Many fake Nikon D800 pictures and specs are available on the Net

Since there are many new NikonRumors readers who are sending me tips and emails about a Nikon D800 camera being listed on several Chinese e-commerce sites, I have to remind you that those specs and images are fake and have been around pretty much from the time the D700 was announced back in 2008. I would say their credibility is 0%. I have covered those listings several times in the past, there is no need to go into details again.

I still encourage you to keep sending me any interesting information you find. I am also still interested in future guest posts. If you have an interesting Nikon related topic, drop me a line. The first time I got over 200 emails and only two guest posts materialized.

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  • ZinhaEq

    I think the new Sony sensor will be seen in Nikon D800 in August…

    • Eric

      Right, But why would it use a Sony sensor if the D700 has a Nikon sensor?

      • ZinhaEq

        “Right, But why would it use a Sony sensor if the D700 has a Nikon sensor?”

        And why it wouldn’t?

        • Roger Pujol

          Because “why would it…?” is evidently more logical.

          • it’s all about my fx

            why ” why would it” be more logical?

            the d700 came out in 2008, it is now 2011. Things don’t stay still you know.

          • ZinhaEq

            I doubt very much Nikon is able to make a high MP (20+) sensor with good ISO capabilites without Sony’s help right now.

      • Miro

        heh? All Nikon cameras use Sony sensor. Actually it is made by Sony, as joint venture. You know that olympus and panasonic is in it too.!

        • Miro

          forgot, Fuji is in venture with Nikon too.

      • PHB

        Well one reason could be that Sony has already made a 24MP sensor that it could make at an affordable price. Sony is out of the FF game, but they still have the masks.

        If Sony can deliver a significantly higher yield on their own design, they can make the chips for less than they would have to charge for the Nikon design.

      • sensor

        #1 because the have a very good 24 mp sensor that is proven to be the best available.

  • jakku

    It’s same picture like d700 😉 just one number changet…

    • Banned

      At least one thing is sure, it’s that even fake rumors are an indication that something is definitely coming.

      • MRPhotoau

        The only problem is though, that the day after the D800 is released the D900 is coming. I love my D700 and it would take a lot from Nikon to get me to upgrade to the 800.
        Dual card slots – a must
        100% vf – a must
        24MP – nice
        video – don’t care
        That’s it!!

        • scurvy hesh

          +1 on the 100% Vf

          • another anonymous

            I also vote for 100% viewfinder into D800, but i’m not sure whether it is so easy to get so big pentaprism into smaller FF body. I’ll be happy to get D800 with just right this feature more than many others. I hope someone by nikon hears to consumers and reads these forums. Do you hear me Nikon? 😉

            • i prefer flash then 100% viewfinder if they cannot do both in reasonable price…

              it is only ff dcamera with flash on market…

            • Joel

              I dont know of a D700 shooter that would actually opt to use an onboard flash over like say the SB900 🙂

            • Drab

              One doesn’t need larger pentaprism. One can simply reduce the magnification.

          • +1 too!

        • Mock Kenwell

          If I didn’t care about video and 12MP were all I needed, I’d be thrilled with the D700 for years.

        • Elton

          I wouldn’t expect D700 many owners to run right out and buy one, no matter what the specs are. A few will for specific features of course. I, on the other hand, haven’t give Nikon any body money since the D200. They’ll really have to blow it for me not to order it as soon as it’s available. (If they do blow it, a D700 will be on the way.) Lots of people skip a generation, and we’re hungry.

          • Yes like you I am waiting too. I have a D200 and D300. The D200 needs to retire.

  • expect the specs and fake pictures to increase as weeks pass by!

    I’m holding onto my cameras (d300, d90, d7000) holding my breath for new line up coming the first half of this year, and i think if nikon wants to get some money the release should be before wedding season!

  • venancio

    can’t wait for bythom’s prophecy of a D3S sensor on a mirrorless system to be lifted out of context to a D3S sensor on a compact system to initiate the rumor of the D800 as not a D700 successor but a retro idea for a Full Frame gear on a compact or smaller body… yeah…

    • scurvy hesh

      A digital S2 would be sweet for street photography and such. But I really hope they launch the D800 first.

  • i am waiting for the chinese to come out with a 50mp dslr for 500 bucks
    not that i am going to buy it but they produce everything else
    why not cameras

    • scurvy hesh

      LOL! that sounds like a nightmare

    • Tonny

      Do you know they make “fake egg”?

      • scurvy hesh

        WHAT? Grodo man.

        • Mock Kenwell

          What kind of weird half-English discussions are these? I haven’t understood a single post to this point.

      • it’s all about my fx

        so what? hollywood makes fake boobs…..: D

  • Dweeb

    Give it a break. I think you’ll find the 800 will be a big letdown. Just a new sensor and video. Why do people keep thinking Nikon are going to replace the 700 with some wonderful new camera? They can’t even squeeze VR into a ten year old 300 f4 lens.

