Official: Sigma to raise prices on February 1st

Here was the rumor, and here is the official press release from Sigma:

Sigma UK Press Release

Sigma increase prices due to the exchange rate.

It’s a very long time since prices in the photo/imaging market increased. Cameras and lenses fell in price until they offered incredibly good value for money. In times of recession it seems counter-intuitive for prices to rise but that’s exactly what is about to happen, mainly due to the currency fluctuations.

In December 2007, the exchange rate between the UK Pound and Japanese Yen was 235. The very weak pound and unusually strong Yen now means that the exchange rate has fallen to below 130 Yen, a devaluation of approximately 40%. Anybody who has recently been on holiday abroad will have noticed that the pound is very weak against the Euro, Dollar and Yen.

Our parent company, the Sigma Corporation, purchases raw materials in Yen and their overheads are therefore inextricably linked to the Yen and so they have been forced, in line with our competitors, to increase our supply price to reflect the exchange rate between the UK pound and the Japanese Yen. Our prices are therefore set to increase on 1st February 2009. Whilst our price increases reflect the international exchange rate movements we have made every effort, wherever possible, to absorb the price rises and minimise extra expense to the customer. Sigma, in line with our competitors, are constantly monitoring the currency market and our prices are directly influenced by exchange rates. We hope that the UK pound makes a recovery against foreign currencies however it is not altogether impossible that further price increases may be forced upon us all.

As retailers strive to beat the price increase deadline, we have seen tremendous growth in sales in January and as a result our warehouse is very low on stock. Whilst the prices of Sigma products will increase on 1st February, it may be possible for customers to purchase from their local retailers at the original prices for a limited period as long as stocks last.

Whilst these price rises are regrettable it is important to note that, as all our competitors are increasing prices to a similar degree, we still retain our reputation for offering top quality products and excellent value for money.

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  • Why is this post here? Because Sigma produces lenses with a Nikon mount and this makes it part of NikonRumor coverage. I know someone will ask this question, so I will just answer it upfront.

  • Nikon Fan

    Excellent post and follow up comment. Your site has been forecasting the price increases for quite a while now. Anyone wanting to buy a Nikon lens should have and should do it before Sunday.

    If nothing else, it will be a good investment and resale in the future.

  • Tim Catchall

    Are Nikon lens prices set to go up in the UK again? They have already gone up, but will there be a further increase on 1st Feb?

    • Nikon Fan

      From what I have heard these February 1st price increases are scheduled for the U.S. only.

      There was a previous post on this site that provided that information

  • ace

    we will see new sigma 10-20 f2.8 for Nikon soon,Also 70-300 with optical stablizer,and 70-200 f2.8 OS to follow,last 2 lenses are full frame

  • These 20% or so price hikes from Sigma already occured in Australia at the start of this month..

  • Jason

    This may turn out to be just a rise back to where those prices were a couple of years ago – but I’m still glad I got mine a week ago!

    By the way, I agree with this information being included on Nikon Rumours: it’s valuable for us to know what the future holds for Nikon-compatible systems as a whole, which includes third party offerings


    Why would anyone ever buy a Sigma (a.k.a. Slightly Inferior Glass Made for Amateurs) lens? They are worse than useless. You aren’t getting a bargain because they don’t work correctly. They are the b*****rd child of reverse engineering. They are not licensed to make them by Nikon or Canon et al, so Sigma engineers have to take apart the Nikon, et al, lenses and mounts and cameras, see how they work and try to mimic it in their product without infringing any of the protected/patented designs.

    Simple example – Sigma 70- 200 f2.8 vs Nikon 70 – 200 VR f2.8

    Both claim to have one touch, full-time manual overide.


    Nikon user in AF, simply has to grab focus ring to make fine adjustments. Can keep finger on shutter release ready to fire. AFonly takes over again if finger taken off shutter release. (This is part of the engineering that is patented)

    Sigma user in AF, grabs focus ring – AF starts fighting against adjustments – to stop this user removes finger from release button. Now user can focus manually and when image pin sharp presses release again……………… OH NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AF TAKES OVER AGAIN AND RE-ADJUSTS THE FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IT IS NOT REALLY ONE TOUCH OVER RIDE AT ALL. INFACT IT IS USELESS UNLESS YOU SWITCH CAMERA TO MANUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • DNHJR


  • W blake

    While Sigma quality is not Nikon quality, I would point out that the 30mm f/1.4 is affordable, unlike the discontinued 28mm f/1.4 from Nikon. Their 50-500mm “bigma” compares favourable with the 80-400mm from Nikon in speed and quality. There is a reason for the company and their products.

