Nikon D700 slowly disappearing while being discounted

The last report I received is that Nikon Australia is also out of D700 bodies and they do not expect any new shipments.

Some Nikon D700 cameras are listed as clearance at Jessops (UK)

Few weeks ago I reported that Nikon’s warehouses in Canada have been out of D700 since early December. Vistek stores in Toronto and Ottawa currently do not have any D700 in stock:

Henry's (Canada) is having "serious" Nikon savings till March 1st:

In the US we have the ongoing Nikon instant rebate program that is set to expire on February 26th:

Nikon Australia send out an email to NPS member with discounts on D700, D3x, D3s and several pro level lenses. The offer expires at the end of March, 2011 which is also the end of Nikon's 2011 financial year.

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  • I sure hope the D800 comes so we can move on to something else….

    • Now the D3s needs a discount.

    • gt

      What I don’t get is why these stores are in a hurry to get rid of these cameras.

      If Nikon announces a new d700 (at the earliest) in April/May, the stores won’t even get the new bodies in stock until mid to late summer.

      If Nikon, more realistically, announces the new bodies at CLIQ in September, we won’t see the new bodies in stock tll late october or november.

      • aetas

        Thats what I was thinking. They could announce fri and it would be months till you saw them in a store.

        • Others have mentioned this being a fluke, and in no way an indication of an impending replacement. They point to the fact that Jessops quickly removed the clearance label and upped the price.

          I contend—especially after seeing the same thing happen at Adorama for an evening—that this could very well be a strategy from Nikon. The Adorama deal was a USA body, with full Nikon USA warranty, and yet it was ineligible for rebates. It was online for a number of hours, with at least 66 bodies in stock for sale at the tail end of the deal being posted online. In a very short period of time that stock was sold out, and the offer was removed. It seems something similar has happened at Jessops.

          Isn’t it plausible that Nikon is really the one behind these hit-and-run sales? By offering these outlets a large stock of hundreds of discounted bodies at a time, they are pumping up sales (good for their end of year sales numbers) and clearing out supply channels to make way for the next big thing.

          This very well could be a coincidence. But I would like to think this means a new body on the horizon, barely out of view, still warm just off the conveyor belt.

          • Rob

            The Adorama was NOT a USA body. It was updated to indicate it was grey market. Initially they had simply copy & pasted the description from their USA body to the newly listed import, without realizing it said USA warranty at the bottom. They quickly updated the title to clarify that it was not only grey market, but as such not discount eligible.

            The USA model was still there, listed separately the entire time, and remains there now. They got 1 shipment of imports in, sold out, and deleted the entry.

          • PHB

            Nikon manufactures their lower volume bodies on a campaign basis. When stocks go low, a new campaign is scheduled.

            There are two possibilities for a D700 update. One is that Nikon do a minor update to take advantage of the newer sensor technology (D3s/D3x), faster DSPs and video capability. The second is that it will be the little brother version of the D4.

            My view is that only the first is likely but there are going to be many who think that they can buy a low price D4 before the D4 is out…

      • jason

        I suppose it take times to sell the phrasing out old model that less and less people willing to get than the new coming out soon model.

        • Woutk89

          Or Nikon is pushing sales before the end of the financial year.

          • Dweeb

            That appears to be it other than the stock issue on the D700. Most of the real lenses are being discounted heavily in a sudden attempt to get some movement in the supply chain and some cash in their pocket before March 31.

      • Geoff_K

        Because many will not purchase a D700 unless it is greatly discounted because we know the new one is likely out this year. I can use what I have now until the fall. /shrugs

    • MRPhotoau

      yeah cool. Now we can start talking about the D900. I reckon it will be out sometime after the D800 and will have so many of the extras that aren’t in the D800. rofl

    • MATT

      I had a chance to talk to a Nikon representative in October ’10. I asked him about when to expect the D700 replacement. He told me it would be around March’11. If he is off by a long shot….I may have his cat neutered.

      • D700guy

        wouldnt that be doing him a favor?

        • Rob

          No. Having his female can spayed would be doing him a favor. Why would he care how many cats his male cat impregnates?

      • broxibear

        Well “Focus on Imaging” is on from the 6th of March to the 9th 2011 so maybe Nikon will announce it then…good pr too since Canon pulled out of the event completely a few days ago ?

