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Nikon D5, D500, SB-5000, KeyMission 360 and SnapBridge promo and hands-on videos

New promo/demo videos on the just announced Nikon D5, SB-5000, KeyMission 360 and SnapBridge:

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What to expect from Nikon in early 2016

Here is another updated “what to expect” list: Nikon D5 Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-6 & Nikon Speedlight SB-5000 Three new Nikon compact cameras with 1″ sensor and different focal lengths Three new Nikon extreme/action cameras Replacements for the S33 and S9900 Coolpix compact cameras (Coolpix A10 & A100?) New photo sharing app Update: forgot to mention the new […]

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Development of Nikon D5, Wireless Transmitter WT-6 and Speedlight SB-5000 officially announced

Nikon just officially announced the development of the following new products: Nikon D5 DSLR camera (previously rumored here) Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-6 Nikon Speedlight SB-5000 (previously rumored here) With the exception of the WT-6, all this should not be a surprise to regular [NR] readers. With this “development announcement” Nikon is telling us that they […]

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A new Nikon SB-920 Speedlight flash is also a possibility

I received a rumor that Nikon may also announce a new SB-920 Speedlight flash with a built-in LED light. Just like the D810s, this info comes from a reliable source but I would like to hear it from few more places in order to be 100% convinced.

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Venus Optics KX-800 Macro Twin Flash review

This review of the Venus Optics KX-800 Macro Twin Flash is by Bernhard Sperling: In early April 2015 the Chinese manufacturer Venus Optics announced the KX-800 Macro Twin Flash. The announcement was also reported in an earlier NR post. The flash is fitted with three flexible arms, of which two carry each a flash tube unit and […]

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Phottix: the Nikon D750 hot shoe has different dimensions than previous camera models

Phottix found out that the hot shoe on the Nikon D750 has different dimensions than previous camera models – being longer in the front (see comparison picture above). This is causing some issues with the Phottix Odin TTL trigger:

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