Nikon D400 @Capture NX 2 screenshot

Update: the photographer posted this comment on his Facebook page:

"This has gone so far. I'm just joking among friends. I didn't write anything about it, just posted the photo, no description. But you have to wait for the news at the end of this month. There's a new model, not sure if it's this name (D400). Someone already tested it while I just had a look. Sorry for the panic. Let's talk again at the end of July"

Credit: Waran Suwanno

This screenshot was published on the facebook account of Waran Suwanno (pictures; websites: pixpros, pixproshouse) - a well respected photographer from Thailand. The rumor is that he did test Nikon equipment in the past. The screenshot is a Capture NX2 window showing Nikon D400 listed in the camera info window.

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  • In this thread there have been quite a few DX versus FX comments. Having used pro gear in the field for years with film I am ALWAYS dismayed how they look in most replay situations. An 8×10 view camera will make a seriously sharp and wonderful tonality print but a D700 will also make a gorgeous print and quickly render a scene for use for Internet or iPhoto etc. For that matter the D90 DX camera is quite amazing. I do think BOTH DX and FX will continue for quite a few years and I am glad I have Nikon glass that will work on both. But sometimes camera size also can get the job done where a D3s or D3s would be just too much for me to risk in the field.

  • First it shows it has a 70-200mm lens and a the focal length is 400 unless you have a 2x on i think the pictures fraud….

    especially 6400 iso on a DX… thats pushing it

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