Nikon D300s slowly phasing out

A follow up on this post from yesterday: Nikon Service Point Munchen is selling their Nikon D300s demo camera on eBay:

Nikon Service Point Munchen has been a good indicator of discontinued products in the past: when they sold their last D300 on eBay in 2009, the D300s was announced a month later.

Another German retailer lists the Nikon D300s as "geringe Stückzahl auf Lager" which means limited quantity in stock:

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  • Xanadu AW18

    First but not for buying the new coming that´s only for the few like moose peterson

    • Mock Kenwell

      At least Nikon is consistent. Their products phase out as slowly as they phase in. ; )

      • Good one, lol. So what is Nikon currently manufacturing at their Sendai factory? I hope it is tons of D4 bodies.

        • zzddrr

          Waterboarding the janitors because they can’t find the screws of the D4 body 🙂

  • Robert Stoffer photo


    D400 replacement soon?

    • Gerry


      • WoutK89

        more so as the D4oo isnt even out yet. He was so eager trying to be first he was 4 years too early.

    • I hope the D400 has the D90’s easyISO option. It’s so much more convenient then having to hold a button and dialing.

  • Xanadu AW18

    So even second but i wait till it is true D800 and D400 as back up than i shall my old workhorse D200

    • Xanadu AW18

      Oeps on sale the D200 sorry

  • nebus

    I guess this makes sense.
    D300s replacement coming – as based on the D7000 but with a pro body with pro studio type features like the D300s body.
    And then late summer the D3/D700 replacement .
    Just a few months before Canon announce their 5dII and 1dsIII successors.

    • Panfruit

      I wonder if they really would make a D3 built-in style grip body for the d300 replacement?

      • Henry Nikon Fan

        I would also like that, but will it be DX or FX? When will the next version of a higher end DX end? Is the D7000 the new high end DX model?

        • SGN

          Do you really think Nikon would abandon pro DX users (eg. wildlife shooters, who NEED the pixel density) with a camera with only 6 frames raw buffer at times?

        • PHB

          I don’t think that the D7000 would have launched before the D300s replacement if they were going to share a sensor.

          Much more likely in my view would be a completely new sensor for the D400 offering much higher resolution.

          I can see that the D7000 is the forcing function time wise here, but the D300s is much newer than the D700 and they are both based on the D3/D300 generation technology.

      • Banned

        How would that be good? You put a tiny sensor in a monster body. You have the worst of both worlds. Congrats on making the most useless camera in the world.

        • chris

          spoken like a true tech nerd who has never worked professionally in the field.

        • scurvyhesh

          Useless to you I guess! I would really dig a D300s body mated to the D7000 sensor. If they went back to the D2 series prism that took the DK17m, then I wont even miss FX. Whats useful really depends on what you are shooting. many sports photographers value the versatility of pro spec DX bodies. I find the D300 a very capable camera for action sports. Very rugged, has that superior focusing system, bullet proof shutter and high frame rate for sequence shots. You can pick them up used for 800 bucks. They also dont mind being beat up. If you cant take decent pictures with that, then you need to go to school doggie. No new FX/video cam/coffee maker is going to help you.

          • WoutK89

            the D300s body is tiny compared to the proposed D3 style body. The idea of DX is size and weight reduction. The D300 had D2X performance in a D200 type body. The more time passes the more performance you can put in a smaller body. I can relate to people wanting a more robust (bigger) body than the D300s offers when they use their MB-D10 99% of the time..

            • Arthur

              A D2x-style D400 makes perfectly sense to me. I’m in love with the D3, it’s just way too expensive for me. If a d400 could give me the same body for a third of the price, I would be happy. Moreover, think of all the bird/sports-shooters. They don’t want FF, but they do want a pro body.

              If I would buy a camera today, I would buy the D300s instead of the D7000. Yes, the IQ of the the latter is better, but the body is too small and toy-y for me. I almost bought the D2x, but went for the D300 instead though.

              I’m not saying a pro-body D400 is a great idea, since I’m not sure it’s everybody cup of tea. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t bash the idea since there a lots of people who would like it.

              In the meantime, BRING ME THAT D800!!!

            • Narna

              I’m hanging out for a DX D400! Its exactly what I want as an upgrade for my aging D200, even if it ‘only’ has the 16mp sensor of the D7000. The grip is the right shape for my hand, the ruggedness lets it survive all my outdoor activities.

              I’m not sure D2X-styled D400 would work, isn’t that a D3?

      • jakku

        It should be awesome, because D300s is flagship in DX sensors. I’m really be intresting if D300s replacement, have something like D3 body 😉

    • iamlucky13

      It does seem this is coming together, but I was struck by what the Admin left out…either I’m reading too much into this and he’s letting us draw the conclusions, or he’s got an intuitive reservation.

      There’s two posts now that suggest the D300s is discontinued, possibly to be replaced in around a month.

      And the previous post mentions a press conference Feb 9.

      But in this post suggesting a D300s replacement is impending, he says nothing about Feb 9.

      And in the Feb 9 conference post, he says nothing about the D300s.

      It sounds like Feb 9 is a Coolpix date, and we’ll be waiting another couple weeks at least for the D300s replacement.

      • I hate to speculate, I like to post reliable information and at that point I have no reliable info about a potential D300s replacement. I received a good tip about a new D6000 (to replace the D5000) but need to know more before I post it online.

