Weekly Nikon related news/links #95

Those are the Nikon related links from last week:

  • Another report from a store in Belgium  (email sent to customers) that the Nikon D700 is discontinued. I received similar report from a major US retail chain that is currently out of stock and have no future plans on ordering new D700 units.
  • Nikon rebates are expiring at the end of January in the US. I will post a separate update next week if they get extended again in February (Coolpix rebates are available here).
  • Adorama started already listing refurbished Nikon D7000 cameras.
  • Another rare Nikon 300mm f/2 lens for sale on eBay.
  • Nikon ambassador Marcus Bell is raising money for the Queensland flood relief, check out his blog and spread the word.
  • Nikon is offering 3 free months of Picturetown gold membership (promo code FREE3MTHS). With the gold membership you can create and save your own personal PhotoMovies.
  • New product: Snug-It Pro Skin for Nikon D3100:

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  • dan

    Man, I’ll be so psyched if they release the D800 soon. I know they won’t as it makes hardly any sense for them to given the order they usually update, but still, I can dream can’t I?

    • WoutK89

      And what fantasy order is that? The long history of FX, or like they have been doing it lately with DX (from the bottom-up)?

      • dan

        Yeah the bottom up.
        Apart from their current DX line, they’ve always trickled down sensors to cheaper bodies. Unless the D4 and D800 were vastly different they would no doubt be shooting themselves in the foot were to to release the latter first,

      • Discontinued

        Thumps up for questioning the “order”.

        DSLR has just learned to walk and to say daddy.
        11 years (DX) isn’t exactly a long history and FX still
        wets the trousers. This silly sucking on Nicocks crystal balls
        always annoys me. Strange habit.

        Once and for all: there ain’t no order coming out of this!

      • pooparty

        i wouldnt be surprised if the D4 is a complete departure from the D800. Canon rumors states that their flagship will have a square sensor. Nikon may match that…

      • Ren Kockwell

        Granted, DSLRs don’t have as much history as their film counterparts, but they have already trounced them with their upgrade schedule. So you definitely have more data, trends and proclivities to mine in a shorter timeframe.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          “definitely have more data”

          Still you can’t tell a f##king thing from that database. Well, give it a try. I am looking forward to your enlightening analysis.

  • Lola

    My guess is that the new camera, let say D800, will be the replacement of both D300s and D700.

    Anybody thinks the same ?

    • Kingyo

      there will be No D700 replacement in 2011 🙁

      • i am afraid it could be true

      • Markus

        a new dslr is right around the corner, March it is.

      • pethunia

        If that is true, Nikon will not receive one Euro from me in 2 years.
        I’ll buy a second-hand D700… But no, I do not believe they will make that choice, and I do expect a D700 follow-up in 2011.

    • Panfruit

      That would be quite interesting and cool.

    • pooparty

      I disagree. That specs that came out a week or two ago, about a body with no flash and 16-18mp’s, seems as a d300 replacement to me. the D800 will be 20+.

  • gt


    In the past, when a camera body has gone out of stock in factories like this – what has this meant? Did it usually indicate that the new camera will be released with 1 – 2 months?

    Note: I realize its pure speculation – I’d just like to know, historically, what has happened

    • It depends, the 70-200 for example took forever to be replaced after the first reports started to come in that is being discontinued.

      • Rob

        Based on digging through the archives, it looks like the 70-200 VRII was available just under 5 months from the time you were reporting dealers couldn’t get them, or 4 months after Nikon announced the lens. With this time frame, if they announce the new camera on Feb 9th, we can expect it to be available about June 1st!

        • Yes, that sounds right – exactly 3 years after the D700 was announced.

        • Nice research 😀 That sounds very logical.

        • pooparty

          i cant wait that long!

  • PiXLPeeper

    Friend, well connected nr tipster, just said to me that most rebates were extended thru Feb 26!

  • andyh

    Fun fun fun!

    I already blew my savings on the D700 back in September (couldnt wait any longer)
    but it’s still interesting to see what Nikon brings out. I hope the D800 is terrific! even though I won’t be upgrading this time around.

    • gt

      haha I seriously have a check that I’m unwilling to cash…as soon as I do, I know I’m going to want to spend it

      • iWhine from Apple

        I just got a bonus from my work that I want to keep for the D800. 😀

        The 14-24 is looking pretty tempting though…

        • D800 $3000+
          14-24 $1300 used in mint condition

          . . . Buy the 14-24mm, use it til the d800 comes out, then sell it if you need the cash…

  • K

    I’m still waiting on the announcement of the d5100…

  • Anonymus Maximus

    The 300 F2 lens is unfortunately converted to mount on Cinema-Filmkameras.
    For that price I would expect at least an F-mount.
    Not that I will be able to afford one anyway.

