Nikon D300s orders no longer possible in Switzerland

The Swiss retailer Brack (in English) has listed the Nikon D300s as "keine nachbestellung möglich" which means "can not be ordered any longer":

A reader contacted the store directly and got the same response from the product manager. Brack is a large electronics reseller and they deliver to several different stores in Switzerland.

After the release of the D7000, the price of the D300s has fallen down to $1,449.00 for body only.

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  • Peter

    On European side those go for 999e. I would say plenty are still available.

  • Anonymous

    Thank god, slowly but surely nobody really wants to buy a 3yr old camera with low res when the D7000 is cheaper and has similar image quality.

    • low

      im gonna have to agree.

    • sirin

      the IQ may be the same, but D300s is still a semi-pro model and its ergonomics is way way better.

      • the D300s also has more direct functions/buttons so you don’t have to dig in the menu

        • sirin

          i kinda meant that when mentioning ergonomics. having all the controls in front of you is the most beneficial quality of the big bodies.

        • PHB

          I have the D300 and would not swap it for the D7000.

          But I certainly would not be buying a new now. I would wait for the D400.

    • Nari

      Spoken like a true consumer who doesn’t know the difference between the D7000 and D300s specs.

      Just because you don’t even know what the extras are, and certainly won’t use them, doesn’t mean nobody else can use them.

      D400 still looking on track for Apr release as expected.

    • Xscream

      Not true, look at the dpreview forum, so many bought D300s’ in the last months. It seems that even more bought one, than before the D7k came on the market.

  • Lucky

    Who’s bying a D300s nowadays ? Oh Wait… Nobody ?

    • Pdf Ninja

      Perhaps for birds in flight and air show photography. It has Pro AF, AF adjustment, weather sealing, mirror lockup, 7.5 fps. I think Nikon will eventually release a D400, but no one knows if it’s going to have a D300-sized or a D3 sized body.

    • Funduro

      I did. I’m extremely happy with it. I don’t shoot pictures with lens cap.

  • Richard S

    Strange that it says D300 in the title (in the image) but the specs and picture are D300s. I wonder if they’re a little confused at Brack?

    • NK

      the translation removed the s from d300s

      nikon will not manufacture further the camera’s they know might not be in demand.
      I have seen some people very happy about d7000 announcement so that they could buy the d300s for cheap

      • yes, Google translation removed the “s” – I uploaded the original image that has the “s”

      • Gen

        Very happy indeed. I got my D300s just after D7000 release, for less than the D7000!

        • I did the same for my friend.

  • jakku

    Not similar, better IQ. All Nikon DX SLR after D7000 release is not good enought to buy one, because D3100 IQ is better then D90 or D300s, so it should be replaced..

    • Ronan


  • Peter

    How is the AF on 300s comapred to the new one on 7000?

    Also, damn, I was first!

    • RD

      300s is faster, wider coverage
      7000 is not a competitor to 300s

  • Eric Pepin

    shame, as long as the d400 comes out soon cause the d7000 is no d300 replacement. As far as specs go sure mostly , some better some worse, but hold one, shoot one, not the same. Ive used both, I prefer my d300s.

  • PAG

    Per the comments and reviews I’ve read on wildlife photography sites, the D300s still has two advantages. First, it has more auto-focus points, and more of these are cross-type. Second, it has a bigger shooting buffer. If you need to spray 20 raw images in a row at relatively high speed, the D7000 isn’t your camera. So I imagine people shooting action might still go for the D300s over the D7000.

    • Anonymous

      Ok if the D300s is pretty much gone, I mean people don’t buy it since there is something cheaper that gives similar quality picutres (D7000), then Nikon has to release something to this D300s segment. Now this must be soon.

      Is it possible that we will see in March a D4 and D400 release? I wonder… the same way as the D3/D300

      Or will we see a D700/D300s replacement? In that case this D800 must have over 24MP so when the D300s crowd crops they’ll still get useful res.