        • iamlucky13

          Thanks for the input. That’s basically what I suspected…although the D300s does seem to be on the way out roughly as anticipated, there’s no real buzz on its replacement or a decent timeline.

          Keep up the good work sifting quality info from rampant speculation.

  • D300s is fine, we need D800!!!!!!!!

  • Hmm, another DX boddy that will be better than the D7000? I hope they release an upgraded D700 (D800). I’ve been buying FX glass for a while for my D300s so I’m anxious for an FX!

    • Yes! That FX is going to make you a much better photographier!

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      Will it be DX or FX? When will the next version of a higher end DX end? Is the D7000 the new high end DX model?

      • WoutK89

        Broken record?

        As long as DX is lighter, cheaper, and has a higher pixel density, a lot of people wil stick with DX for the “reach”. For me to go the same length in shooting birds, I would need a D3x + 80-400VR lens which is about 4 times the weight of a D80 + 70-300VR. I am not speaking of output quality, but price should show that my set up I own will be best hand down for a hobbyist.

        • WoutK89

          for length I would need just a D3(s), for pixel density D3x

        • PHB

          Exactly, there are pros and cons to both sensor sizes.

          DX will always give you an advantage of a 1.5x increase in the length of your telephotos and the disadvantage of a 1.5x increase in the length of your wides.

          FX will allow you to get better results in certain situations if you pay the $$$$ for worthy lenses.

          When Nikon can sell a camera with a 24MP FX sensor for D300 money, the days of a professional DX line will probably be over. But until then, the D300/D300s sold more units than all the FX models combined so a new professional DX model is almost inevitable.

          What I find rather interesting though is the timing. The D3 and D300 launched together and so it was generally assumed that the same would be true for the D4/D400. And that is pretty much what I would have expected if this was going to be an ordinary refresh.

          If these rumors are indicative, Nikon has moved the refresh of the D300 to Feb or March with the D4 to come in the fall. Which suggests to me that the D4 is going to be a bit more than just the D3x in a different case.

          The D700 is also a relatively obvious candidate for a refresh. It is competing against a Canon offering far higher resolution (21MP).

          I could easily see the D400/D800 launching in parallel with essentially identical specs, either 18MP/18MP or 24MP/24MP. Looking at the Canon lineup I would say the higher resolutions are more likely and the prices would have to be roughly $2000 and roughly $3000.

          For me to consider an upgrade to my D300, I would have to see a major improvement over 12MP DX. 18MP is a fine camera, but not enough to cause me to move. I am not going to move to an FX camera unless I can continue to use my DX lenses and get reasonable resolution.

  • Ben

    D400 at CP+?

  • Craig

    Two questions though:

    Is this trend with the Munchen guys only based on that last D300 example, or are there others?

    Will Nikon have played with the D7000 sensor for long enough to give it a really good tweak? The few looks I’ve had at the D7000 sensor suggest its slightly less than a stop better than the D300/s (?). I’d be greedily hoping for just a little better – or maybe it’s better than I realised.

    • I think there was at least one more case where they sold their demo unit shortly before a replacement was announced (I think it was the D3).

  • The Invisible Man

    Ca commence
    Bientôt le D400………and the D900 !!!!

    • Banned

      Wesh bien ou bien cousin ?

      • Banned

        Now Google translate that one…

        • The Invisible Man

          You need to improve your French or you will be “banned” from this forum !

          • zing


  • Anonymous

    Nikon will introduce a Kaleidoscope and this will be the fun with projector. The name will be K9 🙂

    • Banned

      “We have a K9 unit coming”…

  • hybris

    a half year ago nr posted the same info about d700 indikating that it was up 4 an update, but as we all know its not here yet, so it dosent have to mean anything yet

  • mirrorless D400 coming next 😉

  • Ho hum, DX is my past, FX is my future.

  • D300sowner!

    if they make a 70-200 VR f4 for matching the D400, would be awsomee!

    • WoutK89

      No Nano coating, no internal zoom (, no/less focus shrink)

    • Rick

      I hope the long f4 lens will be a 100-300mm with 77mm filter thread. A 70-200mm f4 has too much overlap with the current 24-120mm f4 and not too much gain in reach.

    • Anonymouıs

      That nearly exists:

      55-200mm VR f/3.5-5.6 (which is equivalent of 83-300mm on DX)

  • RUH

    Nikon rules

    • Craig Houdeshell

      I do hope this means the D400 is coming soon, because that means the D300s price will be dropping – making it affordable.

      • Same here – rather I’m after a used D300 instead 😛

      • sirin

        how is D300s not affordable today? i mean, $1500 max for a semi-pro body?

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Such a nice comment, sirin.

          I know places where people get killed for less. Answer enough?

          • Sirin

            Very valuable comment indeed. Should we ask the people from those kind of places who kill for that kind of money to join the conversation? Maybe they know something about d300 replacement too.

            • Mock Kenwell

              +1 Give me a break. There are plenty of cameras below $1500. Beggars literally cannot be choosers.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              To join what conversation, Sirin?

              I know things about you and Craig now that did not tell anything “about D300s replacement” (see following comments). That was exactly my point.

              What do I know now?
              There is a caring father in possession of a working camera and with two kids @ college.
              And there is you, judging people you don’t know and spilling your 5 cents wisdom on the internet to make yourself feel better.

              Did it work?

              Thanks for this contributing and enlightening conversation on a “D300s replacement”.