    • U R So Wrong!

      Yes, exactly… its not, so why bother with Sigma? No the 50 – 500mm does not compare favourably with the 80-400 (which is about to be updated again anyway so will be even farther ahead – like Nikon really worries about Sigma! Jeez!)

      Can you justify any of your opinions?

      Can you justify having AN opinion?

      Sorry, tested the 30mm Sigma – hated it, felt cheap, very poor focussing, bad mount, very soft for a prime lens! Infact, now I think about it, it truly is an appalling lens – more suited to be a door stop or book-end.

      Oh, so there is a reason for the company? Oh yes, to extract cash from amateurs who don’t really know what they are buying.

      “Affordable” is never a good reason to buy anything. A Ford is affordable, I wouldn’t trade in my M3 for one though.

      • John

        I think the 150mm macro from Sigma is an excellent lens, but whatever… you like CA and PF then buy Nikon only…


    Weird. About a week or so the prices for Sigma when up at B&H and the other day at B&H I noitced the prices when back down. The 30mm f/1.4 was well over $400 a couple weeks ago and now it’s $385. So I guess you better get your Sigma stuff now!

  • rwbenjey

    Haha, who cares about Sigma? : ) I know, I know…

  • Better get your…

    Sigma?… Er, no, I would rather not, thanks.

    I would rather sell everything, be chained into a giant tank of salt water with food and refreshments floating on platters and trays all around me but that each time I bend my head to eat/drink the water level drops and the food and drink drops just beneath my lips.

    Moreover, I would rather be forced to do this for three hundred lifetimes before buying Sigma.


  • Sigma Sucks

    I don’t think we should have Sigma postings on this site. Sigma sucks and then breaks!

    Who actually buys Sigma apart from those rich idiots who buy the most expensive camera then stick cheapo third party lenses on them or even kit lenses from the manufacturers.

    Reminds me when the F5 came out (I still prefer the design and feel of F4 – I think it was the ultimate SLR!) and your would see lots of rich amateurs at any tourist spot who had spent a fortune on the F5 then stuck a crappy little plastic fantastic kit 28-80 on the end – oblivious to how stupid they looked, especially if it was the ‘silver’ version -how I laughed! You used to be able to place bets on how long the little plastic lens could hold up to the extrordinary focus and refocus speed of the F5… these little lenses were almost smoking!

    Then you would see them with Sigma lenses and when the F5 started tracking in AF the lens would collapse in on itself sucking everything within 250metres into a mini black hole… the only reason that the whole world was not sucked in too, is that the black hole was started by a Sigma lens and so stopped working shortly after it started working.

    • as I mentioned bellow – Sigma is of interest because it fills the gaps in Nikon’s product line

  • Sigma Sucks

    AND…….. You do all realise that SIGMA is an anagram of GAS MI.

    Which is probably how you will feel about life shortly after owning a Sigma lens.

  • Anon

    Some really polarized feelings about Sigma I see 😉
    I don’t get the religious attitudes and buy what is best for the purpose.
    Hence I have a Sigma 150mm macro and am contemplating the Sigma 50mm 1.4, since IQ is better than Nikon’s. I also own the Nikkor suite of lenses from 14 – 200mm f/2.8, because they are the best ones to get in that range.

    • U R So Wrong!

      Not polarized. The company is crap and makes crap products. Anyone who buys them should go to prison and anyone who uses them should stop and just draw the image they see – it’ll be better.

      There is no Sigma product worth your money… save a little longer, get the Nikon product and have so much more fun and pleasure when you have it.

    • Joel

      I agree the Sigma 50/1.4 trumps the Nikon versions, esp in bokeh… I have both the Sigma 150mm and Nikon 105vr, the Nikon is shorter, more expensive, just as heavy, softer wide open (when used for tele) and much flatter colour/contrast most of the time (reminds me of the plastic Canon look) and is going to be sold…

      But don’t bother trying to convince fanboys, if it doesn’t say Nikon/Canon/Pentax whatever on it, then it isn’t worth considering, whether they actually have experience with it or not..

