Nikon D700 with video recording

Yes, it is possible and I don't mean this solution:

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  • Lance

    Can anyone else see the videos? I’m at work, maybe they’re blocked…

  • I see the video’s just fine Lance, but I’m at home “getting ready” for work. 😉

    Pretty cool, still think I’d play with it for a week and then forget I had it.

  • interesting

    I don’t care much about video but as a techincal article, it sure is interesting.

    I’m still waiting for DSLR video without the rolling shutter issues that crap the d90 and 5DII. Until then, my D700 remains my favorite camera.

  • Pablov

    Good post, thanks Admin.

    Sadly (so far) the video quality is poor.
    My major concerns are about sensor overheating, since (correct me if I’m wrong) the camera can provide LiveView only for short periods of time, and the video capturing is based on LiveView (sensor always collecting light and sending the data)

    In the case of the Canon DSLR the resolution is higher, not sure if it’s due to the camera itself or the SDK.

    But, very nice someone also did something with a Nikon.

  • Working Girl

    Having read the rather chauvanistic comments by your posters yesterday, I find myself asking if I, a female working photographer (yes, I know, a girl and a photographer!) will be able to work this out – being female, blonde and often wearing heels I think I might struggle. Thoughts? Oh, no need, I know your thoughts already.

    Where did you find your ‘readership’? In a cave? Lost on an island since the 1800’s?

    • I do believe/hope they were all joking. I should probably delete those comments since they do not represent our audience

      • Holy crap, yeah…why is that crap not deleted? Admin…?

        • Micah – I deleted those comments. Some readers even got banned since this was not their first offense.

          • Chuckles

            I understand that you can ban a poster from the site but how on earth can you ban a reader?

            If they type in do they just get blinded by a celestial light and see images of Canon DSLRs each time they blink forevermore?

    • @Workin Girl: The tubes aren’t full of sexist twits…but only because net is not made of tubes, and the capacity far beyond the load. Honestly, I’m surprised this site isn’t a lot worse.

      There are actually humans here too.

      @admin: BTW have you noticed the gravatar gizmos show the icon of the last user’s comment? Is this a bug or a feature?

      • It is a bug in one of the plugins – it is fixed in WordPress 2.7 – I will update soon

    • Sarge

      Do high heels contribute anything besides decidedly sex-oriented aesthetics?

      Seems you’re an excellent fisherwoman, but if you don’t like fishing, what are you doing?

      I know a lot of extremely intelligent blondes in heels, but they don’t complain about the attention, and relish the advantage of being underestimated…


    Video on a DSLR is just a wasteful gimmick. An HD camcorder is 100x better. And Live view is pretty much a waste also. Only thing I can see Live View would be good for is maybe macro work.

    • Neil

      Not everyone wants a camcorder. Some of us would like the option for a short video. It’s a very useful option for someone like me.

    • Pablov

      One Pro posted somewhere (talking about a Pro DSLR):

      “I can also see that video could certainly come to this camera. As a photojournalism camera, I can certainly see a time when a photo op turns into a video op. Do I think this will become it’s primary role, certainly not but definitely could be a very nice add on and not a toy.”

      – Besides that completely real and up-to-date view, the results you can achieve with HD Video (well implemented) from a DSLR is FAR better than a camcorder (unless it costs several thousands dollars) due to the big full frame sensor, low noise capability, interchangeable lenses, etc. Of course it has to be improved, and it will be.

      So HD Video is not a “gimmick” nor “toy”.
      Live View either, just different needs from different people (not to mention that MANY people does have health problems, and find MUCH help in such “gimmicks” like LV, that others do not even consider a useful feature…)

  • web

    Having a D90 I can say that the [current] ability to record video on a DSLR is pretty gimmicky. If I wanted to really shoot motion, I would definitely use a dedicated video camera. That said, it has been fun to grab some video clips on a whim. Nothing for pro use, just the occasional moment when a friend is acting like a charming ass. Of course, who knows what video will be like on future DSLR’s. I wouldn’t bet against it being phenomenal a few years out… if there is anything I’ve learned in my life, it’s never say never.

    • bigmouth

      I have to disagree with you. D90’s video mode, while still have more limitations than a consumer friendly camcorder, does provide a set of new possibilities. Ultimately, it’s up to the shooter to fulfill those possibilities to create something new. Take a look at this little video clip made with D90: It is near professional level. It shows what you can do with your D90 and it’s definitely not a gimmick.

      • joe

        that’s fine but I’d still prefer to shoot that with a vid cam – also, in-cam audio doesn’t cut it with current DSLR’s. Any decent vid cam has an XLR input.

