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Nikon D700 out of stock @ B&H

Nikon D700 is currently out of stock @ B&H. This is either a regular supply shortage or really good timing on Nikon’s part. It will be interesting to monitor the availability in the next few days/weeks. Nikon shortages are usually for new products – the Nikon D700 is already 2 years old. In addition, the […]

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Another report that Nikon D700 is no longer available

This is not the first time to report that the Nikon D700 is being phased out and and is no longer available for order in certain locations (see here and here). There is a another report from dpeview from few days ago about Cameta Camera not be able to order any new D700: “I struck up […]

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Nikon D700 cash back program starting tomorrow in Japan

From April 24 till August 2, 2009: 20,000 ¥ (around 200 USD) cash back on the Nikon D700 in Japan. Did the recent price increase started to backfire (yes, even Japan got a price increase few weeks ago)? Source

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Nikon D700 with video recording

Yes, it is possible and I don’t mean this solution:

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D3 Firmware Update 2.01, D700 Firmware Update 1.01

Nikon told us about this update few weeks ago. Today the D3 got a new firmware: Windows Mac D700 got an update as well: Windows Mac

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Not really a rumor

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I would like to send a special THANK YOU to all of our readers in Germany. I received many “quality” rumors from this part of the world. Remember the D700 magazine leak (you can refresh your memory here and here)? What is more interesting – we never received a “busted rumor” from Deutschland – all […]

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