        • broxibear

          Nikon Takes a New Stand at Focus…

          “Nikon UK will be unveiling a brand new exhibition stand at the annual Focus-on-Imaging photography show. The announcement comes hot on the heels of Canon’s decision to skip the show due to a “reassessment of its European marketing plans” for 2011. The new Nikon stand – D40, Halls 9 and 10 – has been especially designed to give visitors an opportunity to try out the entire Nikon range”

  • Let’s just hope the replacement truly has as good if not better high iso, I don’t care about how much or little MP is added. I don’t care for video either, but some do. Otherwise I just get a D3s when they start going cheap.

    • Geoff_K

      I would take as-good with more MP if they were taking a vote. Heck I would be ok with 720 video since I rarely use it.

    • broxibear

      “I just get a D3s when they start going cheap”
      Considering well used D2x bodies are selling for the same price as a brand new D7000 you might be waiting a long time…new D3 bodies are still in stock and they’re £3200… pro body prices tend to remain high.

  • jason

    I don’t mind to wait, but the price is the most concern for me! Please don’t give us crazy price like the d3x.

    • gt

      The D90 was released at about $1000 for just the body when it first came out.
      The D7000 was recently released for $1200 body only.

      The D700 had a release price of $2999 when it debuted.
      We can maybe predict that the D800 will sell for between $3200 and $3500?

    • gt

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the D300 debuted for $2200 (maybe higher?)
      I’d wager the D400 will msrp for $2400 – $2700

      • I think that’s about what my D300 was when I picked it up here in Japan. Hard to say what the price point will be for the D800.

      • Hibiki Rush

        Wrong. D300 was $1799 when released. If D400 is DX, there is NO way it will be in the area of your estimate.

        • SZRimaging

          US prices are on average lower than a large portion of the rest of the world, so their price may have been accurate for places like Switzerland or Australia.

      • D700guy

        $2200? I think I paid $1600 for mine.

  • pooparty

    thank you sweet baby jesus!!!

    but 2399 is not a discount…

    • pooparty

      bout damn time!

    • Tonio

      2399 is probably pretty good given it’s an Austrslian offer. (Australiam prices tend to suck and include GST.)

      • jason

        Use our high Aus dollars to buy from eBay. Lol. D300s only like aud 1400-1500 from hk.

        • MRPhotoau

          Yeah great, and enjoy getting it fixed under warranty. 2399 is standard price now at a couple of retailers here in oz, to anybody who wants one. although I priced a D3x the other day in Newcastle NSW and it was still $9,850 there. Not that I’m planning to buy another body just now will be waiting a little while to see what happens.

  • dan

    Whoa, only £1485?
    That’s the price it was when it was first introduced before Nikon put up all their prices due to the strong yen.
    I will be so psyched if the D800 comes out soon.
    Better ISO (up to 102,400), while retaining how damn nice the D700’s ISO looked (not just clean).
    Couple more mega pixels. I’m not greedy – 18 would be splendid.
    And glorious video. So glad they finally sorted their video out with the D7k. If they can improve on that I’d be one happy bunny.

    • Just clean ISO3200 for me will be more than enough….for the time being… :p

      • gt

        with lightroom 3, the D7K can pump out clean ISO 6400. just use the NR slider

        • dan

          Cleanish, maybe. Lots of cameras can be ‘as clean’, but none render the actual noise as nice as the D700 did.
          Let’s be honest, the 5D MkII was pretty much just as good as the D700, only the noise from that, while still being clean, looked completely different to how it looked on the D700.

          • gt

            It’s not the same as the D700, it’s about 2/3rds of a stop away. It’s pretty close. I’m sure the D800 will blow all of this out of the water though

        • Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to clean ISO3200 without PP 😮

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Oh yes,

          the NR slider is really magic. You get rid of all the noise and increase detail at once. LOL.

          I guess there is more than one definition for clean ISO.

          • gt

            LR3’s noise reduction does retain detail pretty well (as opposed to Nik Dfine / Topaz Denoise / etc.)

            Your sarcasm aside, the D7K and D700 are very similar at ISO 6400. The D700 is better, but not by much. This means you don’t have to push the Noise reduction very far at all. Properly post-processed they are indistinguishable.

            It’s disingenuous to pretend that a NR-processed D7K file looks like mush compared to the D700. Try it yourself.

  • D800 is nearing, but hurry up! :p

  • Anonymus Maximus

    The prices quoted in the NPS sale seem to be quite a bit higher than the last street price before the bundle offers?????

