Nikon View NX 2.1.1 released

Nikon released v2.1.1 of View NX (Mac | Windows). Nikon published also the Digitutor for View NX2. All Nikon Digitutor topics can be found here.

List of View NX 2.1.1 changes:

- Support for the COOLPIX P500, COOLPIX P300, COOLPIX L120, COOLPIX L23, COOLPIX S9100, COOLPIX S6100, COOLPIX S4100 and COOLPIX S3100 was added.
- A function for attaching images to e-mail messages was added.
- The following printing functions were added.
- The number of rows and columns can be specified for the Index Print option.
- Images can be printed with borders.
- Options of 1 x 1, 3 x 2 and the same aspect ratio as the original image were added to the Crop function.
- Support for the following functions was added to the GeoTag screen.
- A topographical (Physical) map was added.
- The location at which movies with GPS information attached were recorded can be displayed on the map.
- Only pins for selected images can be displayed on the map.
- The following functions were added for greater collaboration with my Picturetown.
- A progress bar is displayed with upload.
- Upload can be cancelled before completion.
- An option that prevents automatic display of the left and right palettes and the filmstrip was added.
- Users can choose whether or not colour matching is performed for image thumbnails.
- SB-600 was indicated as the flash used with some images captured using the SB-800. This issue was resolved.
- Nikon Transfer 2 file transfer speed was increased, especially with movie files measured in gigabytes.
- The function for uploading images to my Picturetown was eliminated from Nikon Transfer 2.
- Images can be uploaded to my Picturetown using ViewNX 2.
- Playback time of the portion of a movie that remains when the trim function is used is displayed in Nikon Movie Editor’s Trim dialog.
- An indicator was added to show where transition effects cannot be added to the Nikon Movie Editor storyboard.
- An issue that caused ViewNX 2 to quit unexpectedly when images were transferred via FTP from the WT-4 to a folder open in ViewNX 2 was resolved.
- An issue that caused vertically oriented NEF images edited with Capture NX 2 to be enlarged when displayed in a slide show was resolved.
- An issue that caused the Sort option to switch to Name when the display mode was changed from Full Screen was resolved.
- When an image was edited in Thumbnail Grid view and the view was then switched to Image Viewer, editing performed on the image was not reflected. This issue was resolved.

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  • how about update the capture nx2 to nx3 with better coding?

    • Agree with you. Go to work Nikon, we want to pay for NX3. 😉

      • just opening a NEF takes way too much! I want something that runs smooth and lets me speed up my workflow

        • alvix

          yes yes yes …years of waiting…really tired now…

          • lox


  • Anonymous

    This NX2 crap is bleeding left and right. One thing for sure we know Nikon is not a software company. Lately I start question whether Nikon is even a camera company.

    • dpnsan

      I feel your pain, but Capture NX is developed by NIK Software, not Nikon.

      • Anonymous

        Yes but Nikon did not take it to the next level. That is because it cannot do that.

      • Actually, Nik only partnered with Nikon. Nik supplied the control point code and some other stuff. The basic design of the application, the basic coding, the core SDK of the rendering engine all belong to Nikon.

  • They should focus on solving the small bugs before introducing more features :p

  • mike

    The D7000 is not in the list of supported cameras!?!?!?

    • danpe

      D7000 support came in version 2.03 (?) last year somewhere around September/October.

  • This product is like something from the 1990’s compared to what else is out here today.

    • Soothing gel

      More specifically, Poisonberry, what do you mean? There’s no reason for me to write in defence of Nikon/Nik Software, but I honestly don’t see your point.

      • Zograf

        I see Poison’s berry point but don’t agree with him for the 90’ies. NX2 and VNX2 software is neither from 90-ies nor from 2011, they are from another planet altogether. The unfortunate bit is NX2 is a must, in my opinion, if one wants to produce good jpegs out of Nikon’s NEFs.

  • it is about as pathetic as NX2. Actually NX2 is even worse as it is paid.
    Capture One for the win

    • Kingyo

      can’t beat Capture One Pro

      • inginerul

        you can, LR3 does a better job.

        • Tomra


  • anon99

    Have used View some years ago and didn’t like it at all.
    ViewNX is just another similar POS with a bunch of lifestyle features for the generalists.
    CaptureNX is what we need. Give us an updated CNX with better features and faster processing.

