Nikon Canada announced a new free service program for D3 and D3x

Luminous-Landscape just published this:

"Nikon Canada has announced a new free service program for its D3 and D3x customers. This provides:

  • Unlimited preventative maintenance cleanings
  • Routine adjustments as necessary resulting from normal usage, excluding cosmetic “wear and tear”
  • Two comprehensive check-ups and cleanings; one in the first year of ownership and one in the second."

I could not find any official press release from Nikon Canada.

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  • low

    wow, i thinks its time to buy a d3 over a d700?

  • Finally some news… been waiting a couple days now. Reload, reload.

    • it has been slow lately (this is normal after an official release) and I don’t want to post just anything…

      • that’s why I added – when there is nothing new in Nikon’s world, you can go and check what is the competition up to.

  • AZ

    good move Nikon – keep this direction to win our hearts 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hasn’t this service been available to nikon users in the U.S. for a long time now. And not just for the pro level cameras. I think I’ve seen people posting on forums about bringing cameras to Melville or El segundo for check up and cleaning quite regularly.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention the fact you’ll likely have to ship your camera to Mississauga and have it out of your hands for 6 weeks.

      I actually sent my D3 in to Nikon Canada through my dealer for a clean and check up last Dec and they wanted to charge me for shipping. I sent it because a few people were reporting having shutters randomly replaced when sent in for a cleaning so I figured I’d send it in to have the shutter checked while still under warranty.

  • Gregor

    What a surprise. Oh Nikon you are so generous 🙂 People who paid few thousands can count on free CMOS cleaning….. Canon users even the less expensive DSLR owners can do !!! free !!! Sensor cleaning in service in every country……. When we can expect such move from Nikon?…. ( Never?).
    I need to pay almost 50$ in Poland to do in Nikon service what Canon does for free….. Great, now I need to by D3 and go to Canada to have it for free 🙂

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