        • bigmouth

          I’m no expert on video cam, but it’s my impression that currently, no HD cam can do the kind of DOF switching (moving focus point back and forth) like what the D90 and a simple 50mm F1.8 can do unless you pay $$$$$ for something professional level. So for most people who want to be creative but have no $$$$$, D90 is a possibility.

  • Pablov

    Filming Pro or high quality Movie/Video is not as taking pictures.

    Different techniques and extra equipment are needed, and extra knowledge too.

    And of course, practice.

    Don’t even expect to make a good footage as simple as shooting a still. It’s a very different job.

    Some people might think taht wrong way and then say Movie/Video is a waste or unuseful, and that’s totally wrong.

  • A little OT, but I was just playing with the D300, Camera Control Pro, and live view. Lo and behold, the d300 will af with the mirror up when plugged in! Just like the d90. Why isn’t this an option on the camera itself?!

  • Oh, admin, delete this. It actually will do the same thing as the d90, it’s just access differently.

  • Why isn’t there an option to delete your own comments?

    • dan

      I don’t know but keep posting them!

    • Youre Not a Member

      Because youre not a “member” of this site, there is no way to track who is posting what. Deleting by IP Address is rarely ever an option, because many people use public sources, around the world, including library computers, etc, and anyway, the data isn’t usually stored in that kind of way.

  • @admin: So how about registration? That might cure the issue of questionable comments.

    • I can certainly do that – we had this discussion two months ago. I just want to make it easy for everyone to post comments but if this gets out of control, I will start requiring registration. I am still monitoring every single comment and deleting profanity/spam/improper behavior against another reader.

      • Big Brother

        I would stop reading the site if we go down the registration route. Yet another password to remember atop the 43 1/2 other passwords and pins we need for every day life.

        The site is good, but in my experience, that won’t help if you demand registration – people just can’t be bothered with the hassle.

        Besides there is nothing to stop someone just registering a string of details/different email addresses and posting whatever they want.

        People would just go to a free access site and gradually the traffic there builds as word get around.

        • Don’t worry, I will not go the registration route. What I can do is approve every single comment before is posted. This will cause few hours delay before you can see you writings on NR (and some extra time on my site to screen every single comment).

  • Sarge

    The convergence is happening with the equipment secondarily; pro photographers who are also pro videographers are in high demand. In speaking with the directors of photography at places like Nat. Geo, other mags, local news, etc., the convergence that has already taken place via web, cell phones, etc – all across the board – is creating the demand for multimedia video/audio interaction.

    While still photos are still sometimes more powerful, more complimentary, or more appropriate, the call for video is growing exponentially.

    Having equipment that gathers both is a market-driven shift, from consumer to prosumer to pro. This is the first stage. Technology will evolve and improve until still and high speed recording are ‘one’.

    Lighting, framing, etc will all remain functions of art and talent, but the convergence of photo and video is an irrefutable, unstoppable element of the future. Tools that allow more from a given line of lenses and equipment will win marketshare. The race is on, and I think it’s great!

    I own a D40, D90, D2Xs, and D3 along with a Panasonic LX3 and can say without hesitation I take the D90 and LX3 more places than the others. If I didn’t really like low light photos and action sports, the D3 would be gone, and the D40 is only around b/c it’s not worth the trouble to sell it.

    That said, the D90 REQUIRES a tripod for any type of decent quality. For now, I regard it as a fun ‘toy’ on the video side. However, it fits in my parka with an 18-270mm Tamron. For a ‘walkabout’ DSLR, it’s the most versatile package out there…

  • arktouros

    In a way our toys and our tools start mixing. I suppose you like your D90 cause its smaller and you dont have to worry a lot about it cost wise.
    For example to tell you the truth in the summer i like to go on a Greek island an camp on a beach for a couple of weeks. I don’t like having anything expensive that could break with me. But still i like taking pictures even for the memory value, me with my beer, me with blahblah… etc, nothing more than memories. No need to take my D700 with me on that trip. It will only be an other worry, sand, thieves etc. A cheap 100€ camera is great for that purpose.
    Photo cameras are not pro video cameras, but if you want to be able to take some videos on vacations why not?

  • Big C amateur

    I’m looking into either a D90 or a D700 in addition to a Canon HV30. I’m planning to video a homebirth, but in low light conditions. I thought the whole purpose of taking video with a D90 or D700 is because ALL camcorders have terrible SNR in low light conditions. The DSLR’s take advantage of huge sensors and superior ISO functionality to make a run at the Camcorder market. Albeit, you need a tripod for any true low-light recording, I would prefer to run with a DSLR in full manual than a digital camcorder. The cheapest “night vision” attachment I saw cost more than a D700 body does, and can only fit onto a Prosumer camcorder.

    My nickel.

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