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New Nikon patents: 20mm f/2 full frame lens for curved sensor, BSI sensor with dual shutter mode

Nikon filed patents (P2018-72638A, P201872640A) for a 20mm f/2 full-frame lens designed for a curved image sensor: Focal length: 20mm Aperture: 2.0 Image height: 21.1 mm Half angle of view: 53.6 Nikon filed a patent (P2018-67965A) for a stacked BSI image sensor with dual shutter mode: rolling for low-noise and global for less distortion.

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Another Nikon Backside Illumination Sensor (BSI) patent

Nikon has a new patent (US patent 9894305) for a Backside Illumination Sensor (BSI):

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The latest Nikon patents: 400mm, 500mm and 600mm f/5.6 Phase Fresnel (PF) lenses

Nikon filed a patent (P2018-17857A) in Japan for a 400mm f/5.6 (22cm long), 500mm f/5.6 (28cm long) and 600mm f/5.6 (33cm long) full frame Phase Fresnel (PF) lenses. Addition information on Nikon Phase Fresnel (PF) lenses can be found here: Nikon’s Phase Fresnel (PF) lens explained As of today the Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR is the only […]

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Catching up on the latest Nikon patents (more mirrorless hints)

I have not reported on the latest Nikon patents in a while, here is a quick recap (a reminder: as some have found out recently, previous patents are not a guarantee for future products):

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