Nikon D90, D700 out of stock at BestBuy’s district warehouse

I would expected the Nikon D90 to be out of stock, but why the D700? Both bodies are listed as 0 inventory in one of the district warehouses, which serves around 400-600 BestBuy stores. The out of stock date for the D90 is September 7th, 2010 and for the D700 is August 3, 2010:

The WG-AS3 hotshoe water protector for the Nikon D700 is listed as discontinued in two different stores in the UK (one of them a major chain).

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  • of course other warehouses may have the D90 and the D700 in stock

    • Joe R.

      Must be clearing room for the D95 and D950

      • The visiblewoman

        You mean D700x ?

        • lolcatmaster FTW

          No he meant D950… YOU meant D700x but he isn´t you.

        • ja

          i really hope so as im on the edge of purchasing a d300s as im looking for that second body to go alongside the d3 i have

          • The invisible man

            If you have a D3 you don’t need a D300s, why don’t you buy and extra flash (great with the wireless Nikon features) or a heavy duty Manfrotto/Bogen tripod ?
            Or you could get a nice HD camecorder 3CCD.

    • Maybe the info I got from the local camera store had some weight after all. And this ain’t no inkleys either-these guys are a top notch camera shop, Pictureline.

      The salesman said that their Nikon rep was in recently and told them that there was going to be a new announcement within the next month about a new d700 style body, but not the d700, whatever that means. He told me that the rep said it was going to be “mind blowing”, or something to that effect.

      Man, a new d90 and a new d700 around the same time could be a really sweet deal, especially for those interested in the VSLR features.

      • D3s-level high-ISO DX body, perhaps?

      • Really?

        Let me see if I understand . . .

        A salesman tells his customer that there will be an announcement about something mind blowing . . .


        • Sure, I take it with a grain of salt too. But to have a Nikon rep himself share this in person…that’s not just “a salesman telling his customer…something”. Is it a guarantee? No. And I never said it was. But in light of the information in this post, as well as the call I personally made to Best Buy this morning inquiring as to the status of the D700 (they said there were three body only boxes in their warehouse, and zero lens kits), I am more inclined to think there is some weight to what the Pictureline employee said.

          What about the first word in my post didn’t you comprehend? Isn’t this a RUMOR site, anyway? Duh.

      • Worminator

        Perhaps all the semi-official “there will be no D700 replacement this year” statements was cover: true there will be no D700 replacement as the new FX camera will be totally different from the D700 so it’s not technically a replacement.

      • Anonymous

        Nikon’s probably too busy with the D4 to keep up the supply of the D700. They would release a D4 before a ‘D800’…

    • robW

      I noticed that Costco has a supply of D90’s

  • reD

    Well, is out of stock date for D90 is september, that means that we won’t see any replacement until then?

  • Bhaswaran

    Good news for D700 buffs

  • It’s so common~

  • abo

    Well, after some good shots in South Africa world cup and extra safari stuff, the new FX body is almost ready…

    • Michael

      Are you speaking from first hand knowledge?

  • Hendog

    If it does indicate anything to do with the D700 being replaced, they’re doing an amazing job of keeping it under wraps. Any reason they might want to keep the D700 replacement hush hush more so than, say, the D95? If not, surely it won’t be seen for a while… unless we get some juicy rumors soon.

    Someone, (admin?) break in to their R&D department already and find out what’s going on in there 😉

  • NRFan

    They are updating the d40 so frequently, so why not update the d700
    since i bought my d90, the then d40 became d40x and then d3000 and soon will be d3100
    d90 and d700 are updated not so often.

    • Kontharo

      Actually rather, D40 –> D40X –> D60 –> D3000 –> D3100? 😛

    • Lolly

      I think Nikon is quite predictable with their new model releases of low-end DSLRs. The d700 and d90 are not low end DSLRs. Low end DSLRs will be updated with new models every year. As can be seen with past releases:

      d40 came out around 12/2006
      d40x came out around 4/2007
      d60 came out around 2/2008
      d700 came out around 7/2008
      d90 came out around 9/2008
      d3000 came out around 8/2009

      When the higher end DSLRs get updated is anyone’s guess. It’s not less than 2 years. You and everybody else have got to be patient with Nikon. BTW, low end DSLRs are quite good and d90 is even better, so use and enjoy what you’ve got to get your money’s worth.