  • When Adobe dropped Bridge from PSE, I had another look at View NX, right about the time I picked up my D7k. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I preflight my shoots with View NX first, eliminating images that won’t be used. Then I import them into Lightroom, and run Time Machine and BlackBlaze backups. It look me a while to grok the whole preflighting thing. If you do large shoots, or shoot a lot, preflighting can save a ton of time, plus avoid backing up unnecessary files, especially with RAWs running 20MB now.

    • mshi


  • mshi

    Here is the catch.

    ‘Both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista & Windows 7 are supported, however the software operates as a 32-bit version under a 64-bit environment.’

  • NXNightmare

    What a load of crap. I have money sitting here waiting for nx3 with a decent workflow and performance. That is all I want.

  • You listed the ViesNX 2.1.0 changes. The list of changes for 2.1.1 is way shorter:
    Windows and Macintosh versions:
    – An issue that prevented display of images scanned in NEF format with the COOLSCAN V has been resolved.

    Windows version:
    – An issue that prevented display of printer profiles created with X-Rite ColorMunki Photo has been resolved.

    Macintosh version:
    – “– –“ was displayed for XMP/IPTC Information when multiple images with different XMP/IPTC information attached were selected, even when the Categories box in the Options dialog’s XMP/IPTC Preset panel was not checked. This issue has been resolved.


  • robert

    And what about Linux (native or wine-based)-version of some Nikon’s in-house converter?

  • Eric

    Forget software Nikon, you can’t do it right. Period. Create an SDK so that software developers can optimize their software for NEF files, and you’ll get even more people to switch from Canon and others. Your software wins ZERO converts. Period.

    And while you’re at it, make sure to add Light Peak to the D400, D800 and D4. You want to kick Canon’s butt? That move would do more than anything else to get you to the forefront of the digital revolution.

    But of course, Nikon will be years behind adopting any kind of technology. Because they’re too timid to take a risk and really make a grab for market share. They would have to increase production capacity! Horrors! 😛

    • NXNightmare

      A truly open software development kit would be ideal. The rendition of colours in lightroom of what should be orange and red is horrid… even under the increasinlgy improving “standard” profile.

      • yakker

        Couldn’t agree more. Is it just to try to wring a few dollars out of Capture NX2 that Nikon won’t let Adobe et al. properly decode a NEF? I’ve tried to switch to Lightroom with each version, but those reds are still hideous. We spend thousands on camera equipment, but it’s limited by lack of decent software!

        Unlike others here, I’ve got no interest in paying again for a Capture NX3. Does anyone really think it’ll be any better than last two. Nice to see View NX2 is being slowly updated – for quality I haven’t found a better system than using it and doing most of my edits in Photoshop. But it’s hardly an efficient workflow.

        • NXNightmare

          That’s my main issue. I spent $3,000 australian dollars on my d700 and $3,000 on some nice glass – the 24 to 70 (along with countless other accessories and cheaper lenses)and I feel like I’m in a world of compromise. I can’t edit 400 wedding photos using capture nx2. I can using lightroom, but the colours are slightly off. In the end I use lightroom, but I do have thoughts about selling the rig and going for canon. My canon friends still have their reservations about hor lr uses cr2 files, but were shocked when they say how lightroom treated a file with a lot of reds.

          • Andre

            Why can’t you edit a few hundred photos in NX2.

            I have never had a problem with any number in NX2, just about through 900 or so from the weekend here.

            Yep, same camera and lenses but you must have bought your gear at Teds or Vanbars to have paid so much.

            • NXNightmare

              Paid locally a few years ago. It’s a lot of money to drop and have to worry about grey import warranties 😉

    • Zograf

      Yes, very likely Nikon released its SDKs. to Nik software. The incarnation of which is NX2 & VNX2…
      I think Nikon are unlucky(or did mistake) that a software company with low user interface experience or weird implementation are using their SDK…

    • Markus

      Nikon can’t do it right..? Haven’t a single problem with Capture NX2 since the last couple of updates. It is not the most fast software around and it had it’s quirks but it’s output is the best and if you’re not running a lot of your funware at hte same time (can’t seem to work well with torrent clients in the background running) it’s the best option for NEF editing with accurate image setting parameters.

