There was a Nikon announcement in Japan today

As previously reported, Nikon did have a press conference in Japan today. They announced the Coolpix P100 and the Coolpix S3000, S4000, S6000 p&s cameras. Those models were announced on February 2nd, 2010 in the US and Europe.

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  • 🙂

  • Joe R.

    I don’t suppose the Japanese version compete with the s90, LX3/5 , new Samsung P&S any better

  • Semih Karakus

    oohh, please give me some good news. I need the D900 soo much.

    • Char

      You _need_? I guess you meant to say you _want_.

      What do you need about the D900? If you need high-ISO FX, you can buy the D700 or D3s today. If you need high resolution, you can buy the D3x today. If you need high resolution in a lightweight package, you can buy a Sony A900 or A850.

      • Well the D900 will be totaly different with it’s 3 sensors (R,V,B).
        This is a new generation of DSLR.

        • preston

          you mean R,G,B?

        • karmakoma

          X3 Foveon

      • Aaron

        How would i get my nikon lenses onto those sony cameras exactly?

      • Joe R.

        ….and if you need a high-ISO DX you get a D????

        • Char

          Any, actually. The D80 performs quite good up to ISO 1600, the D90/D300/D300s are even better. A D900 will not help, since it would not be DX.

  • Good morning, I had a dream……..the D900 was announced today, and then my kid came and woke my up !
    Damn kids !!!!

    • bastic

      you know that dreams never come truth right ;D

  • Very disappointed with Nikon!
    The new Samsung TL500 looks promising with f/1.8 len. No Evil?
    No D400 – D900.

    Now if only the Sony would A850 would take my Nikon glass 🙂 humm
    I’ve been helping a friend learn the A380 and I’m impressed with the IQ that
    it produces, but the build isn’t as great as Nikon.
    I wonder what it would cost me to switch? Not sure if Nikon is going to be able to compete in the long run. They still have a better system and that’s what I bough into when I switched to Nikon, but it sure hurts to see better IQ from a cheaper camera.

  • benS

    NR Admin wrote “I knew that there will be a press release about two DSLR cameras today from Nikon, but I did not expect them to have a press release about products that were already released! This is the story.” … looks like Nikon was on a counter-intelligence mission. Trying to throw NR Admin off and wanting to catch who his sources are… EVIL Nikon 🙂

  • Is there more specs for the P100 or just the same announcement?

    I’d like to know how long the frame burst lasts.

    If the 120fps burst can last 3-4 seconds, that could make for some interesting 720p video.

    • Joe R.

      120 fps is at like 2 MP or something.

  • glu

    begun it has not.

  • New Nikon 3 colors sensors, a sensor for each primary color (red, green, blue):
    – better dynamic range for the light exposure.
    – better ISO sensitivity (the D700 will look like a toy).
    – faster processing (a processor for each color).
    – easier and better post-processing (photoshop).
    – resolution still under 20MP (around 16MP).
    The picture quality will be the best ever seen, even better than a blad loaded velvia 50.
    Here is the catch : higher price (around $4000) because of the complex prism necessary (to devise the image in the 3 primary colors).

  • Paul


  • C Benson

    I actually had a dream that Nikon was releasing 7 different DSLR cameras today. I have to say, that was a good dream.

  • le_eiji

    annoucement for new compact digital cameras? lol that’s exactly I predicted on this site,

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