Nikon SDK

This is just a follow up on the previous post: the Nikon Software Development Kit (SDK) that was used for the D700 video capture can be downloaded @

If you are a software developer, you can probably create some cool stuff with it - drop me a line if you do.

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  • Cecile

    video for d300 ftw!!

    • I am sure someone will come up with a hack for the D300.

  • I did not know this even existed, thanks for the link!

    • welcome – I did not know either and found this interesting, let’s see what will come out of it

  • passby

    It would be interesting to know what would people want? in addition to video capture. Be as wild as possible, people.

  • Daf

    It’s something I looked into before – was thinking of creating my own remote capture application.
    Note – this is a link to the application form not the actual SDK – you have to “prove” to Nikon that you have a good case to get the SDK. Don’t know how strict they are as we went with another solution in the end.

  • So it looks like they have an SDK and/or information on the NEF format. If that is so, then why don’t any of the Adobe (or other 3rd party) products fully support all of their metadata? Seems like ISVs have to do too much reverse-engineering to support NEF.

  • MB

    Because Nikon SDK is just a set of libraries far inferior to ones used in Nikon own software like Capture NX, and none of big 3rd party software vendors would make their products inferior to Nikon.

  • Hi, but can I modify some menus items, like AUTO iso 200-6400 to AUTO iso 200-4000 ?
    Is that possible?

  • hyperconnected08

    maybe somone could figure out how to implement a bluetooth cf card from a pda to be used in the D series bodies so when you shoot it dumps to the pc directly.

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