Rumor: Nikon Canada is out of D700

The rumor is that Nikon's warehouses in Canada have been out of D700 since early December. They have no indication if any new shipments are on the way.

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  • ob1


    I can smell the d800

    • texasjoe

      When Canada is out of Diamonds and Whiskey let me know. Not when they’re out of the D700.

      • sirin

        it would also be good to know when Canada runs out of Canadians.

        • Mock Kenwell


        • Canuck

          Ouch! No need to be mean. We are your North American alter-ego….polite, generous, happy, sincere, etc.

          • sirin

            kidding. couldn’t resist, mate. ))

        • Ronan

          Won’t happen, too many Americans comes here and become permanent citizens.

          Something about a fail-economy, fail-government.

          • Sash

            nice one 😀

          • sirin

            rly? luckily, i’m not american. 😉

            • jk

              funny how the canadians assume it is an american bashing them.

            • Even funnier how JK assumes that Canadians are assuming anything here…

            • Discontinued

              smart comment. thumbs up.

              (mostly wrong) assumptions are
              some kind of sport on NR.

          • scurvyhesh

            LOL! You mad Canada?

            • Drab

              Hesh, what do you think about the occupants of Pod Six?

          • I used to date a French Canadian Girl. She was super hot and flexible. She was a ballet dancer, but might have had inappropriate relations with her teachers. Her “drive” was exceptional. If I was the Ernest Hemingway type i would write a book about her. Her family was crazy though! They lived in Florida with her in a huge Mc mansion on a lake. They were nice people but all they did was talk about how much better Canada was. I remember one time her brother was trying to rope me in to an argument about how much better Canadian cigarettes are. I told him he was ridiculous since neither on of us smoked. They were funny, really funny considering they all moved to Florida because they were “being taxed to death” in Canada.

      • Eric

        Take off you hoser.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Can’t get a D7000 in Canada either. Does that mean a replacement is coming?

      • Yep, but it will be a Canada-only replacement — powered by maple syrup.

        • JustBro

          LOL! And I’m Canadian! That was a good one. Well done!!

  • scurvy hesh

    Oh yeah! Its definitely a sign. D800 time baby! Looking forward to seeing this beast, but I am most excited about all the used D700’s that will be flooding the market.

    • Carlos R B


    • D700guy

      I disagree. If a shooter is like myself, their D700 might become their backup camera, but there’s no reason to sell it. Now, my D300 is another story. That rig is going on sale as soon as I can get the add written.
      I can full envision ownig a D4, and keeping my D700 for a second body.

      • scurvy hesh

        There will be plenty of D700’s on the used market. this has proven itself numerous times. I hardly ever buy the new camera when it comes out anymore. I always wait and buy a cherry used one from some amateur. Although the D800 might change that trend.

        • D700guy

          I have a friend who owns a 5Dmk11
          His rig is in and out of the repair shop almost monthly.
          He’s had shutters replaced, focus systems replaced, this, that and the other has gone wrong with it. But my D700? It has stayed the course and delivered consistantly without fail for over 2 years now. That’s hard to say goodbye to.

          • scurvy hesh

            I feel you bud. You should keep the camera. My experience has been the same since I bought my first used D1 in 2000. There will be d700’s

          • sirin

            srsly? didn’t know that happens a lot with DSLR’s, at least i never had to fix anything on my two cameras. never heard about any issues from other Nikon shooters.
            are problems like that common with Canon, anyone?

            • Keith

              “srsly? didn’t know that happens a lot with DSLR’s”

              It doesn’t. He’s lying.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Sounds totally fabricated.

            • sirin

              ok. for a minute i thought i was missing something.

            • Elton

              A friend has had the shutter replaced (free) by Canon twice in his 1DIII. It fell apart the first time in the UK while across the pond to shoot a wedding. He ended up shooting with the grooms D70 and his Canon strobe. (If you know what you’re doing you can make stuff work.) OTOH, my D70 conked out as I was packing it for a shoot – the infamous dead sensor issue. Nikon replaced it free and I broke out the F100 and went old-school.