  • Aidenag

    Why people still use Nikon’s software is beyond me. It’s slow, less versatile and light years behind what Lightroom3+CS5 and the zillion plugins tailored for them are capable of doing.

    • NXNightmare

      That is true Aiden, but capture nx2’s interpretation of colour is a lot better than lightroom’s. And that’s the headache. For workflows, in a professional sense, lightroom is a lot better.

  • Anonymous

    Can we rename this site as ?

    I guess either these are trolls or just folk that own Nikon equipment but can’t make good images, and think that the fault must lie with Nikon. Anyway, it is getting pretty lame with this bitching and moaning.

    • Markus

      Well. I think a lot of people are screaming about the latest and greatest but will never have the money to purchalse it or the need to use it. If os, they’re simple not here doing the usual troll ups.

  • Mock Kenwell

    You mean like the bitching you’re doing right now?

    Most of the comments above seem rational and valid. They’re merely calling a spade a spade. Would you actually prefer a bunch of boot-licking lackey fanbois circle-jerking all day? If so, visit canonrumors.

  • The Nikon software makes gorgeous images out of the NEF files. All of the other raw converters do a poor job, especially the Adobe raw converter (see comments above about the reds). If you shoot Nikon RAW and process with lightroom or bridge you have never seen what your camera is capable of, not even close! As far as bugs- Lightroom crashes on me all the time but the Nikon software is rock solid. And View NX is an absolute steal (FREE) for all that it does and it is super fast, it blows Bridge away and the full-screen preview mode is the best out there. I’d say it is a close second to Photo Mechanic and you can do fast batch edits, even with raw files. Capture NX 2 is slow but I don’t think people realize how powerful it is and how to use the batch processing. And the u-point function is incredible. I think the sour grapes in these comments are mostly by people who haven’t taken the time to learn the software.

  • mxrv

    In contrary of most of the previous commenters, I actually like using ViewNX2 and CaptureNX2 and I use them both all the time. Once you read the manual and learn your way around, they serve you as confortably and with the same power as any other modern image viewing/sorting/editing software. Talking about image treatment speed, any software that works directly on RAW data is functioning more slowly than on jepg, just because or the quantity of the data in the file. In this case the speed depends more on your hardware than the software. I have no issues with that.

  • Talking about CNX2 I must say that I love the software! It’s extermely flexible and capable when editing images and what I love the most – it saves information into the file – not in some sidecar file or archive like other software does. The biggest drawback with this is that you have to open and save files when editing. This makes editing slower, but its not a major issue when you get used to it.

    And with the new version of VienNX I am really glad that they reintroduced sending images with email – I don’t understand why they removed it in 2.0 version anyways… The software is fast, its easy to organize images, to keyword them and make selects… BUT I still dont undestand why they dont add a search option??? Many times I need to find images quickly and can’t remember when/where I took them – searching by keywords would make it much easier and faster but no – its not possible. There is still room for improvements…

  • MMM

    I’m in oposition to the most, as I can see.
    I use both ViewNX an CaptureNX.
    For me, ViewNX is best image viewer, with some editing capabilities, superfast 100% preview. Pity it can’t handle different raw formats (I use G11), and “placeholders” of files other than tiff, neff and jpg.
    Capture NX is not very fast, but one can make adjustments, that are time consuming in other software, in a matter of seconds. I also confirm, that CNX processing delivers better results to my eye, in almost every aspect (color, noise, “feel” of details, wb). The true is, that its batch processing is odd (however, most batch for “huge volume” work can be done with viewNX).
    As to the LR – i tried it in beta, and THIS software is REALLY weird with it’s workflow – I don’t remember i it delivered ANY results to me 🙂 . So I use ACR with PS.

  • John Williams

    I like a lot about NX2. It’s what I use all the time. I’ve tried Lightroom. I’ve tried Aperture. I’ve gotten lost in Photoshop. The difficulty I have with NX2 is that it’s lethargic. But this is SO preferable to importing the images into some large database to become part of the program like many alternatives do to gain speed. I do wish Nikon would create a module to work on the resulting jpeg to do the things other software does that, apparently cannot be done on RAW well: watermarks, cloning, signatures, borders, etc. (Of course, if that can be done in RAW, let’s get on that. But I do love the results I get with NX2, even if the software is a little clunky. The recent update to View NX — which is pretty nice — may foreshadow what’s coming for Capture NX3. Hope so.