            • sirin

              if you had an ability to read instead of blindly defending a person you don’t know again a person you don’t know either, you’d see that my question was on how would one justify waiting for a camera to drop in price for $100. that was after you dropped in with some unrelated third-world crap, so you might have missed that. anyway, i already got my answer, so feel free to go about your lack of business somewhere else.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              Oh sirin,

              if I “had an ability to read” your 100$-question “that was after” my “unrelated crap” I would have some truly astonishing skills, right?

              You seem pretty dazed & confused to me.

              “Anyway” Mrs. prosecutor “already got” her “answer”? And she suggests that Craig is the type looking for excuses. Well, this is just great. Now what’s your verdict?

              Girl, you really are messed up.

            • sirin

              i can’t possibly be more messed up than a person whose first response to a money question would be about people getting murdered in the third world.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              Your “money question” as you put it was a rather
              arrogant questioning that you have carried insistently
              over three stages* at Craig’s expense, in the end calling him somebody who is looking for excuses. And that
              was even after he already told you “you are on judgmental, dude”, literally begging you
              to stop this (BTW unrelated) nonsense.

              *look your own comments below

              You can’t possibly? You are!

              BTW, I didn’t mention the 3rd world at all.
              You did. There are other places.

            • sirin

              dude, seriously… you skipping your meds or something? if you really think i’m judgmental, arrogant, messed up and retarded beyond all recognition, why do you keep arguing? Craig’s not even here. chill, dude. i expressed my opinion, i don’t ask Craig to agree with me, but i still have my reasons to express it. while you keep coming back to rant about my conversation with Craig that’s been over 3 days ago.
              see your brain doctor, man. take a walk. find a girlfriend. shoot some pictures, unless in the place where you’re from you’re gonna get murdered for it (you seem to know all about those places, lol). find some courage to not reply to the judgmental, arrogant, messed up people that never addressed you any questions in the first place. come on, you can do it.

          • scurvy hesh


            Victor, have chill a pill. I’m pretty sure we all know that there are desperate people that kill for pennies. How about contributing something useful for a bit eh?

        • Craig Houdeshell

          I understand your point. I can pay for one now but I am cheap. And, I can wait for the price to drop to say, oh, $1,200 to $1,300, or less.

          • Vince

            Really a couple hundred dollars??? My thinking is way different than yours. Your saying a couple hundred dollars is stopping you from potentially shooting months without a camera you really want? Wow, my time with a camera I really want (and you have no clue when the updated one is coming out) is worth more than a couple hundred dollars. Just get the camera if you have the money and want it that bad. It doesn’t make sense to me.

          • Sirin

            So you’re missing months of possible shots to save… $100?

            • Craig Houdeshell


              You are one judgmental dude. I have a camera now that works just fine, so I will wait. I have been unemployed for close to two years with two kids in college. If you have ever been in that spot you would understand.

            • Mock Kenwell

              I’ve been in that spot but I haven’t then bitched about how much a quality camera costs. If Nikon makes cameras the homeless can afford it will only make the economy worse.

            • sirin


              you can always buy the camera, make a few good shots and sell them on istock. your damn $100 will pay off in a few weeks…

              who wants – finds a way. who doesn’t – finds an excuse.

            • Mikils

              I don’t get it. Craig wishes the camera he craves to drop price a bit. He defines himself as ”cheap”; he wants to pay it with his own (I assume hard earned) money. Why should anybody pop up and say, ”Hey, man, just cough up the money! You are a wimp if you don’t!”. I mean, unless they are from nikon sales increase office, why should they bother? You buy when the price suits you, otherwise you don’t. it’s the market, stupid.

            • If your camera is a fine one, and you don’t have a job and money, why not spend your money on something more usefull then a camera.

              There are certain things you want, and certain things you need.

            • Discontinued

              WHY does everyone here seem think this C. Houdeshell needs advice ? ? ?

              to Vince:
              why should he hurry with a D300s? Because the price might drop? Well, that would be too damned bad.

              to sirin:
              he is not missing shots, he has a camera. You miss something. Actually more than one thing.

              to Mock Kenwell:
              you ‘ve been on the same spot not bitching? Neither does he. There is a word for what he does instead: waiting. Waiting for the right moment, just like a photographer often does. Shake hands.

              to Tharealmb:
              your comment is on top.

              Maybe in real life you four don’t get asked for advice very often? And neither did Mr Houdeshell ask for advice. Not you, not at all. What is driving you guys/girls to such comments? Low self confidence?

            • Discontinued


              … seem “to” think …

              2nd P.S.

              And why him and not francois? This guy is even cheaper and waiting for a dropped price of a used D300.

              Is there some primary-school-classmate-thing going on here? Everybody is picking on Craig. Ready? Go!

          • Mock Kenwell

            @ Discontinued: Nobody asked for your advice either. Yet you gave it freely and ad nauseum. It’s called the Internet.

            My beef with Victor and Vince is using this forum as some weird venue to grandstand about “poor people” in vague and questionable ways. If $300 is a ton of money to you, you should NOT be entertaining the idea of purchasing a DSLR, nor should you be putzing around a forum on the Internet all day. To blame Nikon for making a camera that costs more than that is simply moronic.

            While I have no beef with Craig’s comments per se, Sirin is right to question whether anyone’s time or the missed opportunity is worth more than $100. If you’re in that much trouble, a $100 price drop is a deck chair off the Titanic. And you should be looking at making great photos with a used D90 or making due with what you have. Craig is not bitching about this, but his $100 decision in the face of a $1300 price tag is odd. It’s simply not that much money percentage-wise.