            • Ronan

              Canon lenses apparently love to all off.

            • scurvyhesh

              F100 wins!

          • Mr Sony

            Good for you trolling Canon, did you like it?
            Does it give you a good feeling?
            Or are you just frustrated that the 5D MKII is still selling like cake while sales of D700 are plunging?

            • Like Cake

              Can sell like cake. Nikon sell like HOT cakes!


            • Yeah, I’d hope D700 sales are plunging… Not only are they no longer available in some places, but Nikon owners are bright enough not to buy something new near its end-of-life… wait for the replacement of buy used, if you can.

            • @BrettA:

              Nope, I just ordered a new D700 a few days ago. The D700 replacement will be much, much more expensive than the 1700€ I gave for mine. I am upgrading from my D80.


            • So people cant even talk about their experiences? Do you even know what trolling is? Look at all the Sony and Canon fanboys on here. Oh wait….

            • Discontinued

              “… not to buy something new near its end-of-life …”

              better be careful with statements like that. Some fanboys and -girls here actually think you are a cheap piece of shit, just looking for excuses if you don’t “buy something new near its end-of-life”. They think you can’t possibly fork out enough money towards Nikon and the best time to do so is always now. I’ve read some rather interesting comments lately.

        • Aaron

          What are your thoughts on buying used bodies? I haven’t had issues with buying used glass, but the bodies wear down faster than the lenses, so I wouldn’t jump on something that has a high actuation count just to save a few bucks.

          I’m just curious because I’ve never done it before – do you find you’re taking it to be repaired more often because it’s used?

          • scurvy hesh

            I have always had great experience buying used pro Nikon bodies. Many of them can trace their lineage back the the rugged F5. These cameras can easily reach 3-400,000 shots without fail. When I got my D2hs, The camera had 150,000 actuation’s at the time($450) and it was fine with me. I am currently a lil over 675,000 actuation’s with that beast. That camera is max iso 1000, but is a dream for daytime sports! It serves my need for my speed camera, and I’m currently using my D90 as my portrait landscape camera. I had a D300 but sold it for a used 85 1.4 afd. My experiences have been great, although I used to work at a camera store with a repair facility and I have a lil bit of experience. If you are unsure then I highly recommend buying cameras from KEH. I bought a Fuji S3 on bargain grade a few years ago for $400.00 (amongst a few other great buys) The only thing wrong with it was a small scratch on the lcd cover. I bought a replacement for $20.00 and had a new camera. that camera served me very well for portraits. I sold it last year for a lil less than what I paid for it. Not too shabby! Now is it a good value? that is up to you. It really depends on what you need. I do like the fact that I have a rugged pro spec body I can take snowboarding, and a nice relatively high rez D90(with enough video for me) and I got both for less than what I could get a D7000 new. Once the D700’s start flooding the market I will finally retire the D2hs and pick up my FX body.

          • PHB

            Nikons are pretty robust, the professional bodies are all good to stand up to daily use. So if you buy one used from an amateur you are likely going to be good.

            The downside is that prices are pretty high compared with other used electronics. The D700 sells for $2200 new and $1500-1700 used.

            Thats a great deal if you are selling, but even though that camera may have ten more years of useful service life, it will be technically obsolete five years after introduction. Which means the first owner has had the advantage of half that time.

            $500 is a decent chunk of change to save, but I think the saving should be rather more.

            • scurvyhesh

              Its all about timing PHB. That’s what D700’s are going for now. They will be 900-1500 once the replacement comes out (and in stock) I held out on the D90 until right before Xmas. the week before they were going for 650-750 easy. I got mine for $500 on CL right when we started seeing D7000’s at the local shop . It had 1500 actuation’s. I think I did pretty good considering I will use it for the next few years as a back up portrait camera and for video when needed. Wont need much more than 720p as I will most likely be shooting for youtube. As for a Cameras useful life… again, it depends on what your needs are. My D2hs still makes great 16′ prints, and that’s all I really need most of the time for sports. If I need more rez I can use the D90 and if I REALLY need more I have an old Bronica 6X6 collecting dust. That will get me a better image than your D3x. I really wonder how many of you are actually utilizing the full capabilities of your gear. Or worse, shooting expensive bodies with crap lenses

            • Paul

              I’ve never seen a D700 go for $2200 new.