      • I personally despise DX since switching over to FX. But your point rings true since seeing some incredible work from a local photog all shot on the D90, some even at higher ISOs. Shows I’m spoiled with FX. The DX cams out today really are a small leap over the DX of the previous generation. Hope we see that kind of evolution on the next round!

  • I was looking for the D90 today at and it seems to be out of stock in all of their stores but the outlet centre as well as being out of stock online.

  • Abo

    Because the new fx body will have some quite good surprises…

    • twoomy

      Its arrival will be the first good surprise. Non-jello video will be the second good surprise. More than 12mp will the the third good surprise.

  • Fingers crossed that the out-of-stock d700 means a Christmas is coming early!

    Interestingly, the D3s has been out of stock at BH for a few weeks too. They have a few kits with an underwater housing available, but no camera bodies.

  • Ashton Kutcher

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling all D700 fanboys… commence creaming yourselves

    • Abo

      i can confirm that too… buy some jaw closer… because you wont believe what you will see…

      • Anonymous

        Nice bluff. 😉

    • DemiMorée

      Don’t you want to see something new and firm? Oh no wait you don’t 😀

  • chuck

    Yawn…. the D3S is out of stock to in a lot of places. Should I sexpect a D4?

    • the D3s was announced 7-8 months ago, the D700 over 2 years ago, just saying

      • Seppl

        But he’s right. The D700 was out of stock several times this year + some endlessly prolonged rebate programs. And basically nothing happened.

        So let’s all try to get exited about the upcoming D3100 and D95, 2 consumer DX bodies.

        • jason lyseight

          So if their out of stock by september and an announcement is in september can we say the new d95 what ever its call, should be be on the shelf of store by october

    • Akira

      Nikon has never been able to keep the D3s in stock. Plus we know Nikon is making some big announcements soon. Yes, if the D700 replacement is coming with the D95 it would be a massive secret, but that is not impossible.

  • Lex

    The D700 has seen a MAJOR price drop here in Malaysia just few days ago. It makes me suspect that it could be due to a replacement. I can’t help thinking that the spec for D95 could actually be for the D700 replacement?

    Anyway, hope the portable FX replacement comes out, so I can grab some 2nd hand D700 lol~

    • The visiblewoman

      Maybe my customer was right for the D700 at $1995 end of August, let’s hope so !

    • You are right! I just checked shashinki.. down fromRM7,150 to RM6,485. The price in USD on the site is $2,275.44 However, today’s exchange rate is about US$1=RM3.185, and at today’s exch, works out to be about $2,036 equivalent. Not in stock though, quote:”1~2 weeks for delivery (depending on supplier stock)”

  • Kingyo

    Damn you NR! I had just started my rehabilitation process coping with the lack of any D700 replacement in 2010 and had relinquished all hope, but are an enabler! ENABLER!!!! 😉

    • twoomy

      Hey Kingyo – Let’s go get some crack now. My treat.

  • PTG

    The out stock date is exactly two years after the in stock date, I think that does not mean anything, it just reflects the two-years-cycle ideology.

  • Been shopping for a D700 the last couple of weeks. It has been going in and out of stock at many online retailers. When it comes back in stock, it is always at a higher price, too. 😛 Finally, got a good deal on eBay for a used one. If Nikon announces it being replaced next week, I know a lot of us will be surprised.

  • I_still_want_a_D900

    D900/D950 : 20-24MP D3X like IQ, 1080/24p video, continous autofocus in video mode.

    It will be there.

    • SZRimaging

      If those specs are right, might just abandon looking for a MF camera….maybe…..

    • Anonymous


  • CH

    Yeah… the D700 price in Malaysia has been adjusted down drastically as well. Makes me wonder if there will be really a replacement model announcing soon. If yes…, Nikon has really keep the news pretty tight up so far.

  • Febopp

    bhphotovideo only has refurbished d90 bodies and kits in stock…..nothing new!

  • As a d3s and a d90 owner I’m sooooooo impatient right now!haha I need the new full replacement and I can’t imagine how much longer before they introduce the d700 new baby. The d90 for a second body will be amazing but I hate sitting in limbo with two types of lenses. Why Nikon…WHHHHY?

  • asu misuh

    d700 replacement?

  • Stefan

    This is nonsense. In both cases the out-of-stock date is exactly 2 years after the in-stock date, clearly visible in the shots. Must be some sort of system default, it doesn’t mean anything.