            When I was out of work, I put a cold stop on EVERYTHING that I did not need. I still surfed this site, but I also understood there were still people out there who were employed and who COULD still buy pro-level DSLRs. Expecting the world to change because your own circumstances have changed is a bit of retarded logic.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              “Expecting the world to change because your own circumstances have changed is a bit of retarded logic.”

              Listen Kock Men Well or whatever your silly and probably frequently changing name is …

              … this is exactly the point. I can’t possibly find anything Craig has written, allowing to draw such conclusions.

              There was no bitching, no expectation of a changing world, nothing of that kind. He is able and willing to fork out 1,200 to 1,300 $ for the camera of his desires as soon as the already decreasing price hits his personal financial abilities.

              Your and sirin’s abilities in reading and understanding are obviously underdeveloped. I guess you two just eagerly wanted to say what you’ve said anyway. Craig was just an opportunity, not the cause.

              I guess this Craig is having a real good laugh about you two and your issues, whatever they are.

            • Mock Kenwell

              You might want to try reading yourself. I wrote that my beef is not with Craig but with you and your ridiculous, half-baked, ill-informed, third-world, common-man diatribes. You and Vince took this topic off the rails. Sirin was just trying to instill some common-sense. You do this frequently on this site.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              Why don’t YOU read yourself?

              Last thing you wrote (among other stupid things) was that Craig and his decision to save 100$ are odd*.

              Is that the commonsense?

              *Craig is odd, because “It’s simply not that much money percentage-wise.”?

              If I can save 7.69% in half a year this is as good as getting 15.38% interest p.a.

              Now Mr smart guy, if you could be kind enough to tell me a single serious bank in the world, willing to pay me this interest, I could stop business tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong I do not intend to boast about my money or abilities to earn it just like you, Vince and Sirin
              already did.
              Point still is and remains that Craig’s math is obviously much better than yours. Still you silly folks feel the urgent need to advice, judge and insult him. Go on and on about it. I have had it. This is my very last comment on this.
              ‘Nough said.

            • Mock Kenwell

              I had to post again because I simply don’t believe you can stop yourself.

              No one agrees with you, yet still you rant on. Amazing. I thought your third world analogies were a sight to behold, but you topped yourself with that totally irrelevant crazy person math. Well done.

              P.S. Love the random paragraph returns. It adds to the crazy.

            • MRPhotoau

              Isn’t it amazing how peoples characters shine when they are anonymous. What was that I was taught as a kid, ‘If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.’
              I should think it is far better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

        • The D300s is 90% identical to the D300 if you don’t count video – so from that standpoint I do think it’s a bit overpriced for what is is. (And I don’t care much for video). Bit like what the D70s was to the D70 tbh

          • some ppl actually DO care for video like me
            but for people who don’t care, do buy a D300. Great camera, lots of buttons so you don’t have to go through menu’s and stuff. though as a cookie.

          • cirtap

            especially SINCE the D7000 out performs it. And comes in at 1199. MAKE zero since to buy a 12.3 mp, 720p camera…when I can get a 16mp 1080p, and a different and larger innards…

            AND that is why I think when the new D4 and D800 OR whatever they may be called, will still have a lower price. THE last generation cameras from Nikon and Canon were way over priced. COME ON..12.1 and 12.3 mp and it was over 2000 grand..WHAT were they thinking???

            • Mock Kenwell

              Hmm. And yet, they sold. Like crazy. Do you remember the initial price tag of the D1H? 5FPS and 2.7MP. It’s all relative sweetheart.

  • Tomas X.

    Maybe D400 is coming, maybe DX Pro bodies are over and D7000 becomes DX high end., because Nikon wants all his Pro customers switch to FX. I doubt it is true, but this is one possibility too.

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      That is what I have been concerned about for the past year or so. I have sold all of my DX glass except for my 18-200, which my wife uses.

  • Kingyo

    I think we’re overdue for another Nikon hitler video 😀
    “vere is mein d800!! I purchased so much FX glas..for nein!!!”
    well, a d300s replacement now would make no sense.. d300s was and update to the d300 while the d700 saw no update..then the d7000 comes out, and it’s basically a d400 if you think about… I think just coolpix for now, D4 in August =\

    • zzddrr

      Then we’ll get a D300ss

      • that would fit the hitler video for FX camera’s great….. an SS camera

    • WoutK89

      Telling people the D7000 is the same as a D400 could be…, bit of a shame. The D400 still could have a place in the line up, as the D7000 is still coming up short in a few (important) aspects.

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    I know that Nikon would never do this, but what I would like is a list of Nikon bodies and lenses that they anticipate releasing over a few years. Then you could anticipate what and when you will purchase new items.

    I know I am dreaming.

    • ConcreteSnowman

      . . . Patents??

    • Raff

      May I add another dream?

      Having the chance to order customized cameras in the same way it is possible to order different PC’s with different specs (paying different prices)!

      Body? Small (like d7k), Medium (common to d800 and d400) large (loke D4)?

      Format? DX or FX?

      Sensor? Low, Medium or High resolution (with their advantages and disadvantages)

      AF Points? …, …, …?

      And so on!

      Am I asking too much?? : )

      • Senic’


        like the PhaseOne but where you can choose everything and not just the sensor… and above all cheaper 😀

  • broxibear

    I don’t know about elsewhere but here in the UK there seems to be a lot of D300s bodies in stock… If you’re in the market for one wait a month or two and you might get yourself a bargain, at the moment it’s the same price as the D7000.