            • MRPhotoau

              I bought my D700 new for $2,399 pretty close, but I’ve never seen them go cheaper. How many have people actually seen second hand?

          • Mock Kenwell

            Used bodies are great. Be smart. Know what you’re looking for and entertain respectable offers only. Watch out for pro gear. Some folks think pros handle their stuff carefully but their cameras typically go through hell. Manufacturer refurb bodies are also a great deal. They actually go through more rigorous qc testing the second time around. And gray market works as well. I’ve purchased all of these and have had great experiences.

            • scurvyhesh

              Bump that Mock!

      • +1

        My trusty D700 will go to backup, and my D300s will go to eBay (or a local photographer).

    • me too, waiting for upgrade from D200 to D700. let the used market flood.

      I poor soul can test D700 🙂

  • scurvy hesh

    Congratulations! You win some form of E cred.

    • Artem Bulashev

      hahahha!) +1

  • Dweeb

    Canada is a dumpling ground for discontinued Nikon stuff. There will be more. Just means they sold more than expected at Christmas.

    • i love dumplings! =P

      • Dweeb

        Aw geeze, why does this always have to happen to me?

        • Mock Kenwell


        • Joe D

          With a name like Dweeb I’m sure you know why it always happens to you! 😉

      • Canuck

        I MAKE dumplings!

    • Eric Pepin

      I work at a canadian camera retailer and this is true, we also are out of T2is for the next month, and that was a memo from Canon itself.

      • Thanks Eric – I received few other reports that various stores cannot order the D700 anymore.

    • Like Cake

      Could sell like cake dumplings.

  • gt

    Devil’s Advocate: The Out-of-stock issues might have more to do with Nikon’s inability to ship products reliably – than to do with new products on the way

    • this is true with new products (or the D3s) but the D700 is almost 2.5 years old

      • cirtap

        Electronic game changes every 3-6 months..what’s new in Jan. is Old in March. The D700 and D3s are old news. THEY are still just good. BUT Nikon knows they must play that game.

        • lola

          Cameras are not like electronic games, what a ludicrous analogy.

          • Ronan

            Actually they are…

            • anon

              No they’re not.

            • Global

              Yes they are. The more digital they become, the more they become like video games: Disposable, upgradeable.

              You have to understand, it used to be a chunk of glass and a plastic/metal frame for pushing through film. That was “immortal” as long as manufacturing was top-notch.

              These days we have sensors (outdated in 2 years like clock-work, pixels that die or discolor), batteries (die, irreplaceable after certain age), memory formats (unable to use new formats after a few years or require new readers, etc), VR/IS/etc (vibrations/lens shifting micro parts that wear down over time due to friction). The whole system has as many parts as a modern car and its no wonder they sometimes go “Toyota” on us before 5 years is up, compared to the immortal systems of the past. Not to mention just frankly get replaced.

              I think these days people own a particular camera (NON-hobby/heavy users) for 2-5 years max. They might KEEP the old camera, but they don’t use it. How often do GAMERS (non-light users/heavy users) upgrade their video game systems?

              About every 2-5 years? Sound familiar?

              Its digital. Its not a pinball machine. Its not film and glass. Its a video game system for pros and heavy users. Lenses are becoming like cartridges with all their special features and switches, although still is primarily glass. But the bodies — pure console system. The comparison is accurate.

      • Pierre

        My favorite hardware supplier is out of D3x too.

        • patrick

          Some stores don’t stock the D3x. A camera shop in Manhattan told me a few months ago that they don’t keep any in stock because they had a guy looking at two of them who bolted out the door into a waiting car with them. $15,000 out the door (or whatever the wholesale price is). Clerk probably got fired, too.

          • Pierre

            It’s a silly solution to a security problem but that’s their choice.

            My store had a D3x last week but they were out of D3s, this week it’s the opposite and it may have anything to do with this subject.