      One thing for sure, Nikon painted itself badly in the corner. I think the wait is way too long and it only hurts its camera sales. I mean literally Nikon is rebating for over 10-11 months now.(?) For example, I wanted to buy the 24-120 VRII and the D7000 body. Since I cannot get the body then I did not buy the lens. I think I am not the only one who did not purchase Nikon last year due to either 1) waiting for new body OR 2) the product was not available.

    • dpnsan

      I’m a D300 owner, and I’ve had a chance to try a D7000, and the biggest difference to me is the handling. The D300’s controls are much better optimized for speed, where the D7000 has more of a consumer feel to the layout. The D300 also has the same AF and metering systems as the D700 and D3.

      I, too, would like to hear how the D7000’s AF and metering stack up against the D300.

  • Greg Webb

    Badly overdue for a refresh, but didn’t this happen somewhere with the D700 some months ago too?

    Nikon definitely has an issue with refresh speed IMHO. Great cameras, market leaders when they’re new, but just sitting on the market for too long. The D300s is looking even more curious against the D7000 than did the D100 against the D70, and that’s saying something. And the FX range is very nice but…. When two manufacturers will sell me a studio camera with similar performance to the D3x for much the same price as a D700 (and have done for some time), it should be a wake-up call. Glorious cameras, great low light performance no doubt for the 12MP models but in all other areas badly behind the competition and have been for some time. August can’t come soon enough for Nikon.

    • Anonymous


  • Molesworth

    Price DROP to $1449? Give or take a few dollars. that’s been B&H’s, Adorama’s (etc.) price on the D300s for quite a while.

    • PHB

      I paid about $2100 about three months after release, that was for a kit including an 18-200 from Costo. I already had an 18-200 so I sold that for $600 giving me a net price of $1500.

      Odd thing was that the 18-200 was still scarce and hard to get at the time.

  • Anonymous

    I tend to think that the reason Nikon has D7000 body only shortages is to get rid of the D300s bodies. (Even with some rebate). I bet once Nikon pulls the plug on the D300s (finally) we are not going to have D7000 body only shortages.

    • Gen

      you mean to say, as time passes, and more people get their D7000, we are not going to have D7000 body shortages anymore? stop the presses!

  • Actually it is German, and it means… “no backorders possible”.

    • Sigersted

      Jep. More accurate.

  • Reno

    Hi, i live in Switzerland…
    The D300s seems avaible everywhere here…

    check this:

    • I am sure they are, the idea of this post is that a major reseller cannot order any more D300s from Nikon.

    • Paul

      Please watch the ‘Toppreise’ after Brack or one of the assigned shops sells the last one… At least 50% of this shops get it from Brack. You may also visit some shops to see the same design just with different colours (besttrading, ABBO, OHC, chBuyo, Gossau, NettoPreise, allesIR, Novo, A1outlet to name just a few!

  • Ali

    Any possibility that the D300s will be not be replaced? I heard from a couple of sources quoting Nikon as saying that the market is already too saturated. Maybe the D7000 replaces 2 cameras (would explain a lot of the specs) or maybe the D7000 is the D300s replacement and the upcoming D51000 is a replacement for both the D5000 and the D90 , and the EVIL camera will price wise replace the D300, add a pro backup camera to FX users?

    Anyway this is all speculation. Nikon just give me a D700s for $2000!

    • Funduro

      I see you’ve come to the same conclusion that the market is over saturated and Nikon is reducing the lineup. My guess is D800 yes. D400 no.

      • Raff

        I have been thinking the same for a while, that a D400 would have made no sense … especially if it didn’t offer any real benefits over the D7000. I am expecting indeed that most of DX users are looking forward to step up to FX (i am one of those).

        But some of you made the comment that people shooting landscapes, sports and wildlife would have appreciated a new D400 over FX bodies due to the extra reach factor (1.5).

        So now I am wondering: maybe it makes sense to release a D400 with the extra MP which suit these shooters.
        Maybe a 24 MP DX camera would make sense. The point is that it would offer something different from the D7000.

        This could also be the way forward to justify a D800 vs a D4: make them different enough not to cannibalize each other.

