Another report that Nikon D700 is no longer available

This is not the first time to report that the Nikon D700 is being phased out and and is no longer available for order in certain locations (see here and here). There is a another report from dpeview from few days ago about Cameta Camera not be able to order any new D700:

"I struck up a conversation with Micheal the salesman and he told me that Nikon was no longer shipping them the D700."

Please note that this may vary from country to country and even from dealer to dealer.

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  • rhlpetrus

    If D700 is going away, it’ll be a D700s next, not a higher res model as was expected. It indicates the 4-year cycle for pro sensors will be preserved. And the chances of a D700x with D3x’s sensor increase over a new sensor at 18-20MP for the higher res model (if it ever comes…).

    • zzddrr

      Petrus, I mentioned a while back that the next (disappointment) will be D700s. I agree with you all signs point in that direction. Also, that’s the quickest fix Nikon can come up with to put the D3s sensor under the hood of the D700. Now if that’s the case, oh boy oh boy, I can see serious anger and bashing will happen. Even I might have to go to my shrink for a chill out session. 🙂

      I think if Nikon comes out with an “s” fixed D700, that will be the kiss of the death. I heard from many retailers that they no longer stock the D700 because it is too expensive and does not sell. They started to report similar issues now with the D300s. But this is another story.

      • Since it’s not time for a pro level sensor refresh (ie- D4), I’m sure we’ll just see either the x or s upgrade + video. Recycle the sensors to help cut down R&D costs. But hey- Nikon said we’re in for a “surprise,” so perhaps I’m wrong.

        BTW, a D700s w/ the D3s sensor would:
        – make you angry and start a bashing session
        – make me happy and force me to think about upgrading my cam

        Different strokes for different folks. Would definitely like to have a D3s sensor in a Dxxx-sized body. I’m not prepared to pay a premium for it, tho’. But I’m willing to wait 🙂

      • Canon Fangirly

        Yep, the D3s was such a disappointment. It’s a total waste of money and its sensor totally stinks. And if Nikon comes out with a D700s then the world will end before 2012.

        Seriously, the D3s is the greatest camera I ever used and I’m quite certain that I’ll be shooting with it for the next couple of years. What on earth did digital do to photography? I shot with the F2 for almost 10 years before I sold it for just a little less than I bought it for.

  • mnm

    Maybe it is being replaced with all the new Coolpix cameras?

    • ok man

      Coolpix …. maybe

      • PHB

        Did you know Anne Leibovitz just moved to a Coolpix?

        Something about a renovation…

  • Anonymous

    It is comming guys for real!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was at PMA yesterday and asked the dreaded question about the D700 upgrade to the Nikon Rep. He stated that there is an upgrade coming soon but would not elaborate when. I also told him that I really did not care if all they were doing was adding video. His response was “you should go ahead and buy now if your not worried about a video feature” I told him I was in the market but wanted to wait, he assured me that I would not be disapointed if I bought now. I personally got the impression from him that whatever the upgrade will be it would only be a new video feature. Yet another rumor to the mill.

    • Prosumer

      D700s ?

      • D700xs ?

        • iamnomad


          • LOLQUE


          • Buck

            D700 Mark II

          • iamnomad


          • Zorro


    • Paul

      It sure sound like it’s going to be a D700s. Although you did ask him only about the “D700 upgrade” and not another branch as in a mini-D3x or mini-D3s.

    • HDZ

      Hope it’s not D700 II

    • Slobby


  • tim

    I have noticed that on some online shops here in Europe all you can get in “professional cameras” is the D300s D3 D3x D3s. No D700 in stock.

  • I think if you can find a D700, you should buy it right away.
    That is the last Nikon DSLR pro with only one sensor, in few years you could be able to sell it x5 times it’s actual price to some crasy collectors.

  • I’d be pleasant to see the D700s with video plus improved sensitivity, so it will make most people happy, and there won’t be anything left to complain in that camp.

    Then Nikon may concentrate on the real thing, without any need to milk with (hi-ISO performance, video, frame rate, etc) I mean the 24mp D700x which equals to superb IQ at /around base ISO. I expect its announcement before this summer.

  • shivas

    well what this IS doing is showing me (the semi-pro consumer) that buying a dSLR body ISN’T a complete waste of money anymore. . .I snagged a NEW D200 for $599. . .several years ago; looks like Nikon is being smart and just shrinking the supply before a new release. . .

    Looking forward to purchasing a D700s if/when next year!

  • Ultramind

    One things for sure — the price on the new 700S will be so jacked it will make the old 700 stock look like a steal. There way of clearing old stock.

    • Daf

      That’s one thing I’m afraid of.
      Prices usually take ~2-3 months to fall from RRP/SRP to their true market value BUT by this time old stocks of the previous model will have run out.