            It must also be the first time I see them out of D700 and this is right on the subject.

          • Global

            The clerk might even have been in on it. A heck of a lot of the time, they are. Some even justify it knowing that the company has loss insurance or they don’t like their boss/the owner. Imagine letting someone look at two D3xes simultaneously. I wonder if there were lenses on them too, haha.

          • Rob

            If the clerk didn’t manage to snap a picture of the car, he was definitely in on it. He’s in a store full of cameras.

            • Like Cake

              He’s a camera store clerk, not a photographer. 😉

  • Grays of Westminster don’t expect any new D700 before summer, and they would be surprised if the new model comes with flash: “You migt have to use a SU800 or another flash”

  • I have a bad feeling about D800. I think this year D700 will remain my camera. 😀

    • scurvy hesh

      You have a bad feeling that it will be awesome?

      • Global

        He has a bad feeling he’s going to continue using the D700 while other people have the D800 around him. Its good to be king for so many years, but then to see Simba come walking by…..

    • sirin

      if i had D700 already like you do, i don’t think i’d be considering an upgrade, unless you need video. i feel that D700 is rather an upgrade for D300s and consumer-level camera owners who need FX.

    • Mock Kenwell

      A bad feeling? What are you, a Jedi? Or just a bored George Lucas?

      • broxibear

        I find your lack of faith disturbing…The ability to mock people on a blog is insignificant next to the power of the force !

        • Mock Kenwell

          All too easy…

          • Anonimouse


            Most Impressive.

            • Like Cake

              What’s up with the weird censoring on NR?!

              All I wrote here was: “messa called Jar Jar Binks!” and my post was deleted for some reason.

              Why? Not mad, just wondering why? U hate Jar Jar that much? That racist!

            • Mock Kenwell

              Who doesn’t hate Jar Jar?

  • Chris

    It’s still available online here in Canada. And the store inventory for my local store (Windsor) show’s they have them in stock.

    • Chris, the rumor was for Nikon’s warehouses, not individual stores. Try to call Nikon Canada and ask them if they can immediately ship you any D700. Let me know what they say. Thanks.

  • The Invisible Man

    This is true, reason why my wife did not get me a D700 for christmas, instead I got a D900
    By the way, can I have my old icon back ? It matched better with my screen name.

  • PB PM

    Admin this means very little, Nikon Canada always runs low on stock of higher end DSLRs at this time of year, as they freeze shipments in preparation for inventory in February. I found this out a few years ago when I took something in for repair, and it took five weeks to get my lens back.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    What is the best guess as to the price for the rumored D800 Full Frame camera. I would like to go to full frame, but $3,000 and above is too much for me.

    • JorPet


      Seriously though, I would expect and upgraded D700 with 2 stops better resolution and 18+ MP and video, to be around $3,500 to start. Partly due to the stronger Yen, partly due to the increase in complexity.

      • Henry Nikon Fan

        I think that you may be right and that is not what I was hoping for. I will have to wait for the D400 or whatever it may be called.

      • Global

        DON’T ENCOURAGE those kind of speculations! I think that technology should make things cheaper, when the tech is “passed down”, not more expensive (especially for any one line).

        $3,000 MAXIMUM in my opinion. Same as D700, $2700 in a few months after release. $2500 actual.

        And the Yen was already taken into account with the D700’s price, which is why it never dipped under $2000. So we don’t need to worry about the Yen so much. You guys don’t even know what $3,000 represents in terms of parts and labor and R&D, so please don’t push the number up. $3,000 is QUITE enough. Nikon knows quite well that $9,000 for the D3x was quite a scam. And while the D3s was more realistic, it was still an amazing stretch of pricing.

        Imagine if Nikon had sold as many D3xes as D300es and D700es, because they had used a $3,000 price point. They’d sell FAR MORE than triple the number D3xes at the $9,000 price.

        So what gives? Status, puffery, and the willing consent of speculating consumers who say “that’s ok!” That’s why many professionals skipped the D3x. It was an insult in pricing. Made abundantly clear by the 5DMII, where a studio/landscape photographer could buy the 5DMII AND a set of lenses for their work and have the benefit of a dual format studio, because Nikon priced their product poorly (stupidly in my opinion), killing its own market on the megapixel end.