  • twoomy

    The big 2008 announcement was the D3 and D300 together in August. I was expecting the D4 and the D400 this August. So it would be an interesting twist for the D400 to come out now. And while likely a DX camera, how much more interesting if the D400 was a full-frame 18mp camera and the D800 was 24mp.

    The worst-case scenerio is that the D300s is dying with no direct replacement. That’s what seems to have happened to the D5000.

    • where_the_F_is_D800

      If the D400 is coming this soon, I doubt we would see the D800 anyrime soon….

      At best, we would see a co-launch of D4 and D800 (which is possible)

      At worst, D4 late this year and D800 next summer.

    • El Aura

      The D3 and D300 were released in 2007 not 2008.

  • Brandon Burtner

    There is NO way the D800 isn’t coming in 2011. That is a foregone conclusion, the D700 is the oldest DSLR body in the industry right now. The D800 is a DEFINITE for 2011. Also, there is a 0% chance that Nikon would retire the D300s without a replacement. They have already said publicly that the D7000 is a consumer product (and it is numbered as such, their consumer products used to all be double digits and now they are all quadruple digits). Whether you personally want a DX body or not, there is still a market for DX bodies, so Nikon isn’t going to just get out of the professional DX market next month. Canon even has a flagship DX for goodness sakes. You can bet your bottom dollar that this year, we will see a D300s replacement (that will be DX, and possibly even flagship bodied) and a D700 replacement. I would also expect a D3s replacement, but the other 2 are absolutely certain.

  • RaspyMcNasty

    i really hoped the d800 would be released or announced before summer..
    but i guess it works out since im buying 24-70 before the d800 comes out
    ugh back to work !

    • Raff

      Any news on a new 24-70 with VR??

  • chris

    a dx body with a 300mm 2.8 lens at iso 1600 is ~450mm…an fx camera with the same lens would need a teleconverter turning the lens into either an f4 or f5.6 so theyd be working at 3200 or 6400 iso to get the same reach and exposure and theyd be getting it with the decreased IQ of a teleconverter so any benefits of fx would be out the window. anyone who doesn’t understand why DX will live on obviously has spent too much time reading tech specs and not enough time shooting. also, the d300s is a professional body; it would never be replaced with a smaller, slower body. that is just assinine. the d7000 has a smaller buffer, slower fps, etc. yes, it has better high iso performance and more MP but it is a much newer camera, what do you expect? pros do not want to feel like they are holding a toy. we want something substantial with enough real controls to keep us from digging through menus to get to what we need.

    • Ian

      A FX camera with a high pixel density and DX mode would have all the benefits of both. Basically 2.. Or even 3 cameras in one.

      • Ben

        …at the cost of MP AND the price associated with the FX sensor AND having to lug that giant camera and prism around all the time…
        for better of for worse, the DX format has a place in a pro’s bag.

      • I agree. And I’m looking forward to a D800 which has a DX mode of around 10 MP for further reach, thus eliminating the need to carry a DX body at the same time.
        The downside would be having to carry heavier lenses and perhaps the narrower viewfinder when in DX mode, but I guess the quality of the images and the flexibility makes up for that 😀

        • Sounds like a $3k+ camera.

      • With that logic the best solution to by 80MP medium format Fase-one and crop down to any size you ned FX, DX, 4/3

        • PHB

          Unfortunately the Phase One has a CCD sensor using rather old technology and so the ISO response and the low speed of the lenses makes it infeasible to use outside the studio.

    • scurvyhesh

      Your right! Technology will change. Even FX will become obsolete, but not for a while. There will still be time before we have 3d super terapixel brain implant video cameras that can take snapshots of reality that get instantly uploaded into the cloud. In the future there will be no need for photojournalists or fast FX body’s with crippled video. But until we win the future, there will be more than a few generations of DX and FX cameras. Buy one that suits your needs, go shoot it, and enjoy yourself for the next 10 years because its gonna get crazy.

  • scurvyhesh

    FX is the new Megapixel

  • broxibear

    Thom Hogan put a statement on his site yesterday saying that the D3s will be replaced by the D4 in August…usually it’s a “probably” or “should” but he seems pretty sure with “will” ?

    • Discontinued

      Who ist Thom Hogan?

      • broxibear

    • He also mentions that there should be at least 4 body replacements this year. Should be exciting times coming up soon! 😮

      • Discontinued

        OK, I just googled him.

        It seems he is aware of Nikons line up as much as
        anybody else. And it seems he is guessing potential
        changes as much as anybody else.

  • dapl

    My guess:

    They’ll introduce 24Mpix D800 (FX) and 24Mpix D400 (DX), Sony has a 24Mpix DX sensor coming according to Sony-rumors.

    • PHB

      I agree, Sony has a 24MP sensor and given that neither company is going to be shipping D3100 volumes of their 24MP APS sensor, it is almost certainly going to be the sensor for the D400.

      Which means that the D700 replacement will almost certainly be 24MP as well. Though I agree with Thom that it would be a shame if the D3s sensor disappeared.