    • WoutK89

      Wasnt it like this with all the 300/2’s that showed up lately?
      Can you imagine the price if it indeed still had a F-mount?

  • M!

    @ “Adorama started already listing refurbished Nikon D7000 cameras.”
    Adorama is kidding, right? They sell a new one for $1199.95 and the Refurbished one for $1169.95. Anyone stupid enought to want to save $30 on a $1200 camera and buy refurbished?

    • asdasd

      well it does make sense…
      with recent nikon terrible QC refurbished actually is better

      • WoutK89

        What quality control? You mean the one where they put a lenscap on and shoot high ISO videos?

        These cameras are all probably just updated in firmware since they have been returned by people that dont know how to take photos, but do know how to not use their camera.

        • asdasd

          refurb cameras are also hand checked and calibrated while normal cameras just fly from line.
          i recently have such serious issues with nikon quality (lenses and bodies) that it started to really drive me nuts. I know canon is probably not better, but i was used to buy and use, now i return or need calibration of half stuff i buy (all pro stuff) 🙁

  • Anonymous

    wtf is century neutral mount?

  • WoutK89

    Photozone.de has a very interesting link up:
    Tokina will show prototypes of the new lenses, 17-35/4.0 FX and a 400/6.3 mirror lens.
    http://www.kenko-tokina.co.jp/news/110129-cp.html (the original page)

  • Blaze

    I just bought a D700 on saturday, so I hope the D800 release is faaaar away 😉

    • Discontinued

      In which case many people probably would go Canon. Do you really hope so?

      • T140AVRider

        He is speaking personally not for everyone here.
        I have a D700. Two years old and 45K shots. This is by a very long way, the best camera I’ve ever owned.
        The D800 (or whatever) will have to be a big improvement over the D700 for me to part with my cash within a year.
        I’m looking at the new 85mm lens or the 70-200VRII as my next purchase.
        I got an SB900 in my christmas stocking…

    • MRPhotoau

      Hey Blaze,
      Enjoy the D700 I guarantee you will not regret it. Especially if you have even some half decent glass. The D700 is so much better a camera than any in the DX line-up and as ‘T140AVRider’ has said ‘it would need to be a vast improvement’
      Also, even if it is released in a week or so (unlikely but possible) you would have to pre-order it and be lucky to get it before June at top dollar or wait another 12 months for the price to stabalize. The way I see it, I am better to wait at least for the reviews to start flowing. Real world reviews.
      I will be looking more intently at the release of the D4 or a possible D4x.

      Discontinued: Speak for yourself please. Go and read a few CR pages on the 5D, 5DmkII, and 1D range. I think you may get a surprise.

      You hear the same BS, ‘If Canon doesn’t get its finger out and give us an answer to the D700 they will find a lot of people jumping ship’, ‘I hope the D5mkIII doesn’t end up with the rumoured 28MP and greater disadvantage us with our DR and ISO’, ‘I am hoping for just 18MP’
      I’ve said it before, Blah, blah, blah!!!

      If you want to go to Canon because it suits you better, then just go. I really don’t think Nikon will feel treatened nor disadvantaged by the loss.

      • Victor Hassleblood


        >>Hey Blaze,
        I am rather looking for a D4x, but I guarantee you you will enjoy your D700.

        Isn’t it amazing how peoples characters shine when they are anonymous …<<

        Hey MRPhotau,
        you bright and anonymously shining Jesus, why don't you practice just half the shit you preach. To busy removing doubts I guess.

  • broxibear

    It’s interesting to read all those talking about price drops if an updated model comes out…as far as I can see the price doesn’t drop that much, what happens is stock just runs out.
    The D700 was £2000 when released and it’s now £1680, the D90 was £700 when released and now is £556, the D3 was £3400 when released and a few places still have new bodies and they’re £3064…even when the D3100 came out the price of the D3000 didn’t change much they just became unavailable.
    The used prices in the UK are similar, a mint used D90 with around 3000 shutter actuations is £500, a used D300s with 11000 shutter actuations is £850 ?
    Considering the price of any D800 will be near or above £2400, getting a new D700 now at £1680 is a great buy.

  • The Invisible Man

    Great news !

    Here is what I want for my D900 (D800) :

    – NO FLASH !!!!!
    – Sensor 18 mp minimum (with 12mp noise of course !)
    – Compact Flash cards
    – 100% viewfinder
    – No junk like special program modes (for cats, twin babies, sunsets, etc…)
    – Full HD video at 60fps (or no video at all)
    – $1995

    Thank you Mr Nikon !