        So don’t puff up the $3,000. That’s correct. That quite enough and in fact $2,000 is, except they’d never admit it.

  • pooparty

    sweet little graphic with the canadian flag on the screen. clever…

  • Aaron
    • D700guy


      • Aaron

        Yeah, I figured. No pictures of the actual products…

        I don’t deal a lot on Ebay, so it’s hard to test what is reputable.

        • Global

          The user is selling 5 big-ticket items, with the sells ending at exactly the same time. They’ll walk away with $5,000 bucks and who knows if the name disappears into South East Asia or Australia, where the user is registered.

          That being said, the user has a history of 31 transactions since as early as 2005 with quite Positive Feedback from users who have as many as thousands of transactions.

          However the price of the of EOS and D700 are “unbelievable” and common sense must prevail even if feedback looks nice.

          • Rob

            I really liked the D3x models he’s selling new for 999 Euro a piece. The best part is that they ship from HongKong China, Australia and only ship to the Netherlands.

            Actually, I’m having trouble finding the city of HongKong China on my map of Australia…I always struggle with geography.

    • MRPhotoau

      This is not the first time I have seen this. The last guy had a number of all the pro bodies from Canon and Nikon all at $999 and $1499 or their abouts. A D3x at 1.5K would be awesome but within 24hrs they were all removed from ebay. I hope no-one was stung.

      • MRPhotoau

        Also, most of us Aussies are normal decent blokes.

        • Panfruit

          Yob. 😛

          • MRPhotoau

            Why thankyou!!

      • Aaron

        Well, someone is buying them, he’s already sold 9.

  • adam

    Luckily for me I don’t have money already invested into a system. Whatever comes out first, (D800 or 5D MKIII), will get my money! Hopefully this wait is worth it.

    • patrick

      Even if one costs $1K more than the other?

  • Global

    Admin –

    I suggest that when you request “guest post authors” you actually require the guest author to send a summary of the post they want to make/share. Don’t ask for people (you’ll get 200), ask for content (you’ll get 5-20).

    It also doesn’t make sense that you do reviews, but not regularly. (Regular intervals). You must give a detailed product review once or twice per month at a minimum to retain credibility. I suggest you ask your guest authors to make detailed reviews of products, including product images and post those reviews once per week — always on the same day.

    The regularity of a business process may keep your guest authors continually engaged and knowing deadlines, etc, and you may acquire big name authors once you are seen as a reliable source for reviews.

    • PiXLPeeper

      Your are absolutely right!
      This blog (et Al) is very disorganized and unpredictable, just as a buddies’ conversation in a Pub… while, maybe, 2% is of any use…
      Let me go get a beer and peanuts while I continue reading 😉

      • True, I react on what the latest rumor is. Scheduling posts and making a plan is boring 🙂 (ok, I have the weekly Nikon links every weekend)

    • Global, I do receive suggestions for guest posts but I cannot ask people to sit down and write something in advance without even knowing if I will agree to publish it.

      The next serious review (comparison) will be the new Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 vs. the new Nikon 35mm f/1.4. Before that I will have a quick post on why the Coolpix S8100 sucks compared to the Canon S95.

      At that point it is very difficult for me to keep any kind of schedule. Maybe this will change in the future.

  • John

    Yes, the D800 must be around the corner since I just bought a used D700, thus, with my usual luck, the D800 will be announced and the D700 prices will start to fall precipitously. At least I’ve moved up to FX sooner than later.
    If the D800 does not have a built-in flash then I’ll be very satisfied with my D700. If it does have a built-in flash, then I’ll just have to wait a few years before thinking about upgrading.

    What I’m really interested in is what Nikon will have in their mirror-less offering. Will it be DX? Will it be FX? Will it have an EVF? Will it use new lenses?
    I’m looking to go smaller and more compact than my D300 or D700 while maintaining good image quality (like 12MP DX can), so I’m hoping not to have to go over to the m43 camp to get something like that. April cannot come soon enough!