        • Raff

          Forgot to mention that:

          – the sensor would be the announced 24 MP by Sony
          – the body would be proper weather proof

  • Don’t think there will be a D700s. It will be D800.

  • x-vision

    The D400 is coming soon with Aptina’s MT9H004 sensor – 16mp, same ISO as the D3.
    You heard it here first (:grin:).

    • Discontinued

      60 fps 1080 ? ? ?

  • Hello guys, I work at Brack Electronics. This “keine Nachbestellung möglich” just means that won’t have the camera on stock anymore. It does not mean that it cannot be ordered elsewhere in Switzerland, as we are not the distributor for this brand.

    • STJ

      I can clearly see the D300s saying “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” – thanks for clarifying that this page is utter hysteria…

      • Victor Hassleblood

        because of your need for clarification.
        Of course this page is “utter hysteria”. This is what makes it funny. It is a rumor page after all!

        But it does not quite end there, does it? There is news as well and admin has been busy lately providing them.

        And BTW, naturally a D300s replacement becomes more likely as time marches on. If intended by Nikon at all, it could very well be spring this year.
        If I was I would say the same now as reidan.

        IMO the D300s is not just dead, it should have never been born in the first place. The D300s was already rumored to become something like a D400. Instead they just added cellphone video capabilities. What a joke.

        Don’t get me wrong, apparently you eagerly want to see the D300s alive. Let me have a guess: you own one yourself, making you proud as hell. That’s just fine. Enjoy. It is a good camera. An overdue replacement will be even better.
        No need to get bothered.

        • Discontinued

          “If I was I would say the same now as reidan.”

          True. They are not Nikon and can’t confirm anything but they can unintentionally leak little things.
          They even have to ! ! ! They run a business. You can’t take orders, if you do not intend to deliver. Why would they not intend to deliver? There you go. He rather confirmed than denied.

          Maybe this time it is worth to pull the old rumor on a german book “Profibuch Nikon D400” out of the hat again?

          I just looked it up. The author has a long record of such releases, all relatively short after the cameras’ availability to market. Not short enough to safely assume a prerelease hands-on, but considering Nikons availability issues maybe early enough to assume a close link between the publisher and Nikon germany?

          Profibuch D400 expected May 20111
          Profibuch D7000 expected February 2011
          Profibuch D3100 released Dezember 2010
          Profibuch D300s released Dezember 2009
          Profibuch D700 released December 2008
          Profibuch D300 released April 2008

          There are countless bookshops online with an unspecific 2011 or a much narrower and much more specific May 2011 as the predicted date for availability of the book on the D400. Maybe there is something to it?. Maybe it still means nothing, just as it meant nothing last year?

  • nonresidentalien

    Another very big Swiss online retailer has instant rebates on the D700, D300s, D5000 and D3100 cameras/kits

    See also here.

    • Discontinued


      Could you say anything about the D700’s price development? Has it become significantly cheaper? It looks that way compared to €-prices, but I am not Swiss and I wouldn’t know.

      Any sign of the D300s and D700 12MP-combo fading is very welcome.

  • Rob Franklin

    Those of you saying the D7000 is a D300S replacement simply aren’t around that many people making their living shooting on a daily basis. As I’ve been spending time at workshops and hanging out with other shooters I was surprised to see how many are shooting D300/D300S instead of D700, because they need the pro features but don’t need FX for their work or prefer the 1.5x crop on DX. Are those people going to give up the pro features for a D7000 because it has newer sensor technology? Nope… they (like me) are waiting for the D400.

    • PAG

      Sometimes I feel like there are people here who just don’t understand that different photographers have different requirements and different budgets.

      There will be a “D400” high end DX camera. There will be a “D800” low end FF camera. These are two different markets serving two different customer bases, and they aren’t going to be munged into one.

  • Persona VIVA

    I sincerely feel NIKON does come out with an effective alternative to D300s Like a D400 or similar, i did try D7000 but two issues keep it at hands length 1.Buffer 2.Shutter Speed for especially people like me who rever continuous shot, would have loved if NIKON had released the and commercially made available the next alternative before vanishing this product…

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