    • PTG

      Right. And I remember that we have had the same “rumor” already a few months ago. By the way, the field “Clearence” (picture 1 and 3) is still empty, i.e. they do not know anything about the replacement date.

      • I just reflect on the information I receive, I did not say anywhere in the post that a D700 replacement is coming or not. The fact is that currently this particular warehouse is out of stock, period. And yes, few months ago the D700 was in short supply as well because of the rebates. I reported it back then and I will continue to report it in the future.

        • PTG

          My posting was not intended as an offence, and I think you are right to report items to be out of stock. But these pictures and the out of stock dates have reminded me of a posting long ago: On March 18, 2010 you have written the following:

          Nikon D90′s “out of stock” date in Best Buy is listed as September 7th, 2010. The Nikon D700′s out of stock date is August 3rd, 2010 – exactly two years since they got them in stock. Not clear if this is a standard procedure in Best Buy or they know when they will stop getting those models from Nikon:

          I was missing the last sentence this time 🙂

  • Matthieu

    They wont replace D700, as they are saying for 6 months (even not this year).
    They will be release a new FX model D900 or whatever with 24 Mp sensor for the end of the year.

    • That really does sound plausible.

      I’m not sure if Nikon plans to put the 24mp sensor in the d700 sized body this year, (of course they do eventually, or something similar), but all the talk about no D700 this year, coupled with the rumblings about SOMETHING full frame, this makes a D700x or similar believable.

      • ja

        how about it being a D3Xs that is the new but unmentioned camera as that camera is due an update before the D4x meets the world

  • If you actually think about it a D700 replacement does make sense especially if Canon will be releasing the 1Ds Mark IV at photokina. I’m almost certain a D700x would create a bigger splash than the 1Ds Mark IV. I really dont see the 1Ds Mark IV being better than D3x. If anything it will be equal to it with more megapixels. Either way the D700 replacement as a D700x would make sense at that point.

  • D700 to be replaced

    I think that there have been too many people saying “No D700 replacement this year” to keep the current model D700 selling and you’ve all been too willing to buy the cool-aid rather than do some analysis of the situation for yourselves.

    Every year since 2003 there has been a new Dx00 line camera and with the D300s being last year’s model, it means D700s/D800 this year.

    I think this means that Nikon is smarter than the blog owner who’s been repeating their sales grabs and that Nikon know if there had of been real rumors about a D700 replacement n months ago then sales of the D700 would have declined.

    Of course it might also mean that they’ve just turned down/off the production of the D700 for a while as they ramp up production of another camera … but I don’t think so. Nikon pwns you!

    • Darklight

      Exactly look at the timeframe, D900 minor upgrade = D700 12MP plus new features. After all you have the D3x (better then Canon 1Ds mark IV?), when you need more MP.

      • They will not name the D700 replacement anything other than D700s, unless there are major revisions that stand drastically apart from the D3s. Anything with D3s features in a D700 style body and less than 20% improvements over the D3s will be called D700s. I’m willing to bet a chocolate shake on it.

  • Lola

    “Nikon D700 is listed as discontinued in two different stores in the UK (one of them a major chain).”
    Jessops,, Robertwhite and Warehouse Express all have it listed and in stock, which retailers were you refering to ?

  • SGN


    Nikon’s releasing a new hot shoe cap for D7oo!

    It has started!!!

  • Click

    Being out of stock at the “warehouse” really means nothing. I was just at BB in Tallahassee Fl. and they had (2) D700 bodies locked up in a glass cabinet and none on display. I asked why they didn’t have one displayed and the salesman said that they had just got them from the warehouse and that they (D700) didn’t sell very well. He said that they used to sell a D700 on occasion but he stated that the Canon 5DMark2 outsold it like 7 to 1. He stated general buyers went for the almost double mega-pixels or resolution and the full HD video features. Maybe Best Buy has none in their warehouse due to it being a DUD or poor selling item for them. The salesman sure indicated that people just weren’t interested in it and went for the Canon in most instances. We all know it’s a great DSLR but the average public might be shopping for the best spec’s and features (video)? Just a guess on my part.

    • Best Buy customers must not have a clue about mps. ;;-)

    • Victor Hassleblood

      “Being out of stock at the “warehouse” really means nothing.”

      Yes, but what would you do, if your D700 does not sell very well and it’s direct competitor outsells it 7 to 1 (plus 7 times as many lenses going with it). I would replace it as soon as possible if I could and I am hoping (after two years) that Nikon finally can.

