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PopPhoto’s crystal ball

Crystal Ball, originally uploaded by deanfotos66. Popular Photography named the Nikon D3X as its camera of the year for 2009. In the same article they mentioned: “Our crystal ball tells us the D3x’s 24.5MP sensor is likely to show up in a consumer model soon.” Not sure how accurate their crystal ball is.

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Four firmware updates from Nikon for D300s, D700, D3, D3x

Nikon D700 A/B 1.0.2 Nikon D300S A/B 1.0.1 Nikon D3 A/B: 2.02 Nikon D3x B:1.01 The main fixes/additions are improved white balance,  support for 64 GB memory cards, some GPS changes.

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Nikon rebates (Australia & Canada)

I got some information about an upcoming Nikon D5000 rebate in Australia (valid: June 15 – July 30, 2009): D5000 Body Only : A$ 100 D5000 + any AFS lens:  A$ 150 D5000 + 18-55VR +55-200VR:  A$ 200 Nikon D5000 was released less than two months ago. There is also a report that the Nikon D5000, […]

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More info on the D3/D3X extended service program (Canada)

Just received the full text of the Nikon D3/D3X  extended service program in Canada: Thank you for purchasing your new Nikon D3/D3X camera. In appreciation, and at no charge to you, Nikon Canada Inc. (“Nikon”) offers an initial Service Program (the “Service Program”) described below for your new Nikon D3/D3X.  Services:  • Unlimited preventative maintenance cleanings – Image […]

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Nikon Canada announced a new free service program for D3 and D3x

Luminous-Landscape just published this: “Nikon Canada has announced a new free service program for its D3 and D3x customers. This provides: Unlimited preventative maintenance cleanings Routine adjustments as necessary resulting from normal usage, excluding cosmetic “wear and tear” Two comprehensive check-ups and cleanings; one in the first year of ownership and one in the second.” I could not […]

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After the Nikon price hike… a rebate?

Nikon France started a new rebate program (valid from March 15 – June 14): Not sure yet if other countries will have similar programs. Update: Belgium Nikon rebates. Hit the comments section for more rebates reports from around the world.

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