    • Well said and good to see you are of the same opinion in the quality of NX results.

  • One year ago yes I was having problems with CNX2 and View NX but have recently obtained a newer work station running windows 7 64 bit with two 24 inch wide screens and I must say that especially the new View NX 2.2.1 runs like a bullet and switches over to CNX2 in a instant with CNX2 running problem free and fast, I have CS5 and lightroom 3 but my work flow is, VNX to sort out the good from the bad and to make adjustments as required to see in an instant what can be improved on. Then CNX2 for final adjustment of the NEF. For further work I use CS5 for things I cannot do in NX such as layering and using ANT scripts for special effects such as ‘Dragan’ and toning. CS5 and lightroom does not produce the colours renderred from NEF’s as CNX2 does but is my final tool for eventual crops for prints and web files.
    I have three of the prof range of Nikons so the files are always over 20MB and they are opened in an instant with both the Nikon software, so perhaps the answer to many is use the extra cash to upgrade the PC platform and life will be better. One other time saver is get rid of some of the bad pics in the field instead of getting home with loads of files they are non keepers. Just to add that I am considerred by others to be very familiar with CS5 and use it often at work but it cannot produce the adjustment and quality of the NEF files like CNX, good on you Nikon and look forward to an even better future when the 64 bit versions come.

    • Ric

      I recently upgraded to a new PC with 64-bit Window 7 (installed by HP with system). I find that ViewNX2 crashes quite often (it ran fine on my old XP machine).

      I would like to upgrade to Capture NX2, but the trial downloads indicate that my trial period has ended when I try to start it for the first time. Nikon’s very poor tech support suggest I buy another computer as there is nothing they can do. I bought this machine with a powerful processor and lots of RAM mostly for improved photo-editing performance, so I’m a bit disappointed.

      I can run my version of Capture NX 1.3 ok, and I would like to upgrade, but am concerned that if I upgrade, I’ll have problems on my machine.

      What version of Capture NX2 are you running on Windows 7? Did you use the trial version on your Windows 7 machine or did you buy the keycode first? Thanks.

  • Where is CNX3?! I use CNX2 and I do like it, especially its control points. I tried Lightroom but was put off by its complicated interface and anyway I think CNX2 noise reduction on NEF files is better than in LR. But I need to be able to add watermarks, use layers, and the clone tool. Where is CNX3?!

  • wingcommander

    ViewNX2 is painfully slow on my machine where Photoshop is fast. I would only try the new version if the consensus is that the software is greatly improved. Otherwise Photoshop for me.

  • John

    Really? ~1 month before the big April announcement and all you have is a View NX update? Your sources must be really disconnected from Nikon.

    • John, I am not aware of a major announcement in a month, maybe I am missing something. There is a lot of chatter and speculations, but there is nothing reliable worth mentioning here. I will probably do another recap of rumors from other sites. If you know something, I am all ears.

  • NXNightmare

    I don’t know anyone that uses Capture NX2 in a professional capacity. Full stop. Fashion photographers, wedding photographers and… well anyone that does a volume of work comensurate with being a professional all use Lightroom and Capture One. I shoot the odd wedding and need to use Lightroom for speed, but do use Capture nx2 for small and personal projects due to superior colour rendition. I personally hope that more nikon shooters demand software that can be used in a professional capacity. To those that “bulk” edit. Do you work on the field? Photos taken seconds apart can need varying white balance, say, a subject under a tree in the shade and another under the sun or the slight exposure tweaks that come from having to quickly capture a winning shot. How on earth does bulk editing in capture nx2 account for this? Your only option is to open, save and close files as you go. CLUNKY. Get your shit together Nikon!!!!

  • Rob

    Hey John (3 posts up) show us a link to anyone that has anything more than this site, otherwise just apprecaite what we have here. 🙂

    Comparing ViewNX with anythign else is silly. ViewNX is what it is and not a replacement for LR or Photoshop. Think of it like a soudn system in your car… it is pretty good but if you want pro-quality you need to upgrade.