      So how about the following:

      D5100 ($800) 16MP D7000 sensor in D3100 plastic body with swivel screen
      D9000 ($1500) 12MP FX sensor from D3s in D7000 type body
      D400 ($2000) 24MP DX Sony designed sensor
      D800 ($3000) 24MP FX sensor
      D4 ($6000) 24MP FX sensor

      • Mock Kenwell

        @PHB: I am thinking the exact same thing, although I hope the D800 price tag is about 10% cheaper than that. It will be interesting to see the differences between a D800 ISO and DR vs a D700 ISO and DR. My one question is this—is weather sealing, a 100% VF and a few other pro features enough to justify the 2X price hike from D800 to D4? Or will Nikon “cripple” the D800 in some ways to compensate.

        I really was hoping for a D700 replacement by the spring. Sadly, I can’t see it happening before the D4, though.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Or will they make the D400 and D800 18MP?

          • mocking you

            oh yeah ’cause we know that answer right. xD

        • PHB

          For 80% of photographers, pros included, the extra price of the D4 over the D800 will not be justified. That is one reason the D700 outsold the D3/D3s by a long way.

          But for a few professionals the difference will be very important indeed. And for the people who need the extra performance, the extra price will not matter to them very much at all. The D3 had twice the computing power of the D300/D700 and the difference does show.

          And for some amateurs, knowing that they have the most expensive gear is important to them in itself.

          For me, I would much rather buy glass than pay $3K extra for a body. But if you have the glass and can afford it, why not?

          One thing that may be worth considering is the likely timing of the D800. I can’t see it coming out in advance of the D4 with the same sensor. And a D9000 with the D3s sensor at a lower price point would be a much bigger deal for Nikon’s profits than a D800. So I suspect that it is more likely we will see a D9000/D400 launch in early 2011, the D4 in late 2011 and the D800 in early 2012.

          The other rather strong possibility is that one of the major camera companies will come out with a 35mm DSLR offering 36MP or more in 2011. From a demand point of view, the megapixel war probably ends at 48MP because that is as much as the highest film era publications required. So expect a race to the finish.

          Sony has effectively dropped out of that race by dropping their full frame line. So if they are going to get any bragging rights at all, they have to have Nikon carry their flag for them.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Yes. I remember the backlash after the D700 was released. Folks who bought the D3 were a bit pissed that so many of the features were available in a far cheaper camera. It also did not help that one was released without knowledge of the other. If there is a simultaneous release (and we all know how fun that can be), that would likely help avoid the backlash, though I am unsure if it would help sales. I agree with you that for pros, the extra money is the cost of doing business and worth it for the features, but there might also be a desire to more clearly define the feature set benefits, and more MP is a very obvious way of doing that. At the same time, crippling your own cameras is a dumb way to do business when other DSLRs are climbing the same ladder.

  • Sunny B

    D400 to replace D300s, D800 to replace D700, and D4 to replace D3x.

  • Joe

    I don’t think this means much. The Nikon SP München is constantly selling “demoware” stuff on Ebay. This is most often equipment from their rental service that has been used a few times. For example I had an AF-S 16-35/4 on my watch-list lately, and I don’t think that lens will be discontinued soon…

    • Is the 16-35 lens labeled as “demo”?

      • PTG

        They offer a lot of demo items on ebay:
        currently this includes the D3100, D90, D300s, D700, the 16-85,
        18-55, 18-105, 18-200 version 2!, 35/1.8, 10-24, 17-55/2.8, 24-120/3.5-5.6, 24-120/4, and many more. They are all marked as “demo”. In fact, they only sell demo itens as auctions, new items are only sold as “buy now” items. For more details, I’ll send you an email.

        • Discontinued

          Sad ! ! !

          I guess we can exclude this post from what could be counted as a valid hint towards an approaching replacement?

          • PTG

            Right, but remember that this is a rumour site. Only part of the rumours become true 😉

            However, do not forget the previous post about the Swiss dealer who was not able to order any D300s anymore. One hint being busted, there still remains a second one. 😉

            • Discontinued

              You are right. Some hints remain and time flows slow but steadily towards a replacement.

          • SGN

            Actually Thom has mentioned D300S is no longer manufactured!
            So the point remains valid!

      • Joe
  • William

    If they want my $$$…they better come out with a FX body soon….with 24mp FX and 10mp crop…I dont mind paying $3K for it…

    if not…I am holding on to my D200 (still in prefect working condition) til they are out with it….not going for a DX!!

  • lola
  • The D7000 is covering for the D300s market share. If Nikon wanted to come up with a substitute for the D300s other than the D7000, it would be out already.
    Unless it’s going to be announced in the upcoming announcement.

  • Photography?

    My opinion and thinking is that Nikon will discontinue the D300s and wait a couple months to release its replacement in order to maintain sales for the D7000 cause if they were to phase out the D300s and release its replacement right away the D7000 sales would drop.

  • Ken Elliott

    From what we outsiders can tell, Nikon has a few candidates for new cameras, based on existing bodies and sensors.

    If you assume the D7000 is meant to slot between the D90 and D300s, then it might become the top prosumer DX body. As Nikon burns through the inventory of D3 sensors, the D700 will also need to be replaced. Pros are divided between the medium (D300/D400) body and the large (D3/D3s/D3x) body.

    Nikon currently has several sensors: FX24, FX18, FX12, DX18 and DX12 sensors. Five sensors and two pro bodies creates 10 possible cameras – too many. So which camera should they produce? If they guess wrong, they leave money on the table.

    My wish? I’d rather see a D4 (large body) and D800 (medium body) with interchangeable sensor modules (FX24, FX12 and DX18). That way I can have a large body and medium body, and exchange sensors to fit my needs. That way Nikon simply offers two bodies and I can have 6 different configurations. This concept totally covers the pro market, offers pros something nobody else offers (outside of the medium format market) and insures that Nikon doesn’t miss any area of the pro market.

