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Sony rumored to announce 24MP APS-C sensor, what would Nikon do? (Nikon D400)

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Amateur Photographer is not big on reporting rumors, but today they did just that: the Sony α700 replacement is rumored to have a new APS-C sensor with high ISO “up into the hundreds of thousands” and resolution of 25MP. The potential release is expected to be around September at PMA 2011 (now called CliQ 2011). This upcoming sensor from […]

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Nikon D400 @Capture NX 2 screenshot

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Update: the photographer posted this comment on his Facebook page: “This has gone so far. I’m just joking among friends. I didn’t write anything about it, just posted the photo, no description. But you have to wait for the news at the end of this month. There’s a new model, not sure if it’s this […]

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Nikon D500 rumor from Russia

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Update: the ISO 3200 is not the maximum value but rather a comment from the photographer that ISO 3200 was very usable. Also, it was mentioned in the comments that this could be the replacement of the D300s (info sent by some native speakers – thanks). This rumor came from the World Wide Web and […]

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Update on the latest Nikon D400 book listing

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This the response from the publisher regarding the latest Nikon D400 book listing: “Wir hatten aus einer in der Regel sehr zuverlässigen Quelle die Information, dass Nikon demnächst eine Kamera mit dem Modellnamen D400 ankündigen wird. Dementsprechend hatten wir ein Buch dazu bereits fest eingeplant. Bislang hat sich das leider nicht bewahrheitet und uns liegen keine […]

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Another Nikon D400 book shows up in Germany

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There was already a Nikon D400 book listed on Amazon Germany a year ago. The publisher came out officially and said that this was a mistake. Few months later they released the same book (same ISBN) with a Nikon D300s name instead. Now we have a new Nikon D400 book listed on Amazon Germany (from […]

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Rumor: Nikon DX DSLR roadmap

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I got this rumor few days ago and I have been unsuccessfully trying to get some confirmations. What bothers me is the time frame of the Nikon D90 and D300s replacements – those lines are on a 2 years refresh schedule and Nikon has been strictly following it. Removing the AF motor from the D90 […]

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Official Nikon D300s survey

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Nikon just sent out a D300s survey (via email). It seems that this survey is not personalized and everyone can do it (at least in the US) – here is the link. There are a lot of questions about lenses. Tell Nikon what you think!

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