    OK, I am downloading the newest version now so will let you know my thoughts.

    • yakker

      Agree with you on View NX, it’s not too bad for what it is. I think the issue is that that “upgrade” doesn’t exist. Capture NX2 is absurdly slow (even on my high spec machine), buggy and has a poor interface. Since Nikon won’t detail exactly how to best interpret a NEF file, LR produces pretty poor results.
      I’ve invested thousands in Nikon hardware. I’m happy to spend a couple hundred on an upgrade. In fact, I have spent the money, but Capture NX2 was so bad I went back to just using View NX2.

      • NXNightmare

        Nikon could double what it costs to buy capture nx2 now, and I’d pay it if they released something as quick as lightroom but with the results of Capture NX2.

  • Rob

    OK, couple things…

    1. In Help click on Check For Updates and then About and 2.0.1 shows up?? It should read 2.1.1. but in Help click on About ViewNx2 and 2.1.1 shows up.

    2. Where is the Boarder tool that is supposed to be!?

  • This version of View nx2 keeps on crashing while working every 50-100 photos. the usual “There’s not enough memory” message keeps on coming (I’m working on i7 6G ram, 64bit) . the older version worked great.
    I will probably downgrade it back to v2.03.
    Nikon have got to improve the memory performance of this program!!

    • Hi
      Not sure what the difference is but i have a HP Elite HPE with Intel(R) Core i7 cpu with 8 gb running Win 7 Pro 64 bit. Dual 24 inch HDMI screens at 1920i. ATI Radeon HD5570 with 2 gb.

      All files are NEF from a D700 (24 meg files)
      Files loaded into NZ2 2.1.1 over 400 loads instantly with all files visible within 1 sec. switching to NX2 for further editing takes less than 1 sec. Loading files in and out of NX2 with up to 10 files open with not problems editing them. No crashes and no delays and a dream to work with. All my photo files are on and extra 1 tera disk which I keep for photo’s and not the C: disk where I keep all programs.
      Using same with Lightroom 3 64 bit is slower than NX2 & VNX together and does not have the adjustments that Nik has and the colours are not to be desired. CS5 Bridge is nearly as fast as VNX but the you have the RAW convertion in CS5 Photoshop to go thro which again does not have the adjustment that NX2 has by far.
      Seams that although the software mentioned will be machine and operating system dependent regarding performance there are also issues of where and how software is installed with the files to be worked on. my previous PC was deathly slow with all files on the C: disk running Win XP pro on a 3 mhz 4 gig platform. Main problem with my older PC was regular defragmentation of the C: disk caused by editing photo files so I would definatley recomend adding an extra disk for keeping all the photo’s on, that disk can easily and regularly be defragmented if and when required. The cost of a 500gb or a 1 tera disk is not that much to spend on but the rewards are great.

  • JustaLurka

    Am I reading this correctly?

    Restrictions on Nikon Movie Editor:
    1. Movies up to 30 minutes in length can be edited.
    2. Depending upon the computer system (CPU), Nikon Movie Editor may quit unexpectedly when multiple movies and/or still images in the storyboard are previewed or a project is exported as a movie file.
    The following is a general guide for the number of files that can be safely contained in a Nikon Movie Editor project for different processor types. However, these numbers may vary depending upon other factors in the system.
    – Core 2 Duo: A project containing 4 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and 2 still images can be previewed and exported.
    – Core 2 Quad: A project containing 3 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and NO still images can be previewed and exported.
    – Core i3: A project containing 3 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and NO still images can be previewed and exported.
    – Core i5: A project containing 3 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and NO still images can be previewed and exported.
    – Core i7: A project containing 2 H.264 (1920 × 1080) movies and NO still images can be previewed and exported.
    However, when H.264 movies recorded at 720p and lower are used, the number of movie files and still images that can be used in a project increases. When only Motion JPEG (1080p) movies are used, the number of files that can be safely used in a Nikon Movie Editor project changes as follows:
    – Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i3, Core i5: A project containing up to 30 movies can be previewed and exported. – Core i7: A project containing up to 19 movies can be previewed and exported.

    The more power you have (a la Core i7) the fewer files/videos, etc., you can open or run w/o crashing?

    That’s from the release notes of the prior version.

    It seems to apply to both 720p and 1080p files.

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