      It’s just annoying how much red on black you get to see among tourists: Canon, Canon, Canon, Canon, Olympus, Canon, Canon, Canon, Nikon, Canon, Canon, Canon …

      It really is time for some releases priced below D3X and blessed with an MP count above 12 – for tourists as well as for photographers.

      • Click

        I am with you 100% Victor. I personally am not going to buy a 24mp D3x with absolutely no video for what 7300.00 bucks when Canon offers 21mp with full HD video for 2400.00.

        I can’t believe that Nikon has been asleep at the wheel for as long as they have. I think a lot of this is all about SENSOR development issues. I read somewhere where it takes a different type or special form factor of sensor in order for video optimization. I think Nikon got caught napping and underestimated the demand for video. Why they offer it in their coolpix line and have problems implementing it into their pro line baffles me.

    • Having personally shot with both the D700 and the 5dMkii, I would take the 12 delectable megapixels from the Nikon over the Canon’s 21 any day of the week. Just yesterday I was looking at an ad shoot where they used the 5dMkii, and wow, what a disaster. Printed 13×19, it was losing detail in hair, shadows were mushy, and sharpness was no better than the D700/D3/D3s. All this at ISO 100.

      I can’t understand how people don’t see that megapixels are about the dumbest metric in existence when comparing cameras. This is one of the main reasons I despise Canon—they continue to push this line of thinking when it is simply false. And they know it.

      Then there’s the people on a Nikon site that SHOULD know better, but still buy into the falsehood that because the 5dMkii is almost double the megapixels, it makes the D700 dispensable. Go out and do some comparisons, people. The D700 smokes the 5dMkii in just about every way. End of story.

      • Bob


        • +1

          • Wow, what a nice surprise to see that I haven’t been flamed yet.

            • Broxibear

              Ok Ron I’ll do it…you’re making far too much sense for this forum lol…who do you think you are posting well reasoned, logical sane comments?
              This isn’t the place for a plausible and coherent discussion, I think you should be banned !

            • 🙂

            • @Broxibear

              So say the Nikon Fair-weather friends that lurk here. Reasoned debates be damned when Nikon fails to read their minds and act accordingly.

            • Ryans Photo

              Having also personally shot with (and owned) both the D700 and the 5dMkii, I agree. The Canon 5D2 is worth nothing. The autofocus is not working properly.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              Just yesterday I spoke to someone who’s nephew has seen a shot in a newspaper that was done with a HD4-60. The shot was printed in bw only and very contrasty. No detail in the shadows or highlights at all. I know for sure know, that my D-something beats any other camera out there, when it comes to detail, color accuracy, dr and the best over all iq. So why would anyone flame you, Ron? You make by far too much sense with your copy and paste mantras of Nikon’s superiority.

            • Broxibear

              “This is a science fiction blog that may or may not represent the truth”

              I wonder where I read that ?

            • @Victor Hassleblood

              Riiiiiiiiight….cause that’s exactly what I said in my post above. Do you read English?

            • Victor Hassleblood

              @ Ron Adair,

              ain’t you funny. My was ironic and I think this is pretty clear. You are again playing the brave Jesus of Nikonians here.

              “… haven’t been flamed yet”

              OMG, this really is pathetic. You’ve said something in favor of Nikon on NR. What do you expect? You can say the most stupid things here as long as it is favor of Nikon and you still get applauded by some for it.

              Now look how many comments you’ve attracted asking you in one or the other way (some ironic some not) to keep things in perspective. Bottomline: You must have said something really really silly.

            • I presume you can only attack me personally because you cannot participate in a reasonable discussion.

      • benS


        I agree with you Ron. Its just that canon is out selling Nikon by “7-1”. If thats the case, Nikon has to so something about it and I believe they will. Nikon needs to sell to make a profit to continue their business. Nikon needs produce aa affordable FF with greater mp then the current D700 plus HD video.

      • thats is im done. After reading your comment im switching to canon. Your making to much sense. Forget this site.

      • zzddrr

        Ron have you actually considered that the shots were screwed up in the first place? I do not want to defend the canon but I think there canon fans that can bring plenty of examples of screwed up Nikon D700 and even D3x images and then say the Nikon sucks.

        Bottom line is that I think at this level if it is properly shot then it is hard to single out such big issues. Both companies are making very good equipments.