    • Ronan

      Replace $1995 with $2995 and it might happen.

      • lola

        Replace $2995 with $3995 and it might happen.

        • MRPhotoau

          This is far closer to reality!
          You can expect a starting price of at least AUD$3800 (not sure what that means for the rest of you)
          If you ain’t in that price range grap a D700 and save around AUD$1,500

          • Ronan

            D3 and D3x and now a Hassy H system, so yeah it’s in my price range 😛

            Don’t need it though…

  • Ronan

    Nice story about the lens hood, quite fun to read.

    Thanks 🙂

  • jdsl

    “I got from Warren (be) a mail saying that the Nikon D700 is removed from the range.
    On the site I see him still standing.
    Is there a sequel coming? Does anyone know anything about?”

    Nice translation Google 😀

    • Thanks, I got several similar reports from other stores. A D700 replacement could still be few months away. Maybe you can call the store and ask them why they removed it from their inventory? Did they hear something directly from Nikon? Can they still order the the D700?

  • D700guy

    So, given all the noise about D700 discontinuation, and the probability of the D800’s arival, what, if any news is there concerning the D4 and the D3s/D3x discontinuation?

  • Glenn

    Adorama can’t get any new D7000’s but they do have refurbs? That seems a little weird. Maybe Nikon is throwing them a bone with those units. I had an order for a new D7000 with them since late November and no fulfillment in sight so I canceled it and bought it Friday from another source…should be delivered tomorrow. I don’t have any qualms about buying a refurb but the warranty is something really short like 90 days right? So that might be an important issue for many

  • broxibear

    deja vu ?…
    Apparently the D700 replacement was coming out a year ago lol…I think it’ll be out when you can go into a retailer, hand over your money and walk out with a gold box with D800 printed on the side.

    • MRPhotoau


      Well said.

  • Another Non-Pro

    Canon 5D Mark III is coming this March, or at least that’s what rumors are saying. If so, we should see the D700 replacement in the same time frame.
    Personally I am a Nikon & Canon fanboy, they are both excellent in term of professional imaging company. I am not a pro photographer, and I don’t think I’ll be anytime soon. However I have been reading Nikon Rumors for some time now and been following the market on the latest DSLR release and I have to said that Nikon is always been behind Canon. I think the D700 (I am currently shooting with) is a great camera and it meets my need but I can feel for those pro out there who would like the D700 to have similar 5D2’s Spec. and I might be wrong. I think the 5D Mark II is a great camera and I think it replacement will be a killer, since the Mark II is already a great camera, but what more does a person with $2,500-$3,000 and a flickr account want more? This is one expensive hobby for most. However I have to said that on Nikon’s release on the D4/D800 it will be a truly a dream camera for a lot of people even the one who is a waiting for the 5D3. Can the D700’s replacement will match or surpass the expected Canon 5D Mark III? What is your guess?

    It will be a 60/40 for me, I think Nikon got to be cooking up something in it lab for this pass 3+ years. Yet again most of us won’t get our hand on the D800 until next year because Nikon product line is a nightmare. The Canon 5D3 will fly off like hot cakes.

    • D700guy

      You know, one would like to think that Nikon has been flying below the radar so as to end Canon’s reign. In other words, to come out with something Canon can’t touch and had no way of countering before it’s too late.

      One can dream, but what’s real may be another story.

      Nikon has always has a 5D11 killer, it’s just that the D3x costs 9 thousand dollars, and the D3s costs 5 thousand. Even the D700 shoots images as good or better than does a 5D, but what we’re asking for is a comparable priced 25mp+ body for less than 3K.

      If/when we do get that, will it be quality 25mp? I imagine that it will, but my guess is; the D800 will merely be a scaled down D3x. That, my friends will indeed disappoint me. But I suppose it will buy Nikon some time until the D4 line emerges.

  • Kingyo

    Well if it is indeed that difficult to obtain a D7000 now.. imagine what will happen when this D700 replacement is finally released! Pure Chaos!! 😀 There will be fighting in the streets! Riots will break out at Best Buys across America.. All major New York City camera stores will be forced to open on Saturdays to keep up with the demand! 😉

  • jim bo

    Nothing spectacular will happen when the D800 is released, because 99% of people bitching about a D800 are DX users who couldn’t afford the D700 and have no clue about what an amazing camera it is. They’re not going to get a D800 either, just start whining about “when is the D900 coming???”

    • D700guy

      Not to mention the demand price will undoubtably be high

  • asdasd

    all i can do for D800 release is to buy D700 right now. Murphy law should do the rest 😀

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