    • It would be great, at least an END to ever changing Body ! but at the same time I think we are not there yet.

    • xjrx

      FX 18MP sensor? where is it?
      IF that sensor was in production, all those riddles were easy to solve:

      D400 – DX 18 MP, basically a D7000 in a better = pro body
      D800 – FX 18 MP, a mediumsized pro-body, that does not eat up too many D4-sales
      D4 – FX 24 MP, the biggest and best in the big pro-body

      i´d also buy a small body with the D3s-sensor in a heartbeat…sigh

  • Anonymous

    Nikon is phasing out the D300s, D700, and everything that has rebate for over a year.

  • Akira

    I think Nikon needs to reconsider its lineup. The D7000 is advanced enough that it almost seems reasonable to keep it at the top of their DX line for now. I think that a new lower-end FX body to replace the D700 would be more exciting.

    • scurvyhesh

      I hope not. That camera is way too small and is missing one of my favorite features. the AF on button.

  • Condo

    There will be no Nikon D400 until some months after the new Sony a7xx shows. We’re looking at the late 2011 or early 2012…

    • PHB

      I would not be certain about that. Sony make the sensor, but who designs it is rather more complex and who launches first is another issue altogether.

      The issue here is not design, so much as cutting the production masks. Modifying the D3100 design to produce an 18MP or 24MP variation would not take a huge amount of design effort. But time on the machines that cut the masks is a major expense.

      The Sony fab is in the business of selling chips, not cameras. Without Nikon, the fab would run at a loss. Nikon has other fab options, Sony cannot walk away from their fab without a huge capital loss. Nikon has to be successful for the Sony fab to be successful. Since Nikon sells more DSLR cameras than Sony, they have to be supported.

      Timing of launches is driven by many factors, not least the level of current inventory. If Nikon needs to launch a new D300s in feb because stocks of the existing camera have run low, they are going to be willing to pay more for the first run of 24MP silicon than the Sony camera group will.

      I can also see Sony having an interest in making clear that Nikon’s use of the Sony fab does not disadvantage them. So letting Nikon be first to market on occasion would be in the Sony fab’s interest. Particularly with so many people on these boards suggesting that it is a matter of face.

  • Tocam

    I can’t be sure why this announcement of Nikon’s sensor maker can turn into a Canon / 5DMKII bashing discussion.

    Seriously guys, get over it. Whinge all you can, but you all sounded like a bunch of retarded, confidence deprived, mine-is-better-than-yours idiots.

    While you cry over how your old-school stuffs are way better than your competitors, everyone else who uses your competitor products are having the time of their live learning something new. And your competitors are making serious money because they are innovative.

    It’s a bit like PC and MAC. MAC users will always defend themselves, but there are areas which they are clearly lacking behind PC, which is why PC is still enjoying its dominance in the Corporate world and still maintaining the majority of OS shares in the market.

    And you will always find MAC users who more than often bashes PC and not the other way round because the PC guys are too busy innovating and developing something new and sharing the experiences, while MAC has to sit and wait for their Apple parents to come feed them.

    • scurvyhesh

      everyone has their own reality I guess…

    • Mock Kenwell

      Wow. I was with you when you were denouncing fanboi posing that bashes the 5D—a great camera that Nikon needs to respond to. But you totally lost me with that unclear, vague, wack-job analogy you closed with. You’re really think computer innovation comes from the PC realm and Apple just imitates? Wow. I would bet the farm you are the only person on earth with that opinion.

    • Ubuntu rocks:)

  • brian

    What if the D400 and D800 essentially share the same body apart from the viewfinder (like the d300/d700) but are differentiated from the D7000 with an entirely new interface (ie like the just announced phase one touchscreen) , no pop-up flash (like F6) and a focus system to be shared with the D4. I don’t see a D400 with built in grip. Perhaps D800 this spring and D4/400 in August? Or all three in August? Or D800 sooner as a refresh/replacement of D3X instead of a D3Xs?

    Perhaps also, the upcoming announcement will include some kind of 16mm or 17mm f4 tilt shift lens

    • PHB

      I can’t see lack of flash as being seen as a plus. 100% viewfinder would be, but removing the flash to make a camera ‘professional’ strikes me as being silly. Its like the gold band on lenses, I will pay extra for a better lens, but I am not going to pay extra for the paint.

      Other possible areas for differentiation would be adding support for built in WiFi and GPS capability. The chipsets to support that functionality cost less than $10 in volume but there are many professional users for who having them built in would alone justify the cost of buying a new camera.

      WiFi and GPS dongles are simply no substitute for having the capability built in. They are big, bulky and clunky. WiFi and GPS are convenience features. A journalist in the field can get their info back to their editor in real time over a WiFi hotspot, MiFi cellular modem or whatever.

      Another possible area of differentiation would be a radio wireless capability for flash. Flash trigger via WiFi would be amazingly cool and cause people to buy new flash units.

      • brian

        I’ve personally never used the flash on my D300. A plus I suppose would be better durability and weatherproofness. I’ve seen a few Nikons with broken/missing pop up flashes over the years.

        Yes, I can see wifi and gps built in as being a great addition as well. Especially with, I suspect, many gps purchasers getting the third party version rather than the Nikon one.