    • It sure WON’T be a let-down if you expect the right thing. If they put dual card slots in it, I won’t care at all what the other features will be. I’ll be THRILLED. 😉

      • Anonymouıs

        Why do some people freakishly need dual slots? One is enough, second is a waste of space imo. Either

        * Increase your card capacity,
        * Carry a spare one,
        * Copy it to some other media.
        * If the above doesn’t comply, shoot less :))

    • scurvy hesh

      That’s all the camera needs. An update to the sensor, and video sounds about right. The D700 is a supreme camera in every other way already.

    • ConcreteSnowman


    • PAG

      Since the D7000 got a big increase in AF, I assume the AF in the D400 and D800 will be better yet.

    • Mock Kenwell

      18-24MP, faster AF, better DR, HD video, 100% VF, ISO of the D700 at about $2700-2900 USD and I will be ecstatic. That would be a completely wonderful camera. And it’s not an outrageous spec sheet considering where technology and the market is currently. What are you expecting it to do? Melt steel?

    • PHB

      The logic to not making a 300 f/4 VR seems as if it might have something to do with having to outperform the 70-200 f/2.8 +TC14 by a sufficient margin to make the cost acceptable.

      A 300 f/4 VR would cost in the region of $1700 which is the same price that the 70-200 f/2.8 zoom will sell at after initial demand has settled. If you are thinking about packing a bag, a 70-200 and a TC14 give a lot more scope than the prime.

      So I can see why this might not be a high priority for Nikon. The 80-400 should be a higher priority.

  • Is there a WP plugin that will turn any “first” posts into something like “I’m a bleedin idiot”?

    • I do delete those “first” comments – it may take me some times until I get to it.

      • scurvy hesh

        thank you admin~

      • Rob

        I really never understood why SO MANY people seem to get such a massive thrill from being the first person to post in some mundane, everyday thread on a fairly low-traffic forum. Are their lives really that sad, or are there just that many 12 year olds on the internet?

        • Mock Kenwell

          Spoken like a true 37!

    • Mock Kenwell

      +1—Don’t want to be a snob, but a little attention to grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation would be welcome as well. Pick any two of the four.

      • scurvyhesh

        the internet isn’t for everyone.

  • anon
  • Haha, here is an old post from the archives back in 2009 about the D800.

    • broxibear

      Try this one from 2008…
      So how long after the D800 is released are people going to be post demanding a D900?…an hour?…a day?…a few minutes ?

      • another anonymous

        only few minutes, but not after announcement, it will be right after slightly better probability D800 spec rumor hehe 😉

  • I don’t give two hoots to whatever Nikon is cooking: I’m skipping the generation. 😀

  • >If you have an interesting Nikon related topic, drop me a line. The first time I got over 200 emails and only two guest posts materialized.

    I did drop a line last time; if you do not respond to that, do not expect guest posts to appear out of nowhere.

    • I have probably about a dozen requests I have not answered yet.

  • Hendog

    100% viewfinder coverage is way too overrated on here. Come on, 95% works out to be something like just 1.25% off each edge – might be important for film users, but for digital it is a waste of money and space to squeeze in an extra tiny bit of coverage. Concentrate on more important things.

    • Anonymouıs


      100% is a must. Look, even consumer DX cameras have it, so why shouldn’t the D800 have this crucial improvement over D700? Is it s so difficult? Look at the simple film-bodies made 20 years ago, some already have. And they are smaller than today’s D700.

  • Nikon needs to come up with better focus technology.. I’ve been using the d3 since april 2008 and it pretty much sucks at fast focus… I haven’t used the d700 so I dont know if its better on that camera..

    They should also phase out the dx cams.. who the hell wants to use dx when we can use fx?

    • Anonymous

      Reason-one: Because any X-200mm becomes 300mm. Look at how difficult it is to reach that focal on FX. Hefty size, expensive.

      Two: There are good quality & compact WA DX zooms almost equivalent to the FX counterparts. eg: Nikkor 10-24mm is fabulous imo.

      Three: Price! FX is still expensive and DX quality is narrowing the gap.

      FX & DX should live together. IF Nikon comes out with D800 & D400 at same resolution, I’d get the D400. Only I’d prefer D800 for higher resolution capability.

      • Martin Smith

        Bravo, well said.

        I have too drop ISO to 200 to notice the differences of lens quality between the 20+ Nikon lenses I have. I do like being able to select between a soft and tack sharp lens, though the larger format will always win out for posters and billboards. I wouldn’t want to trade my DX cameras for FX or vice versa.

        25MP on DX and FX would be incentive for me to buy at release date rather than second hand after the latest generation has been announced. If I didn’t shoot Stock, I wouldn’t care about MP.

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