  • April

    I just bought a D700. I like it so far except that It don’t have lower ISO. I don’t need higher ISO but other than that so far pretty good.

  • josh

    Awwwwe man I sure hope they release some more point and shoots instead of a D800!!.. or even a another consumer model dslr! wouldn’t that just be splendid 😀

  • where_the_H_is_D800

    so the guy who kneel down in front of the nikon building for a D800 (remember that video?) finally can get a life….

    or he would beg for a D900 in another video once the 5DM3 is out…

  • Mark

    Hello, all,

    The price for the D700 in Canada has dropped at least $250 since Christmas. The Camera Store in Calgary was out of stock at Christmas and remains out of stock, but that could be a business decision not to order in any more stock and focus on, say, the D7000.

    Yet, it makes sense that a replacement for the D700 be made earlier than the D4 to ensure it does not compete with the D4. The D4 and the D400 are natural fits.

    I suspect (just a hunch) that manufacturing of the D800 (0r whatever it is called) has started and is being stockpiled, ready for release immediately the announcement is made. I further suspect that its specs will be quite different to the D4, but perhaps not that far off the D7000 (but with a full frame sensor).

    In the alternative, it may be there is no replacement and instead some other camera will be released, perhaps even after the release of the D4/D400.

    Luckily, I bought my D700 at Christmas and could not be happier. It is a great camera. My F3 did me well. But, given printing is now digital anyway, there is no reason to remain with film, apart from B&W.


    • Kingyo

      I don’t think the “D800” can compete with the D4 anymore than the D700 did with the D3. Pros will always opt for the D4 regardless of price, and everyone else will go with the D800.
      It’s basically too late for a D700 replacement by now. It could well be that Nikon will announce the perfect-but-pricey D4 first, and then release the D400 & D800 in the same year as similar lower-cost scaled-down models. That would balance out everything and just cause a buying frenzy 🙂

  • Ryan A

    I just got my D700 yesterday, booyah!

    • Geoff_K

      Congrats !

    • Mark

      Congratulations! It is a great camera and it will last you for years. Coupled with an external flash and lots of non-flash experiments, you can achieve anything with this camera. I’ve shot indoors in near darkness and it is amazing how little light you need to take a great shot. A flash is great for balance. The D700 is fast and it is nimble. Let no one tell you otherwise. You made a great choice.


  • PB PM

    Nikon Canada has not been out of D700 since Christmas, because they are still shipping them. I bought my D700 on the 14th and the shop had just had them come in from the Nikon warehouse in Richmond (Vancouver) that morning.

  • Cesar

    This hits me straight in the heart man. Straight in the heart.

  • The D700 is already such an awesome camera. I’m looking at a high quality framed 100x70cm print on my wall and it’s pretty much perfect in every way. I’m curious to see what the D800 and D4 will bring us, but I doubt you would be able to tell the difference looking at the print on your wall from a distance of a meter or more.

    Also, I think the current top Nikon (and Canon) cameras are already pushing what 35mm format lenses can offer in terms of quality. Even with the latest lens designs, it’s the sensor size and retrofocusing design that’s holding the system back, not the sensor quality. Sure, the D4 generation will be marginally better in every way, but to see a really noticable difference you’d have to look at medium format systems.

  • jim bo

    Could we please just get the D800 announced, so all DX users who never bought the D700 either can start to bitch and moan about a D900 ?? I’m SOOO looking forward to that.

    • Geoff_K

      If it doesn’t have 42MP I am going to be MAD ! ;-P

  • Cedric Cruz

    I hope it has exposure simulation in live view mode like the 5d mrk II has! thats what the d700 is lacking… for me

  • Daf

    That Jessops clearance isn’t showing any more.
    But they’re listed in the standard listings – both delivery and collect in store.

  • rhlpetrus

    Since it seems that all higher items (>= D300s) are going oos everywhere, it looks like Nikon is dropping FF and pro photography for good … and in 2years time all we’ll have is the wonderful Coolpix line ;-).

  • hexx

    grrrr… that message is gone, was about to pull out my cc from my wallet 🙂

  • Mark

    After all my waiting, I just hope Nikon will announce the new model soon so I can plan my purchase. Just want D700 with some aded MP and it would be nice to have it available to buy before my mid summer travel.

    : )


  • Victor Hassleblood

    I see neither discounts nor disappearance in germany.