        Something else I started thinking is, if the Canon 7D is able to move 18mp 14-bits off at 8fps in late 2009, I wonder if the D4 will be 24mp and with better electronics than D3s, D7000, and 7D be able to attain 8 or 9fps at full res and 11-12 at say 1.2 crop or 1.5 crop.

        • brian

          Same for D400 if it happens to be 24mp. Wonder if they could get that going at 8fps? And then maybe with a 2x crop (10-11fps) like D2X had?

      • gps would be another feature to differentiate the D4 from D8oo

        • brian

          or if the D4 were the only one to get a new focus system and the D400 & 800 keep the current pro one

    • Amen to a wider than 24mm TS/PC lens! Seriously the only Canon glass I’m jealous of!

  • I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this, but D300s + d7000 sensor = 1D mkiv killer.

    We also know that the 16mp Sony sensor can read out at least 10fps (ala Sony A55), so 8fps without grip and 10fps with grip at $1600-$1800 would put it head to head with both the 7d and 1d mkiv for crop “reach”, resolution, and high ISO ability.

    Heck, even with only 8fps it could do that. 10fps would be one up on the D3 (although the D3s would still maintain it’s high ISO advantage) so it may not be likely. But it would be wonderful to see!

    • Andrei

      A sensor alone won’t make a camera a Pro one. 1D4 still has a better sensor than d7000 and has pro build quality, pro AF, 10fps and lots of other advanced features and is one of the best wildlife and sport cameras.
      Don’t get me wrong, i would prefer a D300 + D7000 sensor(or 7d/7dII) over the 1d4 anytime but only because the price and weight.
      D300 and 1d4 are simply another category.
      But if would have to choose between D3s and 1D4 i think i would go for the 1D4.
      D3s has 1 stop advantage in high iso over the 1d4 but i’m interested mostly in nature photography where the higher resolution and 1.3 crop factor are a bigger advantage and i would rarely use iSO over 1600.
      So, what i want to say is that good high ISO is important but not everything.

      • …that was my point, re-read my post. AF tracking in the D300 is nearly the sames at the D700, which is the same as the D3, which is certainly at least on par with the 1D mk* series.

        The whole 1.0x vs. 1.3x vs. 1.5x crop factor arguments are moot today as far as I’m concerned. The only place where 1.0x reigns uninhibited is that you can get 14mm/2.8 with a D3s or D3x. So you can be a stop faster than anything else at that focal length and either high ISO or resolution. Oh, also you can use the 17mm/TS-E on the Canon 1.0x cameras for wide-angle perspective control at very high resolutions.

        …other than that, there’s nothing that’s not technically possible today with pretty much any of the sensor sizes used by Canon or Nikon with stunning results.

        12-24mm on 1.0x camera = 8-16mm on 1.5x camera
        16-35/2.8 + 1.0x camera = 11-16/2.8 + 1.5x camera
        24-70/2.8 + 1.0x camera = 17-55/2.8 + 1.5x camera (close enough! and with Canon you get IS!)
        50/1.4 + 1.0x camera = 30/1.4 + 1.5x camera
        85/1.4 + 1.0x camera = 50/1.5 + 1.5x camera

        Oh, you can get into niggling over very slight differences in angle of view, and I know someone will always say “but the depth of field is different for the same angle of view with a different sized sensor”, but in actual practice the difference between 12mp at 1.0x and 12mp at 1.5x for the same aperture and focal length is a) only a third of a stop and b) further minimized by the crop sensor’s magnification of the circles of confusion.

        So your line about “but i’m interested mostly in nature photography where the higher resolution and 1.3 crop factor are a bigger advantage”

        …is completely irrelevant to any technical limitations and lacks any bearing on reality. The only limit is the gear you have, not the gear that’s available.

        The new 16mp/1.5x Sony sensor is as good as the 16mp/1.5x Sony sensor from a noise standpoint (well, when shooting raw–when shooting jpegs I’d say the Sony sensor is BETTER by country mile!) For sports, which is what the 1d mk series is aimed at, the extra reach of the 1.5x would be a blessing.

        And as a final matter, so would the better AF sensor frame coverage of the 1.5x camera. I have to say, I preferred shooting the d300 for sports than my current D700. The AF sensor coverage was just top notch for that. Just not the high ISO. Welll…you know where I’m going.

    • PAG

      My D90 has better high ISO ability than a 7D. I’ve seen a lot of noisy shots posted from that camera when shooting above ISO 400. The Sony 16MP sensor in a pro-level body would destroy the 7D.

      • Andrei

        Nikon D90 and 7D are about the same despite the much higher resolution of the 7D – check the reviews not some underexposed or badly processed photos.

        “The Sony 16MP sensor in a pro-level body would destroy the 7D”
        – i’m sure it will not “destroy” – maybe will have a half stop advantage in noise, but when that sensor will be released the 7D’s sensor will be 2 years old – and 2 years in sensor tech is big time.

  • Mock Kenwell

    Turn the page. Lose share maybe. Beat Nikon in every aspect? Surely you can’t be that retarded.

    • mocking you

      globally delayed is the proper term

      • Mock Kenwell

        You’re right. Forgive me.

  • scurvyhesh


  • Goodbye D300s. 🙁

  • Zim

    I would like a D400 to go with my D300s.

    • I would like a D400 to go with the D800 😀

  • R!

    where ‘s my D800 at????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Armin

    Nikon Servicepoint Munich marks ALL their cameras on ebay as demo versions. I live in munich… 😉

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