Nikon news recap

Here are the Nikon related news from the past few days:

  • In the next 4 days Chase Jarvis will provide a play-by-play coverage of his first assignment with the Nikon D3x - you can follow him here. You know that this is going to be good!
  • At the same time the price of the Nikon D3x is falling - Amazon is selling it for $7,839.93 (reseller: OneCall). The price of the D3x seems to be falling in Canada as well (source). I am confused.
  • Nikon price increase coming in the Netherlands as well (source).
  • Adobe Systems on Friday issued near-final release candidate versions of Lightroom 2.3 and the Camera Raw 5.3 Photoshop plug-in, software that will support the Nikon D3x (source).
  • Nikon D3 Awarded iF Product Design Award (source).
  • You can download the Nikon D3 Professional Technical Guide here.
  • Nikon D3 cut in half can be seen here.
  • Walimex Flash Diffuser for Nikon SB-500DX/SB-800DX - probably a typo, I would not trust a site with .biz extension.
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  • chris
  • chris

    wbt, i took this photo if anyone

  • alex

    i’m always surprised to see the so called “recommendations” to buy or not to buy d3x. it’s so lame. like someone who makes lots of money out of photography would need some dude’s blog or website opinion.

    if it will make you earn more money you buy it. no one cares about Brad Hill or Ken Roswell or the paranoid Hogan. the same was true with 1DsmkIII when it was released or any other camera around $7-10k.

  • Lance

    KR has teh best pics of the cuttaway D3 I’ve seen yet:

  • DB McDonald

    I picked up my D3X from a Canadian retailer on Dec 20 at $9195 CDN. It would seem the Canadian retailers were more realistic right from the start 🙂

  • Juergen

    ” Walimex Flash Diffuser for Nikon SB-500DX/SB-800DX – probably a typo, I would not trust a site with .biz extension.”

    Walimex means “Walser Import Export” and is the label of Foto Walser, the biggest German photo dealer on Ebay with more than 240.000 auctions and 99.9 percent positive feedback.

    So a trusted dealer, but surely a typo.
    (NR admin delete links if you want, they are only for verification of my post)

    • that’s ok Jurgen, I trust you – you have been here for a long time 🙂
      Thanks for the info.

  • rhlpetrus

    Price of D3x at Grays in Londos is les than the one at most US seller. Here are some specials I got thru mail (exchange is 1.41 today)

    Nikon D3 Digital SLR
    (LIMITED STOCK) – (NEW RRP – £3,600.00) £2,849.00 = USD4,017.00

    (LIMITED STOCK) – (NEW RRP – £770.00) £630.00 = USD888.00

    Nikon D3X Pro Digital SLR
    (LIMITED STOCK) – (NEW RRP – £6,000.00) £5,385.00 = USD7,593.00

    24mm f/3.5D ED PC-E Nikkor
    (RRP – £1,464.00) – £1,265.00 = USD1,784.00

    45mm f/2.8D ED PC-E Nikkor
    (RRP – £1,520.00) – £1,169.00 = USD 1,648.00

    85mm f/2.8D ED PC-E Nikkor
    (RRP – £1,520.00) – £1,175.00 = USD 1,657.00

  • Santa’s Claws


    Just been speaking to a friend of mine at American Airlines and they have just shipped a load of ‘top secret’ D4(s) models from Nikon. 12 of them all destined for US pros to test over the next month. He opened the box and the accompanying paperwork indicated D4 and D4s (though that may have just been the plural i.e. “D4’s”) though the bodies were blank except for ‘Nikon’ and the red swoosh.

    They “look like D3 but with seperate battery pack” – only got one noisy mobile phone photo but says he would liken it to the old F4 – though obviously a modern sleek design.

    Excited or what?!?!?!

    • Can you send me the picture?

      • a reader

        those are replacements for D40, and D40x

  • papirin

    jajaj nice but if they look like D3 with separate battery pack may be they are D400 not D4 just my opinion

    • Candidus

      An email has been going round several of the photo mag houses of these ‘blank’ Nikons – they have a large prism so not going to be a D400 matey. A digital F4 would be the best desciption of how they look, with that fantastic traditional pro spec ‘porthole’ viewfinder like the D3/D700

      Oh those were the days – I loved my F4. I wa the 23rd person in country to get one.

  • Hexster

    The typo is probably that is should have been SB-800/SB-80DX/SB-50DX.

  • Chuckles

    I think all this is nonesense. Would those little Japanese people really trust a US company with their top secret new camera? Surely they would have shipped them with one of their own airlines or maybe carried them over in a discreet car/truck – round from Japan over the top of the United States – the Canadian part of America and then down, never having to let their new cameras out of sight.

    I think its all a bit sus! Oh, yes, we will put 12 secret cameras and won’t worry that they might go missing like everyones luggage.

    Pah I say – PAH!!

  • Bret

    Those D3 cut in half pictures are cool but I’m more interested in the inside of that 14-24mm than the D3 itself. Images are pretty noise, must’ve been taken with a Canon 50D (hooo!!). That was a joke, don’t take it seriously.

    I’m very unhappy about the 70-200 VR price going up, I can almost afford it now but probably won’t really be able to comfortably get it until.. summer when the price is up.

    • Bret

      oops meant to say “noisy”

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