    And BTW, discounts are going on for ever and always. Can’t mean much.

    The Jessops ad (“jasops warranty” and “clearance item”) sounds a little like they’ve sold a demo unit or something a customer has returned. That would explain why they went back to normal.

    I guess the D800 still will take some time. I can’t imagine to see it announced before late summer . Just my 2 cents.

  • Martin

    On German online shopping sites nothing has changed. The D700 is widely available for immediate delivery, for the same price as ever.

  • Chuck

    FUD, all they need is another run of sensors. its a limited run now that D3 isn’t in production. Expect with the next batch out of the Sony fab to see a lot more D700 again!

  • If a D700 successor is on the way, Nikon has certainly managed to keep it a secret.

  • jim no

    Checked the biggest stores/chains in norway aswell, and they all have D700’s. Nothing indicating a new camera here.

  • Joe

    Imagine this:

    D700 goes all out of stock – everywhere… Everyone is in a fuss !!! People kick their dogs, swear at their kids, get drunk and wake up in bed with a Canon shooter 🙁

    2 months later – Nikon then introduces the D4 and people go out and mortgage their houses or sell off their first born sons for it – everyone is happy again (including Nikon).

    Then 2 months later – the D800 and D400 are announced – everyone happy again (including Nikon $).

    • hexx

      “D700 goes all out of stock – everywhere… Everyone is in a fuss !!! People kick their dogs, swear at their kids, get drunk and wake up in bed with a Canon shooter ”

      • hybris

        i have don that for years!

  • Exciting stuff, Henry’s just launched a NIKON SALE – that tells me the new body’s are coming soon.

    D700 showing stock in some Henry’s stores and at an attractive price point $2,149

  • D700guy

    I suppose there isnt as much of a measurable quantity availability statistic in D3, D3s, D3x bodies as there is in D700 bodies. Even still, I wonder if those bodies too have become rarer than in the recent past?

  • broxibear

    I don’t know about elsewhere but here in the UK there are plenty of D700 bodies in stock.
    The reason no one’s buying them is less to do with a D800 coming soon, and more to do with the fact that people are spending less money in general. There’s a global recession, people are cutting back and a £1600 digital camera is a luxury item for most.
    If you’re a retailer with 10 D700 bodies in stock you’ve got a problem…
    A working photographer won’t buy one as they prob already have one or something better, an enthusiast won’t buy one as they prob already have one or are waiting for the D800, and no one walks into a high street retailer looking for a digital camera and ends up spending £1600 on a body ?
    Even if it’s discounted heavily D700 stock will be hard to sell.

    • Tonny

      You are absolutely right, and it is the result of not updating this 700 at all for 2.5 year. The age of D700 is too old at the end of its life compare to D90 and D7000. D90 V D7000 is not too much different in term of function, but D700 V D800 will be a big leap so the closer release date of D800, the lesser D700 sales.

      if Nikon has d700x in between, people will not scream for D800 as they do now.

      • hexx

        d700 is already brilliant camera. what it needs is update of ‘video bit’. Can’t wait for update. not because of the addition of video but because of the fact d700 will go cheaper. And then I’ll buy it, i don’t need video at all.

        • Daf

          In the UK the “go cheaper” window is quite small – you need to jump quickly.

          The major retailers will discount – but likely already have very limited stocks – as they sell out the average price will actually go up since it will only be the less competitive shops that will have them in stock. Seen this happen several times.

  • Daf

    Fake Chuck seems to think it’s about to happen. 😉

    • hybris

      fakechuck rocks!

      com on nikon do it§

  • Hällä

    In Finland a major camera stores promises to pay 500€ for your old body when you buy a D700. Sounds to me like serious stock clearance. (And darn it me for selling that D50 earlier on! That would’ve been quite a deal.) Also, the shop where I bought my D700 about a month ago told me they just got their last two, they would not be ordering more of them. The reason? He said Nikon barely has them in stock anymore and that they are 90% sure that the new model will be announced in March. And then he added with a grin: “but of course, they might just have some stock hidden away somewhere for some odd reason, you can never be sure with Nikon.”

  • Eric

    Do we have read enough rumors that Nikon D700 will be repalced soon? This thing kept coming back here and there. The fact is Nikon constantly do not have in stock many of their cameras and lenses due to they refuse to grow to be a bigger player.

    • Markus

      LOL 😀

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