        • @zzddrr

          I understand your point. I’m not referring to crappy images or crappy prints. I’m talking about problems present that I would be very reluctant to show a client. I admit, these are problems that apparently 90% of people don’t and won’t ever notice. I guess I’m anal when it comes to the little details.

          It’s true both brands are working head to head. I’m not talking about the worst camera in the world vs. the best. But there are differences, and, at least for my taste, Nikon takes the lead over Canon.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            “I’m not referring to crappy images or crappy prints.”

            Yes you did. And that tells a lot about you.

            • Hey, Victor: how about you put some more words in my mouth. Mmmm, tastes so good.

              Let’s try again. I’ll repeat, for the sake of the discussion:

              “I would take the 12 delectable megapixels from the Nikon over the Canon’s 21”

              “I was looking at an ad shoot where they used the 5dMkii, and wow, what a disaster…it was losing detail in hair, shadows were mushy, and sharpness was no better than the D700/D3/D3s. All this at ISO 100.”

              Sorry, did I say the image was crap? No, nor would I have, as the image the photographer produced was quite well executed. Did I say the print was garbage? No, and again, that was not my stance. I specifically spelled out distinct problems I noticed which coincide with the problems the 5dMkii is prone to exhibit.

              Could it be that my not agreeing with you compels you to make snarky rebuttals and offensive attacks because you cannot discuss this on a mature and reasoned level? Seems so.

      • Discontinued

        This is really stupid.

        Just yesterday I shot an Ad myself and I must say I messed it up big time. Tight time frame, outdoors two kids (of 3.5 years and one of them really annoying). I got really stressed but have no excuse for real. Luckily I get some details back, processing from NEF’s plus I have to do a lot of PS now.

        Well, I suppose I could blame it all on Nikon since the same thing (according to Ron) works just so well with Canon?

        Unfortunately there is one reason only for lost details: WRONG EXPOSURE AND/OR WRONG LIGHTING.

        The 5DMKII might lack high fps and speedy AF, but still, if you do anything but sports or wild life with that camera and don’t get your shots right, it’s clearly your fault alone. This camera has it’s purposes and advantages. The MKIII will do even better. Urgently time for a D700 replacement.

        BTW, how is your 2ti doing, Ron?

        Just practice what you preach or in your case, stop preaching things you don’t practice.

        • @Discontinued

          Thanks for sharing your take. I understand that poor exposure and poor lighting can contribute to problems, and that they can be present in any situation if care is not taken.

          However, my experience has been that even with perfect exposure, perfect sharpness, and careful handling, you can get some noteworthy artifacting and degradation from the 5dMkii which I’ve never encountered on the Nikon side. To my eye, it’s what makes Canon distinct, and something I really don’t care for.

          The T2i has been good. I’m still waiting on my lens adapter, so I’m reserving judgement until I can do some real (fair) side by side comparisons with the same glass on both systems. Thanks for asking.

          And for your last point: please realize I’m speaking from personal experience (having personally shot with many Canon systems for various gigs), not just speculation or hearsay.

      • 5d2 mush = bad phog

        Pity you weren’t able to post the ad… but there’s no telling what printing process was used, how competent the people were, etc. If it was an unskilled person then they could easily have produced bad stuff with a D700. For some reason talented people (or those that know what they’re doing) can produce great pictures with just about any camera. How can that be?

        One of the real challenges of higher megapixels is that you have to be much more careful of how much you’re moving whilst holding the camera because even a tiny amount of movement could cause blur. So rather than 1/zoom, you need to be thinking about shooting at 1/(2*zoom). So for 50mm, think about 1/100 for non-IS/VR as being the minimum to get a sharp shot.

        I’ve used a 5D2 and i could post about some cool stuff that it does that the d700 does not, but people here will just shout it down until a Nikon lets them do it and then they’ll trumpet it like it’s a gift from god. Seen it all before.

        • I’m sorry that I can’t mention the company by name. Suffice it to say it’s a billion dollar a year company, and the images were in their ad department. The images looked good, even great. But upon further inspection, I saw nothing that put them above the D700, and some details which made them inferior. This was no small shoot, either. These guys aren’t chumps, and definitely didn’t produce bad work.

          I know my extreme perspective is offputting, and confusing. I don’t mean to say that the images were amateur or low quality. They were great. But the problems I saw in the prints were classic issues I’ve ran into when shooting the same camera. No, the problem was not motion blur. The images were sharp, but key areas were lacking detail. It is a classic problem I’ve noticed in the Canon lineup for years, and a factor of aggressive NR being applied, even at low ISOs, at the expense of fine pattern detail.

