Nikon D700 cash back program starting tomorrow in Japan


From April 24 till August 2, 2009: 20,000 ¥ (around 200 USD) cash back on the Nikon D700 in Japan.

Did the recent price increase started to backfire (yes, even Japan got a price increase few weeks ago)?


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  • Anonymous

    Maybe Nikon are gearing up to reduce their D700 stock and release a D700x 24MP 😀

    • anon

      They always have cash backs right before the successor is introduced. I was planning to get a D700 in May, but maybe I should hold back a few months more…

  • Gary L

    Nahhhhh …… the price hikes are working as planned. Raise price 30%, then 2 months later, start a grand marketing program offering 10% rebates. Bottom line, make more after the rebate, than 2 months earlier.

    At Xmas time, the D300 was $1,334. When, if I can buy it at below that, I might consider it, if not …… my D200 will do just fine. The Best Buy deal was impossible to pass up. Those had to be inventory from Circuit City or some other retailer in similar boat.

  • I also picked up the insane BB deal and shot with a friends 24-70 f/2.8. Hopefully there will be some rebates, as I just really tested my new 18-70mm. The lens really vignettes @18mm, so much that I am really going to start saving for the 24-70 and get it as soon as possible. There is such a night and day difference. I just wish I had the money 6-8 months ago when the lens was cheaper. Hopefully the Yen will start to fall.

  • Erm. What recent price increase? Far as I know prices have stayed the same in Japan. You’re probably thinking of the exchange rate-related price increases, which obviously don’t apply in Japan.

  • lox

    That’s news that I’ve been waiting for. May soon a D700x / D800 come or not, may it have swivel display and Full-HD Video capabilities or not — I’m a big step closer to what I only could have dreamed of.

  • JD

    What would the price of the D700 in japan with the rebate.


  • Lame

    Whenever the Admin puts his questions at the end of the post, I feel like I am reading a tabloid. Seriously we are smart enough to draw obvious conclusions and most of the time his questions miss the point.

    • the questions are added to trigger a discussion (not to insult your intelligence 🙂 – very common blogs practice

  • shivas

    well, if we have 2 more dslrs being released this year, my money is on a low-end D5000 and a replacement to the almost 2 years old D300 (2 years this august). . . .however, you never know, they might want to let the D700 sales run the inventory low and get a D700x tucked in just below a D3 at $3999 . . . .they’ll probably sell more of those than the D3x, no?

  • Yves

    I don’t think the 20% rebate is linked with a coming new model.
    There was already a 30% rebate from Nov to Dec 2008 in Japan, that was extended to Feb. 2009.

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