      • Dweeb

        Actually in Canada price on the D700 was kept at MSRP for an exceptionally long period of time – $3300. I would guess that’s because it was a very good seller. Price only dropped pre-Xmas and it is now about $2700. Taxes will push it to about three. Still too much for an end of life camera. IMHO.

        • Joe

          In Canada the listed price for D700 is as low as $24xx the lowest I have seen in years.

  • The other scenario is bringing out just one camera, 18mp D800; in which one can see an optimization of all trends.

  • Pat

    Sounds like a D700S only upgrade in April is coming.

    Looking at the video quality (despite only being 720p) that the D3S produces, I am among the potentially many that would sell my D700 for even a upgrade to D700S.

    12MP is enough for me. Good enough video plus clean ISO12800 is more tempting than more megapixels. My harddrive and CPU would thank me for that !

    • 12mp only? That’s impossible. It must be either (D700s + D700x) or D900. 12mp is way behind competition even from Nikon’s own Coolpix which is now 14mp 🙂

      • DC

        Latest Canon rumor is 5D Mk iii 32 MP sooner than expected.

  • To Paul
    Only asked about the D700 since this is the camera I am in the market for. I did find it odd that 90% of there blown up gallery pics around the booth came from either a D3 Or a D700. Not many of the D3s Or D3x, Just a funny observation.

  • twoomy

    COME ON guys, keep buying up those remaining D700 cameras so I can get me a D900!

    I am convinced Nikon is delaying simply to unload the remaining stock of older cameras. We have heard reports for months that the D700 was being discontinued, but probably due to the bad global economy, the remaining supply is drying up a lot slower than previously expected.

    • zzddrr

      Didn’t it occur for you that perhaps people wan’t more than 12MP, maybe with a little video and at lower price. Oh sorry that’s the 5DII from Canon.

      I really look forward to seeing what Canon will come out. If 32MP then it will take a lifetime for Nikon to match that.

      • twoomy

        Shhhhhh… don’t tell them that they want more megapixels! They need to be happy with 12mp so they can buy up all of the old stock, so I can get me a higher-res D900 sooner.

        I hope Canon announces a 32mp. It would at least put more pressure on Nikon.

        • zzddrr

          twoomy, I agree with you. If Canon manages at 32MP the iso performance of the MKIV then Nikon will have a big problem. I think for the nadscape people the iso of the current MKiV would be acceptable. If they keep it around the 8K range then it will blow away the D3x. Make it worse, it will be a lifetime or exactly another product cycle of 4rys to match that. Now, for 4yrs, many would switch. I would pay a really close look at that beast….

          • Oga

            That’s nice. Cuz everyone I know with 5d2 shoots at 15mp. And did you know diffraction issues are a physical phenomenon linked to pixel size?

  • DC

    The latest rumors on the Canon front is for a 5D Mk iii at 32 MP sooner than expected – if it is pixels that count for you and you do not have a major investment in Nikon lenses then the pixel grass may be even greener than it already is on the Canon side very soon.

  • Tim

    so when will this D700s be available?

  • Daf

    I have seen the Nikon D700 stock fall and raise on a regular basis in the main UK retailers. SO not sure it’s anything certain – Nikon could just have manufaturing regularity issues.

    Currently Amazon UK – “Only 5 left in stock–order soon (more on the way). ”
    Jessops – Out of Stock

    • Daf

      Jessops now have it in stock again.

  • hybris

    im not buying another s-model period!

  • merkuree

    The Cameta comment is interesting. A couple days back I noticed that they only had one D700 for auction. They typically have 9 on ebay at any one time. And I notice that volume sellers on e_bay had fewer D700 auctions.

  • Che

    The D700 is in perfectly healthy supply at all the major dealers in USA and here in Hong Kong.

  • Jose Vicente Lopez

    I think stock is no problem for new nikon’s cameras, if the nikon’s policy is reduce the price of D700, I am sure that many people will buy D700 for US$ 2000 or near it instead of D700s. Video should be very good add for some photographers but most of semi professional and professional juat are interesting to take pictures with theirs cameras.

    • Daf

      I’m not too sure of that any more.
      Been reading a couple of back issues of UK Professional Photographer Magazine and over half of the photographers have mentioned video as an additional revenue source.

      • Jose Vicente Lopez

        May be this magazine is right Daf, but if your are interesting in video there are many options with better resolution and less price than a possible D700S.

        • Mynameisdave

          It’s quite easy why many of us want video
          1. Because since we can play videoclips all the time anywhere anytime (tv pcs netbooks cells) customers demand it. You don’t disappoint a customer or you loose them. Quite easy.
          2. flips aint do the trick anymore. Even on youtube higher res is a hit for the most of us.
          3. on a steady rig a 5d2 easily can replace a much more expensive vidcam. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Well at least not for most of us.
          4. Because we can have it.