  • Banned


  • kevin

    Vistek has had them on clearance for what its worth. It won’t be a D800 either. D700s is what you should be expecting. Makes a lot of sense with the D3s being over a year old.

    • Anonymouıs


  • They are waiting for a new camera with a cold weather package. I love Canada, Rye-Coke, eh!

  • Renard

    I can’t believe it–according to my calculations, by this time next month, I will have a D800 in my hands! 🙂

  • tigrebleu74

    Nikon has had issues with shortage of many of its products in the past and will probably have some in the years to come.

    Nikon simply cannot manufacture enough units to meet the demand of customers for many of its products, form DSLR bodies to lenses and flashes. Nikon is not the only one facing these problems: Canon and Pentax have or had similar issues as well. A few years ago, Pentax had to open a new manufacturing plant in Vietnam to meet the demand for lenses alone, with many high-end pieces of glass (DA*50-135 F/2.8 for instance) being constantly backordered everywhere.

    I remember a few years before that, when the Nikon D200 was released. In my town, people had to order the DSLR at least 2 months in advance to be sure to have it. All our orders were sold to client before the camera actually made it on the shelf. And we were able to meet only half of our customers needs. After 3 months of this “if you don’t order, you can’t have it”, the D200 was finally manufactured in sufficient numbers to make it on the shelves for clients to try a demo. Talk about meeting the consumers’ demands! lol

    I’m sure the Nikon D700 will eventually be back in stock… but if it’s not back in stock by late February, I’ll put at least $3000 aside and wait… to buy a brand new D800!

    • I had to wait 6 months to get my D200. Hopefully not the same when D8xx comes out.

  • anon
    • Funduro

      L O L you saved the best for last .

  • Segura

    I think this is just a supply issue. Keep in mind Nikon is horrible about having an item to sell when they announce. It was September when they announced the D7000, but didn’t ship any until late October or November right? So even if they announce the replacement in Feb, they won’t have it available anywhere until maybe April. Seems too long to be OOS on a D700.

  • Goose

    oh yeah, its time to buy dirt cheap last stock d700 \m/

  • Everything is heating up 😀

  • Nikon humper

    I LOVE MY D700!!!

    But come on where’s the D4!!!
    I need my 24mp with D3s iso performance!!!
    Video would be nice, but I probly touch it once a year…

    I spend to many time in genuine fractals :/ LOL

  • Admin, thanks for your tireless efforts. I’m wondering, IF they announce the D800 (or even D400) as early as Feb 9 – what likely timeframe does that indicate the cameras actually getting into consumers’ hands, based on previous product announcements and releases?

    Seems like I’ve been holding off on buying a D700 forever now; I keep thinking we’re right around the corner from an update!

    • Lately Nikon was able to start delivery 30 days after a DSLR is announced. For high end lenses the wait time for the first shipment can be up to 90 days after announcement.

  • Annatar

    Another red herring…D700s are selling extremely well hence the low stock. Lots of D700s available in Australia. Of course a replacement is due sooner or later…but all in Nikon’s good time.

  • Eric Pepin

    This is stock issues more then anything, Canada is currently also low on Canon T2i’s, T1i’s, and D7000’s.

    • enesunkie

      Sony user are also having to deal with out of stock issues.

      • Eric Pepin

        at my chain of stores we have plenty of sony products but you may be right, but we got a msg direct from canon that it would be one to two months before the T2i’s started flowing again.

  • Pierre

    If D800 comes out first, Ill have to wait for the D4 spec and price before deciding to upgrade my D700. If the D4 comes out first… well… Ill have to wait for the D800 specs too. Maybe I should get some primes while waiting. I may still be a year and half before choosing.

  • DSLRMania
  • Morg


  • SGN

    Admin, any rumors at all about lens releases in the Feb announcement?

    • Rick

      Nikon USA web store shows the 300mm f4 AF-S as out of stock…

    • no, no word on lenses

  • mshi

    Those that are waiting for D700 replacement will be disappointed again in 2011.

