looks like your source was correct.

    • Thanks, I hope they will not change it again. I will post this online

  • Aldo

    I hope they redo the video with nikon d900 vs mark IV… cuz that would be the comparable models.

  • Nikon skin tones look off compared to canon and Sony.

  • RJ

    Except the pound bottomed out against the yen in
    the autumn and is now rising. Nice excuse for a cash grab unless their manufacturing is so glacial they need to factor prices in advance to the same degree as Christmas decoration makers. Time to buy some of those Art lenses and show what competition can do

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