      • DaWolf

        I am a happy Nikonian so far, and I have “just” a D80, technology of at least 4 years ago.
        I have taken fantastic shots with it, and also made a lot of mistakes, which I consider a blessing because I have learnt so much from them.
        Now, one thing is to say that you (and I) prefer Nikon over Canon, but to say that Canon 5D2 is horrible because it does not allow you to get detail in the hair, shadows and it’s not sharp…well, with all due respect but it’s just laughable. I guess the photographer in that instance probably was not at par with the assignment.
        Let’s be partisan, we all love Nikon’s product, but let’s keep things in perspective.

        • @DaWolf

          Please read my above post. This has to do with the way Canon processes files and is heavy-handed in processing luminance noise in the files. Nikon, on the other hand, is very hands-off with luminance noise, and instead focuses on controlling chroma noise.

          In layman’s terms, this means that Canon NR causes more blurring, and Nikon NR causes a more monochromatic noise, while leaving the “dots”, or grains of the noise in place. The latter produces a much more film-grain-like noise, and appears much more organic, though it’s more apparent.

          To put it another way, if you’re just looking for noise, you’re more likely to see it in a Nikon shot. But if you are looking for the EVIDENCE of noise, look at a Canon shot where fine detail should be present. You’re more likely to see a mess where the detail should have been.

      • Guys—Seriously: Look at my work. Do I look like a complete moron to you? I hold no fantasies in my heart about being the best photographer in the world. But I think I’m safe in saying I don’t suck either. Seriously, I’m all ears if you have any feedback as to my apparent competency.

        I know when a shot is blurry because of camera shake vs. lens focus. I know when detail is a print problem or an exposure problem or a high ISO problem or a camera specific problem (where I’ve previously shot with said camera and seen what it’s capable of). I realize gear doesn’t make the photographer, and that even old gear in the right hands can dominate.

        But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about specific problems on specific cameras which I’VE PERSONALLY USED AND ASSESSED FOR MYSELF.

        I’m not trying to say that Canon makes the worst cameras in the world. And indeed I can agree that in the right hands I’ve seen Canon images that flat out amaze me. But I can also see the signatures quite easily when any of the inherent problems are presented in the shot.

        My point in the post above is that the 5dMkii, on merit of it’s high megapixel count alone does nothing to “prove” that it’s superior. It has its flaws, just like every system out there. But I am confident enough to invite you to put your 5dMkii image against my D700 image any day, and I’ll eat my hat if I’m shown up. I feel confident saying this having shot with both cameras, and seeing the capabilities of the one that’s called the underdog simply by nature of it not having a spec that people too often gorge themselves on.

        • Discontinued

          Your work** seems to lack detail in hair and shadows …

          … honestly, it does NOT make you look like a complete moron, but your writing and verbal fighting does (at least too me).

          The presumption that other photographers are in constant need of (your) MP-is-unequal-IQ-reminders is pretty arrogant and in itself already annoying. Even if they/we were in such needs, why would you care just sooooooo much?

          This D700-vs.-5DMKII-talk has become pretty obsolete anyway. Personally I am much more interested in both companies next releases rather than in someone’s polemical opinions and views on both, other photographers (in an imagined desperate need of Ron Adaire’s guidance) as well as on old equipment.

          You really are on a strange mission. Reminds me of someone. Er, let me see … some Ron Quixote from spain I heard about. The story goes that he had to put a comment on each and every windmill and was a hell of a verbal attacker.

          **could be done with just any camera

          • Answer me this. annoyingly steady opinion be annoying when it is:

            A) not typically introduced except as a response to someone else’s equally controversial statement

            B) in response to other posters who are constantly blighting Nikon gear with their opinions of the competing Canon gear

            C) taking place on a website where opinions and rumors are the thesis, and

            D) camera gear of the Nikon variety is the main theme

            As I see it, I’m stirring the pot with a number of people that feel slighted because Nikon hasn’t responded “how high?” whenever Canon says “JUMP!” Canon is a marketing machine first, and an electronics manufacturer second. I’ll admit that this rankles me to the core, especially when I see an innovative, thoughtful, competitive company like Nikon get hammered simply by nature of their adherence to their estimable business code. Are they perfect? Certainly not. Should they be embarrassed because they chose to go the opposite direction in the megapixel wars, or should that be clear evidence of their failing?