    • anon

      You mean it won’t turn me into the great photographer I think I am, and will instead only highlight my lack of talent and creative thought ?
      Oh well I’ll stick with my Leica M9 then.

    • Baked Bananas

      Disappointed? Note to the clueless. The d4 will arrive this year. The d700 replacement will arrive 11 months later. Get off the internet and just keep shooting pictures. Remember the best camera is the one that’s with you. Unless its a Canon, the springs would pop out, the camera falls apart then you cant take a picture.

    • Mr Sony

      I actually think you are right.

      D800 will not bring more camera as the d3s as this would kill all sales of the more expensive model. However d700 user yend to think that the d800 will be eben better specced then d3x

  • Mark

    Okay, this is a bit like reading tea leaves. However, Calgary’s The Camerstore had no D700 stock at Christmas and could not tell me when they might have any in. Their web site continues to show it as out of stock. But I was able to buy a D700 at Vistek. And I noticed today that the D700 is out of stock at the West Edmonton Mall location of Black’s Photography.

    My reading of the tea leaves is that a replacement for the D700 will come out in the next month or two, but well before the D4 as I suspect Nikon want to distinguish the D700 line from the Dx line.

    So all I can say is I am sooooo happy I was able to buy a D700 from Vistek at Christmas (Snoopy happy dance). I am not concerned that a replacement version is due. Waiting for the future is sensless as I would have lost shooting opportunities and experience using my first digital camera after a lifetime of film.

    • Eric Pepin

      Henrys, Vistek, and Blacks photo all had D700’s in stock over the holidays.

  • deagleman

    I’ve been looking for a D700 but decided to wait a few weeks for the Nikon announcement when my local retailers started running out of stock here in Vancouver.

    At Futureshop, Canada’s large chain electronics store, they seemed to have moved most of their remaining D700 stock to their downtown location while the rest are down to none or their demo models with no word of restock (this is from a source from inside the Best Buy/Futureshop head office). The last time I remember this happening was before the D300s was announced.

    In another note, look for huge secret store deals on the D700 to happen at Futureshop if the D800 is released soon. This is how I bought my D300. $1000 CAD including tax, and an extra 5 years warranty.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    The shortage of D700 in Canada has nothing to do with a new model.
    After the breakdown in diplomatic relations between Canada and the UAE, the PM decided to draw attention away from the topic and started to piss off Japan by declaring seaweed unhealthy and stopping all imports.
    The D700 embargo is the Japanese answer!

  • Zarma-stodonte

    My local photo store in France tells me that they get invited to trainings prior to new products releases. So far, no invitation to trainings. Stocks in EU look good. No expected shortage of D700 here.

  • Persona VIVA

    Not too sure what this rumour results in, but am sure it will give some sleepless nights to those who just bought one, and some more confusion to those who after much deliberation decided on the aforesaid models….btw any news abt a 600mm vrII in sight

  • broxibear

    For what it’s worth I “heard” a AF-S 28mm f1.4 G ED is part of the Feb announcement… makes sense since they have a 24mm and 35mm version ?

    • Eric Pepin

      makes no sense at all. A refresh of the 2.8 wides and 1.8 normals and teles would be nice though.

  • MB

    We should calm our beating harts for now, D700 will live to see a few months more.
    On the other hand D5100 is something to expect …

  • JustBro

    I’m so F. tired of waiting the D700 replacement.

    I need a good FF and I do not want to go to canon.
    And if I buy the D700 and the D800 is coming out like two months later, I’m going to kill myself.. lol



    • D700guy

      Let’s break this thing down;
      The D800 is pending announcement in March.
      It gets announced for release in June,
      then the lag in availability pushes it out past Septmber in December,
      demand escalates the price to 120% of it’s MSRP for another 9 months
      at which point it’s now mid 2012 and you finally get you 25mp D700 replacement.

      Sound about right?

      • JustBro

        You are not a believer man.

        All I want, is something to kick the ass of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
        I do not want to buy Canon’s sh*t.

        I’m interested by the video option of these camera.
        And we all know that Nikon is better than Canon.

        So, I do believe in that D800.

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