  • MB

    In my experience Sigma quality is getting lower and lower, especially in last two years.
    It seams that their quality control is near zero.
    I was wondering if we could organize a survey. How many of you guys actually bought Sigma lenses in last two years, and how many of them were faulty?

    • U R So Wrong!

      YES… YES… YES!!!! At last… someone who thinks the correct thoughts.

    • DNHJR

      I for one have never had a problem with the Sigma lenses I have bought. All have worked fine. Even the 30mm f/1.4 I had was fine. Hell I have had more problems with Nikon lenses then Sigma. My 18-200mm vr had it’s SWM replaced as did my 300mm f/4 and now my 17-35mm f/2.8 is starting to make the death squeak.

      So, things happen and life goes on.

    • Joel

      I have owned a good number of Pentax, Nikon and Sigma lenses, I have had one bad Sigma when I started out it was a kit with a Pentax and was replaced immediately.. Now for Nikon, which I have owned less lenses of so far I have had a faulty 80-200/2.8 which was a nightmare to get a refund/repair on and a horrible 55-200mm vr kit.. so for me so far about 1/4 of the Nikon lenses I have purchased new have been faulty…

  • U R So Wrong!

    Posted as a reply to W Blake but it is not showing up. It is very important that everyone knows what to think so I shall repost.

    Yes, exactly… its not, so why bother with Sigma? No the 50 – 500mm does not compare favourably with the 80-400 (which is about to be updated again anyway so will be even farther ahead – like Nikon really worries about Sigma! Jeez!)

    Can you justify any of your opinions?

    Can you justify having AN opinion?

    Sorry, tested the 30mm Sigma – hated it, felt cheap, very poor focussing, bad mount, very soft for a prime lens! Infact, now I think about it, it truly is an appalling lens – more suited to be a door stop or book-end.

    Oh, so there is a reason for the company? Oh yes, to extract cash from amateurs who don’t really know what they are buying.

    “Affordable” is never a good reason to buy anything. A Ford is affordable, I wouldn’t trade in my M3 for one though.

    • DNHJR

      I don’t think we really care what you think. You keep posting the same BS under other names.

      I think the post needs to be closed.

  • The reason why people go for Sigma is to fill the gaps in Nikon’s lens availability. If Nikon releases the lenses we are all waiting for, Sigma will probably be out of business.


    Well I don’t know about this goof ball sigma hater. If you don’t like it thats fine. It’s really easy, don’t buy sigma then.

    AlI I know is I have the 150mm Micro lens from SIGMA and it’s one of the sharpest lenses I have ever used.

    • Jason

      That is an amazingly sharp lens – great for those tiny-flower-on-blurred-background shots. I’ve heard rave reviews for the 120-300mm/f2.8 as well.

      It’s not all about money, though – the 18-55 cheapie is a great lens for IR work.


    To the Sigma sucks guy.

    Your right Sigma does sucks. Look at these pic’s from the Sigma 800mm lens,

    Man they are awful.

    • MB

      Those are all great pictures, really fantastic and I do like them very much.
      I am not saying Sigma lenses are poorly designed, on a contrary they are great alternative to more expensive brands. I personally use Sigma products and I am very happy with the ones I have. It seams that some of us are not talking from experience but as a fans of one brand or another.
      The problem with Sigma, in my experience at least, is that they have too high percentage of faulty copies. One out of every 3 to 5, deepening on model, are no good and returned or replaced by the customers, and that is something Sigma should improve on really.

  • Kiki

    Is Sigma HQ based in Japan or where?

    If they are Japan-based, that makes no sense if they purchase their raw materials in Yen that that would have to raise prices. Their stronger Yen should be able to purchase more materials, that is, especially if the raw materials are from countries with devalued currencies.

    Where does Sigma make their lenses? Japan? China? Taiwan?

  • ronin

    Kiki nailed it. Unless the raw materials, components, labor, and assembly are all done in Japan, they benefit from a depreciation in non-Yen currencies.

    Of course, Japan is in a terrible recession
    with exports plunging. A sure way to shore up exports and increase trade is to raise prices.

    Sigma is not alone, and I’m not talking about Nikon. Even Honda just raised prices again on their Accord a few weeks ago, despite plummeting sales, and despite Accords being manufactured in the US.

    They are wishing and hoping they have pricing power. They do not.

    • Poblav

      Why would you buy an Accord? – an automotive Sigma lens.

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