            • ***edit: How can my steady opinion…

            • Discontinued

              Hi Ron,

              usually I do never go back to posts (and comments), that have already fallen of the front page and have become corpses of the archive.

              Why did I do it today? Quite simple, just because I knew for sure that you would have come here to have the last word: WINDMILLS ! ! !

              You seem to be even pleased to comment to nobody, as long as it serves your ego. (WHY ? ? ?)

              Am I actually doing you a favor in responding or did you just hope, to have this post and the last comments for yourself? (Sad either way, the latter even sadder.)

              Funny thing is, the d700 was not even attacked. If you think so, read again.

              It all started with you calling the 5DMkII and the achievable results a “disaster”, which certainly is blowing things out of proportion. That’s it.

              Right now is the time (pre-Photokina) when every Nikon-shooter hopes to see something in his favor. Be it high ISO and/or high(er) MP (at a lower price) and/or Video.

              Point is, surely nobody needs any reminders for the time being.

              I must admit, that you put a lot of effort in your comments and I don’t want to make fun of this. As I said before, your shots do not make you look like a complete moron and I want to add that you seem to be very concerned about politeness in your comments as well.

              I really don’t want to make fun of this, but you seem to have an issue with self-rightouseness/insecurity. I only type this here, ’cause I am pretty confident, that nobody is going to read this posts and it’s comments anymore. This is not at all meant to be an exposure.

              Ron, just relax a little and I promise you will be twice the man you used to be. The world wide web might not notice it (could you care less ? ? ?), but your friends, family and the girls will. Your shots are already quite nice. YOU …

              … need to keep pace.

              No idea if you get what I am saying, but I mean it and it’s meant nicely. If you think this is just another windmill, just go on and fight it.

            • Thank for the approval to comment on posts of a certain age. And for the irony of you chiding me for doing the same thing you yourself are doing. Ironic indeed.

              Personal attacks? How about answering the questions? How delectably manipulative of you to phrase your comment in such a way that condemns me for answering, or not. I don’t need your permission, nor do I need your approval.

              I wish people would entertain discussion with me on merits of the topic at hand, and not resort to personal attacks thinly veiled as “friendly advice”. What poor taste.

  • newsed1

    Well, the D700 has been on a special offer at some UK dealers for some months now, where the grip is thrown in for free. This offer has been on the opening page of for months. Now it’s gone and there’s a deal on the D3000…

    • Victor Hassleblood

      which hopefully means what …

      … that we will see the (unexpected) d700’s replacement as well as the (expected) D3100?

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    I got inside info that they took the D90 and D700 cameras they had in many warehouses to a nearby ranch to mate with each other to get the new cameras coming in the next few months, they are doing this camera farm experiment all over the world hoping that this time the initial batch of products production will meet the demand (since they always have stock problems with new cameras).

    Personally I would have got the D700 to mate with a Mamiya DM22 but they know what they are doing.

    The downside is that the workers are filming this and uploading them to tube sites to distribute camera porn 🙁

  • ukj

    Does anyone know anyone who works for Nikon. With all theis people on the great web site someone must know one person who works for Nikon who could but all our mine’s at rest.

    • ukj

      i was ment to say. (With all theis people on this great web site someone must know one person who works for Nikon )

  • Josen

    Come on, Nikon! No more tricks. Just give us the D700 replacement.

  • Eric Pepin

    man… ill buy that new d700 if they release one and along with my d300s i would be set for my business for a long time to come (future business anyway)

  • nikon

    good riddance

  • I still use and enjoy my D200 every day. I look forward to the D700 replacement, but more than that, I hope that my D200 stays good for another two years.

  • Although we await the D700 replacement we are still shooting with D200, D300 everyday and when video is required D90. For marketing reasons though Nikon will have to launch the replacements. Much of the “need” having been generated by almost worthless MegaPixel stupidity. Canons in my experience are way better than some Nikon buffs give them credit for.
    HD video is one of the biggest commercial requirements. But I carry Nikon D90 with a 18-200VR everyday at my work and rarely use video. That is one reason why even D200s are still so good! Sales though often is based on hype. But having the latest greatest does come at a premium pricewise. We will wait on the testing and the pricing before I BUY.

  • Nikonlaus

    Sounds like the beginning of the begunning to me

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