  • daylight

    Enough already! I can’t take it any more, so last night I pulled the trigger via ebay/ with beach camera for a D700. My reasoning was that I have been waiting to upgrade/switch systems for a while now and I just could not deal with another couple of months of waiting. When all along the D700 – which is a fantastic camera – is slowly becoming hard find and buy brand new from someone that is trusted at a good price.

    Another point I considered was that I knew how much I had wanted to spend on a new ff system and what I actually wanted from it. Now when the D700 arrives I will pair it with the Nikkors 85mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4g and Sigma 28mm f/1.8 for all of my photography needs.

    I am more than sure that Morphy’s law will set in and Nikon will release an update the day the box arrives at my office. 🙂

  • Enrique

    Cameta is not showing any D700 on their site
    Adorama still has them @ $2399

  • merkuree

    Interesting comment about Cameta. I have been tracking their D700 auction prices on e-bay for a few months and I noticed that they usually have 6-9 D700’s for auction in a given week. I have also noticed in the past 2 weeks that their D700 auctions have reduced sharply. Then again, other sellers like DigitalRev still appear to have good inventory….so maybe it is just fluctuations. But I tend to believe there are generally less auctions for D700 bodies than say, 6-8 months ago.

  • jdawg

    I work for a camera store. We sold out of D700’s last week and were shipped more on Friday . . . . they came today. Unless as of today D700’s are no longer shipping, I think that salesperson may be mistaken.

  • Bob

    I’d buy a D700s. Some of my best Nikon’s have had a s behind the numbers.
    If they come out with even a 14mp with 1080 HD with full controls, plus a few upgrades they will have a winner. I hope they hurry up

    • zzddrr

      Bob, then explain to me how on earth will Nikon sell the D3s if they make a D700s with better specs.

      Guys, Nikon will not give us any useful new item this year. Sony is not ready with the new sensor that’s why they do not the A700 replacement. Besides, it was always the case that Sony came out first with their variant and couple of months later Nikon was allowed to use the same sensor. It is clear, Nikon cannot do anything without Sony!

      • Bob

        They sell the D700 now. I’m guessing the D700s won’t have better specs than than the D3s. It will be better specs than the D700. Plus I think they will up the video to 1080.

        • zzddrr

          Bob, I think it would be great however they couldn’t make that happen in the D3s so how could they add 1080 in the D700s if it uses the same sensor?

          I think we will not have anything before Sony comes out

          • Bob

            They couldn’t or just didn’t want it to happen with the D3s? The new Coolpix P100 has 1080 HD video. I find it hard to believe they can’t get it on the better DSLRs!!! They are just stringing it along. The D3s is for a whole different class of people anyway. I really look for a D90 upgrade anyway. Then they wouldn’t be stepping on the D3s owners toes if that is a problem

      • sandy

        D300 came before the A700.

  • low

    uh oh, if true…looks like the d700 no longer takes great photos 🙁

  • iamnomad

    D700x/s = 12MP = yawn

  • No Nikon DLSR’s at my Local Costco in Mt.Laurel, NJ,
    But there are plenty of new Canon DLSR’s.

    • Bob

      That could mean that they are selling better that the Canons.

      • ArtTwisted

        they probably are.

    • Jim

      and cinnamon rolls!

  • Fred

    I just purchased a D700 from Jacobs in London last week. They had recently received a new batch of 30. I asked if there was an imminent replacement…..they suggested that a camera with higher resolution , and cost, was more likely at the moment. Suits me just fine, it is still a really worthy camera for someone who does not need, or desire, a movie mode (me).

  • Anonymous

    We have D700 in stores here in Canada

  • Niko

    Contrary to many opinions here, I sure as hell HOPE that Nikon maintains their next iteration of D700 at 12 megapixels. Even better if they use D3s sensor with that incredibly clean ISO 6400. I am so there, and ready to sell all my Canon gear and migrate to Nikon ! I don’t know if you heard the news: Nikon D3s is probably the best dSLR ever made.

  • NikonCanon

    I too just moved over from Canon to Nikon, because Canon is into pixels, not IQ.

  • ways

    only a few D700 in stock here in spain…
    april replacement comments.
    not a 12 megapixels sensor.
    not a 24 megapixeles sensor.
    recent good news…

  • Niko


  • JMichels

    Geez….you people can keep the pixels. I want high ISO. 12 mp is plenty already! Someone please tell me what you’d do with 32 mp that you couldn’t do with 12, I mean honestly. A D700s, with the D3s sensor is the most logical direction nikon could take right now because apparently, they seem to be the only camera manufacturer that make cameras for PHOTOGRAPHERS. I don’t know who you people are. Video……..hrrrmph

  • The D700 is still available via the Employee Purchase Program though.

  • Sale’s Norway

    We are not able to order D700 catalog from Nikon anymore.

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